Centrelink – Fuck the system that fucks you

I would like the thank Centrelink for making my life hell. For those of you who don’t know who these anti-Christs are, they’re Australia’s bitter welfare department, hell bent on making sure your time with them is the most unstable and stressful time of your whole life. They just suspended my payment after a mistake THEY made. They didn’t even ring to tell me what had happened, even after the woman I talked to, told me everything would be fine and she’d call me when it was worked out. No call, nothing. This was the same woman who hadn’t called me for two weeks because she was on holiday, when again, she said she would call. They do not care about you. You are a piece of sub-human filth to them; they couldn’t care less if you were out on the street, as long as they didn’t have to pay you.

So, still looking for work, planning to drop uni because of the shit it’s caused with Centrelink, and I have a whole $84 in my account to last me till I don’t know when. Oh yeah, I’m meant to pay board today, and that’s $90. Looks like I’m at -$6 now. Great. They’ve put me on job seeker again, but it takes weeks to go through a process I know by heart. And I have to repeat the same useless interviews over and over and over.

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  1. centrelink has me on hold as i type this message. i typed “fuck centrelink” in google and ur post popped up. im in a very similar position to urs, however on top of going thru the job seeker process I am also in the middle of moving house. I have $2 in my wallet and just enough in my bank account to cover an overdue electricity bill and HEY if i’m lucky i can eat tonight.

    I just got off the phone to centrelink… the person i have to talk to is at lunch and will CALL ME BACK. translation- bullshit.


    • I am a 52 yr old whose business went into liquidation during the GFC and floods, I was assigned to Campbell page employment agency who were hopeless!!!! They never organised one interview for me during a period of 1 year – they said they were organising interviews, but I never received one call despite extensive work experience. I have never seen a better example of living off the gravy traIn than this company. I am ashamed that all my years of paying tax have been paying companies such as these to prey on the disadvantaged to justify their own jobs and existence. A highlight of my time with them was having to attend a compulsory “Resume Writing Seminar” – where the title words only of my resume were changed by the course convenor, no doubt to justify her job. This Job Network farce needs to be exposed, reorganised, and run by people with a real desire to help connect people with jobs in a respectful and humane manner.

      • Yous all understand now that centerlink is not there to help
        but hinder you, I payed tax all my life to have a walfare system to fall back on , and found all the corrupt governments have frittered the taxs on shit , stolen alot of it too I suspect, so now in a recession (they don’t call it that now they use other names but means same) they don’t tax the Ritch but fuck us poor up the arse once again , thing is it gets worse, wait tell the card comes in for everybody on centerlink , but thats another story,

      • Wait till your read this shit . My wife has had a stroke , has a pacemaker/defibrillator ,suffers from diagnosed chronic deppession ,carpal tunnel syndrome and is morbidly obese . Yet has been denied a DSP through technicalities. Yet Centre link give out pensions like lollies to middle eastern. Thanks for helping Nmy

        very I’ll wife . And thank you for supporting terrorists ( the child holding a decapitated human head ). You are Fucked up Racist Sadistic Cunts . Centre link shame on you

      • Just a comment to the blog about the middle easterners. No offence implied with my reply. I’m of Middle Eastern descent and an Australian for 47 years. From the age of 13 I had to lie about my age in order to get a job and pay for my schooling as means of helping my poor family. Back in the days it wasn’t much considering it was part time as I continued with my education at the same time. Today I’m a nurse for the aged, I did an injury and didn’t want to claim work cover for fear of loosing my job. It got worse so was informed I must do so. As soon as I did guess what I lost my job.
        With a family to care for and a mortgage, I had to claim Centrelink benefits. I struggled for 65 days for a dollar, sunk into debt and when I call Centrelink to see how much longer I need to wait, every time I get a different response from unprofessional dickheads on the other end. Other than struggling, financially, receiving treatment for my back and shoulder injury, and running around for my medical treatments, I receive a letter and email from a job recruitment informing me to attend a job seeker appointment. This totally made me made that you fucked in the heads morons how am I automatically in a short period placed on this but haven’t received a dollar as yet to feed my family, including providing medical certificates and abiding by their proper channels not to effect my application.I’m Lebanese Maronite of Christian beliefs and suffered the same way an Australian did, payed taxes since the age of 13 but not a dollar from those taxes came my way. The middle easterners you refer to are known as Arabs please. I too asked a person at Centrelink about the terrorist from Algeria who was an illegal immigrant was offered 19 years of tax payers money? Not asked to look for work? Not attend job appoints ( this causes suspension of pay from Centrelink)And on top of this what the hell did he provide document in order to be registered on their system?
        I was on the phone after waiting on line for 1 1/2 hours telling them that due to their lack of communication with the job link that due to not receiving my medical certificate from Centrelink they have report my non- attendance. Hahaha to my amazement while on the phone with Centrelink my pay gets suspended back to square 1 and further suffering because of their errors. I worked it out that the honest don’t survive but the liners and cheaters of the system get away with murder.

      • I was without work for 4 months and ran out of money. I went to centrelink and my local branch was closed… so I went on line to get a number to call. I called the number and was on the phone for over an hour before someone answered. They told me they would register me online… I went on line and was not registered… so another hour on the phone before they said it was fixed now… tried on line again and still couldn’t log on…. so another hour on the phone… then they booked an appointment for me. I got to the appointment and they said I didn’t have an appointment. Then they wanted 100 points of Id… I had a passport, drivers licence, working with children card, police clearance, dangerous goods card, hospital id badge, payslip and bank cards…. not enough! Then the fuckers told me that I hadn’t attended my appointment and would be cut off. I went to another appointment and they told me my army pension was blocking my application… only problem is i’ve never been in the fucking army and never got a pension. They are the most useless bunch of arseholes ever to inhale a breath.

    • After reading Benjiamins story. I know how he feels. Mine is different to his. But im at the stage some weeks i cant even get a loaf of bread as my hubby was a hard worker git bashed driving cab. His spine operation got postpoand four times he list it due to cronic pain smashed nurses triage window at hospital. Now got sent to 4&1/2yrs jail in dec 2012 they have moved him from bathurst to junee so i have to take our son there to see him he can get out on early parole this August if i get a place out if bathurst theres three housing homes vacant at junee where we were going to live. Been vacant for one yr but they wont even help us to rush things to get us in one. Ive slept in my mums lounge since he went to jail so our son cld have room. Centerlink or government dnt want to help any situation..

      • I vouch to your reply. My son was out on parole when if you don’t attend Parole your fucked and if you don’t attend Centrelink your fucked. My son chose his financial situation first so he can survive in the community and explained the situation to Centrelink and Parole.but guess what my son was sent back into jail a 3 hour drive as they consider it breach of parole. Can anyone explain this fuckred up the ass government of ours.

    • Centrelink is FUCKED! After attending university for four years and receiving a Bachelor I was ready to get a professional job, unfortunately the job market is ridiculous at the moment and after months of applying I had to go on Job Seeker status with Centrelink. I was assigned a job agency, which was no fucking help at all other then wasting my time. The job agency I was assigned gave me a list of other job agency’s. WTF is the fucking point of that shit!? Anyway..I’ve had many problems with Centrelink where they have made mistakes but I have had to pay for it..One instance was when the ‘system’ was down in the shop front, and appointments weren’t being processed so even though I attended a mandatory meeting it said I didn’t and wouldn’t get paid. I had to wait for 90 FUCKING minutes on the FUCKING phone only to have my phone go flat and miss my place in the que was one of them.

      So anyway since then I have found a job myself. No thanks to my assigned job agency from Centrelink (although they will most likely take the credit for it & get commission for it) while in the process of getting my new job I had to miss an interview with Cenrelink so that I could attend an interview with my new employees. I was offered the job straight away and since then have had no time what so ever to call Centrelink as I start at 8 and finish at 5. I am in my second week of work and as I get paid monthly won’t receive any payment for another 3 weeks. I still Centrelink need money for the time I wasn’t working, but won’t receive my payments as I didn’t attend the Centrelink appointment and can’t contact them. Why the fuck don’t they have an after hours line for job seekers. I mean they want us to get a job don’t they? I have an hour during the day to call. (At the busiest time on Centrelink phone lines)
      Anyway my story isn’t half so bad as some peoples experiences with Centrelink.

      And don’t even mention this new shit with the current government. CUNTS.


      • I can relate and have been on such a system since 2004.Have been lucky to get a few roles on my own mostly in hospitality sector in Chinese Take Away and Pizza Driving but did some warehouse work and garden center work in Queensland some years back.I have certificates in Travel and Tourism Certificate 2 and 3 but using them in the wrong area.Rotten Centrelink.Without sounding like a Racist I even had to change locations due to the one closest to my home having some very intimidating person of Middle Eastern Descent I am guessing Iranian or Syrian that is very scary to me which was at Norwood SA.I now even though I live in Payneham now deal with Modbury and they are pretty good there.Not so much luck with the Job Search Providers though they either mess you around for weeks if not months to get you something and they might be all sweet to your face and you on intake the case worker in many cases can turn out to be completely nasty or stuck in their time warp.I am hoping now if we go back to people amongst our circle of family friends in conjunction with the place I am with now They will be most understanding of all my situations and be way more helpful plus explain everything to them than some of these Agencies and for most of us Disability Employment Providers who can provide us the jobs but we have to do it their way and using their contacts.That means no Target,Coles,Rubi Shoe or other Affiliated Cotton On Companies for you,Kmart,The Just Group which is Just Jeans,Smiggle,Portmans,Jay Jays and Dotti and Kmart just to name but a few.That’s disgusting instead of Nationally Accredited Well Known Companies Most of them make you use the local businesses that are virtually unknown out of one’s home state.There are too many to list.

  2. Contact me if you like to get back at Centerlink dumass atituede we can also exsercise ignorence , avoit acountability , and couse great suffering upon those who rules practice with out leagal protocal or juges with out legal qualifications, we also can dish out altimaidems , hold to ransome , and use athoritive bluff , monopilise, and breach lawful protocal , if compensation is not forthcoming I know who will pay me , I intend to be a pain to Centerlink with full justifications.

    • Im with you on that one!
      They just took my Tax refund after i CONFIRMED at their office that they will not do it as i am putting a payment arrangement in place, there goes my car repairs . they deserve a fucking Bomb up their fucking low thieving lying Fat infested Fugly Ass

    • lets form a group that makes us united so we can have more wieght to take on centrelink.. Against Centralinks Discrimination Group. What happen to their code of conduct and duty of care.
      The liberals want us poor and defeated so we will do the less meaningful jobs like cleaning toilets

      • This is true what you are saying to centrelink and the government is not doing anything about it the money making process company he doesn’t know what to do with it just look at the money grow.

      • let’s ask centrelink for jobs, i asked 4 a job and they said i was a bit arrogant so i replied no i’m not i’m confident and you’re negative. they said i had a attitude problem- i replied i have a centrelink problem.they can’t delete my benenfit.

    • I rang them and gave them my annual income estimate for the 15-16 financial year, I have the date, time and reference number of when I called, which has always been about 18k and always at start of every new financial year. I called them up the other day and it had been changed to 1k and they won’t fix it telling me mistakes are made and there is nothing I can do about it. the person wouldn’t even take my new estimate now that I’m working. they said, I can’t give an estimate for money I haven’t earned yet.

  3. haha yeah i put “fuck you centrelink” and got this link too.. i’m on hold right now. They stuffed something up so I’ve called them to try to stop what happened to you happening to me.. bloody hell 10 minutes on hold – AFTER already getting through the initial queue!
    FUCK YOU CENTRELINK~!!!!!!!!!!!!! aargh so many problems with their shit system. I paid taxes for years and just want to go back to study and have to wade through so much BS. FUCKING HELL.

  4. Do as they do , politicaly set them up against conserned partys , they than take revenge in your behalf , for example is Centerlink now gulty of mass murder becouse I had to sell my timers to servive , posibly used to start the victorian bushfires , as forcasted to there outposted AFP rep , 6 weeks later it ocured , years ago I whas suspected in the Mt bold bushfires , this whas not a inposibility , as is now , there insighting Centerlink costomers

  5. Centre Link are fucked…i am a divorced mum of 2 young children but started my own business last Sept 2008…i still needed their support until i built my business up & they are telling me i still have to go & find work. I am now telling them that i am able to claim a small wage but they tell me its impossible as I am still running at a loss ($1000.).My business is legit & have a lease on my shop, electric bill, water bill etc…but they tell me its to stop people from making quilts at home & calling this work. My hours are from 8am til bloody 6pm, 5 days a bloody week & i also work Saturday morns…so what fuckin time have i got to look for work?. They dont give a fuck about THEIR customers (without us they wouldnt have a fuckin job). About time something was done about it all. & plus Campbell Page do jack shit to help their clients…I have been with them for 4 yrs with NO HELP what so ever…Im sure they are lining their pockets for no reason.

    • I been with this campbell page for about the same time as u have. I was sent there by centrelink for disability employment support because of my diabetes continuously being out of control and I told I had a sleep disorder that I’m trying to get on top of. One lady there decided to get that iron fist happening and the mental games she played. Now Almost two years later I not only dealing with my diabetes which has improved, but I am now dealing with depression and insomnia and I’ve become more emotional than what I’ve ever been. They gave me a choice between work for dole or a study course. I took a business course online and every time one of my conditions gets the better of me and I don’t log on to my course or miss a appointment instead of touching base with me, report me to centrlink who no matter what I say, even with centrlink certifiate still apply a penalty that equal to a days pay and they somehow find a way to justify the report of the agency. I plead with them because I’m the primary carer for my child as my partner does not get centrlink payments cause she’s going through immigration process at this moment in time. But they don’t care and campbell page should be banned because they help people become disabled and withdrawn and instead of giving motivation they take it away from u. Who will listen and take my side?

      • I have to agree with you both. I was with Cambell Page and it was the worst experience of my life. I was made to sit this stupid course to “help” get you a job. The woman directing the course was going through the cover letter. She asked us to provide a cover letter. I quickly went and drew up a Cambell Page approved cover letter. Printed it off and gave to her. She then stood up and mocked the cover letter and explained everything that was wrong with it. Kinda funny considering she was mocking a cover letter that was made for the job agency she was working for.

        However fast forward about two years. I am studying part time at uni and I also do a diploma course on the side. Centrelink didn’t class the 50+ hours of study I was doing. God forbid it was spread across two different institutions. So it isn’t classed as full time study. So now I am a job seeker. They just arranged me to have an interview for tomorrow and I have to go to uni for mandatory attendance. So great I tried to call to change the appointment and it will take 90 minutes or more waiting on the phone.

        Plus I also suffer from depression and anxiety for the past 5 years. When I initially set up my claim it took about 3 months to get my claim through because centrelink kept cancelling my appointments for no reason. Then when I finally did get the appointment to set up my claim the guy behind the desk thought it was necessary to tell me that I didn’t need a mental health assessment plan because “if I was studying so much then clearly I didn’t have a problem”.

        I then called the complaints line to complain about that guy and got this women with a nasty attitude who was not helpful and rude. She felt the need to talk over me and go on about people rorting the system and they can’t just believe everyone who say’s they have a problem.

        However it was funny that when I went to my local centrelink office I was told to follow the initial advice I had been given about getting a medical certificate and then they would set me up with a job capacity assessment.

        Sorry for writing a very long message but I have seriously cracked it with centrelink. I hope this system burns in hell! It rewards people who do nothing and craps all over the people trying to better themselves.

    • u need to make at least 15 hrs at min wage approx $275 a week to avoid looking for work while self employed.(participation agreement) the closer to that amount the less jobs you need to apply for.

      • I was close to $400 on good fortnights 76 hours a month so 38 for half that as a home delivery pizza person till health issues last August/September forced me out of there.The store location I was with closed down a few months later.I did it to keep Centrelink and some dirtbag case worker from Barkuma/Personnel Employment off my back where the best he could without taking all my other needs into account was a Foodland Job with the Drake Owned family branch outlets I AM FROM SA as you might guess.Told them to get lost and took my business elsewhere.Who knows how much trouble with the extra hours they wanted me to get into trouble with the authorities was is.

    • i was at tafe (15 years) and doing work for dole (15 hours) but still had to look for 12 jobs a month.i told them i can’t look on weekends. for 9 months i picked names from a phone book (never contacting anyone) and they never knew.this will happen again but this time it’s 20 jobs a month.

    • i tried to do the right thing and tell em i’m working.sat there for 2 hours.walked out.i found cash in hand sales jobs and am now making $300-600 weekly and still getting benefit of $400 plus health benefits and rent assistance. i’ve done this for 7 years.
      house is paid for (i am 33 and no mortgage) 2 cars and toys like speedboat,jetski,motorbike are all under wife/kids names.cheat the system that screws you.lol

  6. I typed in “Centrelink Horror” and got this too. I have a $20 overdraft on my bank account and have been waiting 7, count it SEVEN, weeks to recieve sickness benefits. All i keep getting told is “we cant put people up to the top of the queue”… Bullshit, suck me, they fucked up and actually LOST a document ststing I had a job to go back to, so we have to do that again.

    Heres the info you all need:

    Commonwealth Ombudsman.
    Phone 1300 362 072
    Email ombudsman@ombudsman.gov.au
    Fax: 02 6249 7829
    Postal GPO Box 442, CANBERRA ACT 2601

    • Yes! Ombudsman! However, I’ve learned from heartaching experience that it pays to ask for copies of any forms you submit to Centrelink & job agencies after asking them to stamp it ‘received’ & ‘dated’ for your own personal records as is your rights… I too have had unpleasant experiences that furthered my already depressed, stressed, mental problemed self, I would love to be able to get qualified to work as manager & or a possition in Centrelink to actually change their overall system & make it a less stressful & faster system for customers, as I understand that, not only some people need to be qualified for certain work, but the work needs to be readily available too… As is at this moment, Centrelink workers NEED to be Trained on how to shoe RESPECT in the manner of understanding FRUSTRATION & DEALING with a customer that is experiencing FRUSTRATION, Rather that just brushing a customer off, refusing to do their job & calling upon police to remove a Frustrated Customer… Call the ombudsman office & ask for a booklet on your rights as a Centrelink recipient or customer, go through the booklet & get to know your rights, keep the booklet on you & handy should you need to justify ‘Their rules & regulations’ to them in telling them ‘Your Rights’… The more frustrated you ALLOW them to make you feel, the less clearly you will be able to see & operate your brain & way of thinking. When you feel yoursf becoming frustrated & stressed from the incompetence of the Centrelink Service Providers, take 3 deep breaths to relax & make an appointment to see a social-worker & be patient with your abilities, I know & understand only too well the frustrations that Centrelink can leave upon us, & the affects that just 1 bad experience can repeat & play on your mind years later, let alone a number or many bad experiences with Centrelink. Friends of common related issues with Centrelink, dear friends, Create A Papertrail !!! Start by keeping together copies of your stamped received & dated documents for your personal records & seek medical advice on stress, tell a doctor your frustrations & hope to be refered to a counsellor, go through with the Counselling as it not only creates a ‘Papertrail’- which becomes very useful in courtships & judgments, should things go to that extreme, but can be helpful in managing the stresses that can ruin your beautiful life. Peace to you all my friends & good luck & good fortune to you all, so be it!!!

  7. Mr henk Jongen stated I dit not seply them with information at today tonight program , I never spoken to this guy , it whas Esmont Mc keown my case maniger , and I dit show him the title that dit not belong to me . Mc Keown is posibly twisting facts on multyple facts ,
    I have my garnising order back , I now wait for there proposal to compesate me . that they will. !! this Mr Keown used his position to hold me to ransome , this now backfired in his face . big time . as I also can exercise athority . or my name is not oswald.

  8. These tools DON’T want you to get a job!! If you did then THEY would all be out of work.
    Same as crime, they DON’T want to stop crime otherwise they’d have to sack most of the cops.
    The public service in general have all these bulshit positions created for their mates on outrageous salaries, I’ve never see those ones advertised, have you?
    Even if you want to sell booze in a bottleshop, now you’ve got to spend hundreds on a bulshit qualification before you can even apply for the position.
    Do what the unemployed oriental imports do… get 20 of your mates shacked up together and add up the dole, something like 3000 dollars a week total, spend half on food and the other half on buying a new house. In 5 years you’ll all have a paid for house and start buying new mercedes for each other.
    Before you know it you’ll all be sitting pretty and I’ll be in jail for telling you.
    The system sucks… big time, beaurecrats have absolutely NO interest in seeing you get ahead. They just want to fuck with your head and employ shitloads of social workers (read mates here) to sift through the mess.

  9. I typed in Fuck Centrelink too and found this website. I was just frustrated at walking into centrelink to be told to lodge a claim online, then online told me This service is not available sorry for the inconvenience. However my mum had it bad… she was told she owed centrelink $50000 after not lodging a tax return because she was in hospital for 2 years. How was she meant to lodge a tax return? She couldn’t even walk or talk FFS. 5 years later the debt collectors and sherrif department are on her case because the debt has somehow gone up to $55000. Still trying to figure that one out.

      • yep they have sheriffs in Australia. They came into my parents place once after they didn’t pay their rates. But couldn’t find anything worth taking to sell.

      • Ok so as hard as it is to believe, australian courts have these men called sherriffs, that enforce usary type rates of interest on court judgements… buttface

      • Actually, Perth, WA, do have a sheriff’s department. Anybody who’s had to do jury service would know this…

  10. Sorry, thanks for sharing this here. That’s a fucking horrible case and one of the worst I’ve heard. This kind of ‘one size fits all’ approach really doesn’t leave any room for discretion, even in such obvious cases as your mothers.

    I’d encourage you and your mother to kick up a real fuss and complain, and not just to politicians. I hope you get some justice.

    • I went through hell with Centrelink since the very first time I have submitted my application and supporting documents for Austudy (it’s too much that I don’t even know where to begin). I cannot even begin to explain the inconsistencies I have had to experience with their Customer Service Department. They also made my life “harder”. 100% of the things that delayed processes and payments alike were none of my fault and were always one of the Case Officer’s. The typical dealings I’ve had with Centrelink was:

      Centrelink: “We still require this x-type of document until we can proceed further”.

      ME: “I have submitted it already along with my Drivers Licence, Birth Certificate, Passport, Rental Lease Agreement” (and the list goes on!).

      Centrelink: “Let me just check then. (After minutes of being placed on hold) “Yes, I can see that we’ve received x-document. The Case Officer must’ve missed it. I’ll send them a message now to inform them that x-document’s actually already been received”.

      A week later, I receive an e-notification in regards to the x-missing documentation AGAIN! Of course, I called them. The 2nd operator then advised that they definitely don’t have it. You can imagine how it turned out thereafter. All in all, Centrelink is definitely a system that F’s you. I cannot believe that I’m not the only one that this had happened to (and it’s rather shocking that it’s still happening now – consider that you’ve posted your blog a few years ago). They obviously haven’t implemented anything better to improve on their Customer Service since then, hence their holding time, which seems to me like eternity!

      Thank you for sharing your past experience with us. It’s definitely good to know that all the s*** I’ve been dealing with these past few months is not “my imagination”.

  11. I got my garnished money back including my disabiliy pention and backdated pay .
    this now is fuck all! as the damige is don , I now ask you ! how shall we sentince the persons who are derectly responceble .? help me for some sugestions , it our day now! try to be carful as to how you say it , be political incoraging but athoritivly. revengful, I pas it on to my investers for consideration , until compensation is payed for , firm at 5 milion, a example is to be made see simba 3018 at youtube .

    • How do you get garnishee money back? they just took my Tax Return after telling me they wouldnt $1800 i needed that money they said that i dont have any unforseen circumstances to get i tback WTF?? CENTRELINK are the unforseen circumstance for taking my TAX after saying they wouldnt!! fucking LIARS

  12. Now that I have my pention back ,and still want revenge you realise I do not do this with out thought , Centerlink revew section are going to pay for this one way or another , you can be part of it , we have over 48 milion on promesary notes from oversees, all you have to do is inform Centerlink revew section in Adelaide to incorage to compensate me , with or with out your promesary notes ;

  13. As a 50 year old with two degrees including a 1st class honours in international relations recently completed as part of my career change, (after 25 years with the Tax Office it was time to move on) I was shocked and horrified with the treatment I received from the (anti)Christian Mission Employment. Rather than recognising my experience and education, they decided in Feb last year that I “needed to work for the dole” as I had been unemployed from Nov 08 when I completed honours…they sent me to “play shop” at a Lifeline store where I was to improve my job prospects by sorting second-hand clothes, attaching price tags to them, then serving behind the counted. Great googly-moogly as FZ said, I once worked in a real menswear shop during the school holidays when I was 15, so selling cast-off clothing was a come-down even from my childhood! I let the Lifeliners know that this soret of work was beneath me…anyhow, Mission in it’s infinite wisdom decided to send me to work as a graphic sign design assistant, mon dieu, where my employer wanted someone who could do CAD, cut vinyl advertising signs, and affix tranfers to vehicles…now I may not be the world’s worst visual artist, but I am pretty damn useless at that sort of thing, so I told the Einsteins at Mission that they had really placed me in an inappropriate position, I was then bullied by two of the male staff for 45 minutes where they accused my of having a negative attitude and then proceeded to try and shame me by implying I ws not setting a good example to my then 16 year old son, by giving up so easily. It came to pass that I had a conversation with my boss where we both agreed that Mission had made a stuff-up by sending me to work for him…thus, despite having just turned 50 a week before, they sent me back to Lifeline, this time to their “garbage sorting” depot where they set me to work deconstructing cardboad boxes and packing them into the recycling bin. After this they made me sweep the outdoor area, the size of a suburban block, a labour of Sisyphus if there ever was one, and I experienced something of a psychological breakdown and after one of the supervisors remarking that I was doing a good job to which I replied that I didn’t give a fuck, I was sent home for being a bad boy. I then copped it the following week from the work for the dole coordinator who was a vicious piece of work, and young enough to be my daughter, who accused me of all sorts of things and basically implied that I should get a job if I didn’t want to work for the dole…silly creature…I had already applied for hundreds of jobs but because I am smarter, more educated, and older that the majority of employers in the benighted regional city (BRC) I live in, I havee had no success whatsoever. I guess they had it in for me as I had written to Brenadan O’Connor a number of times expressing my disaffection with the Job Network system, and his representative from DEEWR had contacted me to ask if his department could use my analysis of the system as part of their review of the Job Network which led to the closure of Mission Employment here in this BRC. So it goes to show that these employment agencies are staffed by the cruel and moronic whoes task it is to break one’s spirit rather than find one gainful employment. Now the new mob I am attached to want me to do TAFE courses…and with due respect, for me this is a case of dumbing-down…anyhow, I hope to be doing a PhD this year so those mindless incompetents can get knotted.

      • As the recently departed Stella Young once said: too many dicks
        on the dance-floor! Sure hope Stell can pull some strings now
        she is on the other side of the Big Desk!

    • hi, John
      I’m in a similar situation as you, I completed a master degree and can’t find a paid job. Now I am just after any paid job, better than the shit voluntary work. After years of hard work in studying and end up to do free kitchen bitch.

      I have a daughter just turned to 18 and finished secondary school. My tax benefit for her be cancelled and was told her young allowance will not start until university starts late February next year. I asked centerlink how can we survive for the next 3 months, but they said it is the system.
      My daughter is also looking for work, she knows it is more difficult for her as some companies are after the 15 years old one as they can pay less. What a tough country we are living.

    • ” I let the Lifeliners know that this sort of work was beneath me…’

      You had me until you typed that, you pompous elitist. What you are in fact saying is you’re a better person than the cashier at the supermarket or the bartender at the pub. Fuck Centrelink and fuck you.

      • Leah Doner… have you read what this guys qualifications are and have you spent years studying hard for a career only to end up working for NOTHING at a charity store (Charity stores like the employment agencies get the money). By the way, the work nets get subsidized a lot more money if they find a disabled person a job and not much at all for someone who is able bodied so they really had no vested interest in aiding this man in getting an appropriate job. One work net I know of (Salvation Army Plus) falsified documents and claimed my daughter was homeless so THEY could get a higher rate of payment, and NO she was not homeless.

      • No he didn’t say that…that is your interpretation of what he said. What he actually said was sorting second hand clothing was beneath him and that’s a fair statement….it doesn’t make him a pompous elitist at all. He’s unemployed for god’s sake! He’s honest and he’s entitled to have his opinion on the kind of work he does or doesn’t want to do. He didn’t denigrate the people who do that kind of work did he? No, he just believes it isn’t for him. And guess what? That’s his god given right.

    • am going through the same thing at present with max employment, they only want you off benefits , disregard everything you tell them, treat you like a retard, I am 62 have owned numerous businesses and employed many people over the years. they want me to work in a food processing plant !!!! fuck that!!

  14. Thanks for your story John, work for the dole and Job Network is indeed a humiliating experience, meant to grind you down to except any old shit work.

    All part of blaming you for the shit situation the economy is in.

    • Yes, Centrelink r truly sickening along with their job network providers who provide NOTHING!! What sort of system is this? Its rubbish get rid of them and find a system that works agencies that will actually help people( or at least) try to find work. My grandson was so sick for a year (depressed) and was on NEWSTART if he had told Centrelink he would have been switched to Sickness benifets but he let it go due to his condition anyway he finally told them after a year and asked for special consideration for his circumstances BUT NO of course not they didnt care he even had proof about his condition. Instead they said he had to pay back the lot which he is still doing. But NOW here is the worst of this situation he was paying the money and all of a sudden out of the blue his account was given to a debt collector without his knowledge until this collector wrote him a letter. How rude and unjust this is when he was doing the right thing. Mongrels!!! Apparently this is what they do now but never advertise the fact. Is everyone aware of this harsh treatment of the vulnerable, of course not. I am sickened to the stomach.

      • yeah you are right centelink staff are RUDE INMCOMPETENT HEARTLESS AND RACIST. I am amzed at the INCOMPETENCE of the staff their heartless attitude.They TOO GET GOVERNMENT MONEY LOTS OF IT LIKE $45,00 to $50,000 they must not forget that is GOVERMENT OR TAXPAYERS MONEY thay are getting it. They shoulld serve the public better AND COUNT THEIR BLESSINGS that they have GOT A NICE CUSHY GOVERENMENT JOB. How lucky they are I ENVY THEM. Beats being UNEMPLOYED AND AT THEIR MERCY. THEY CUT MY PENSION by over $5000 a YEAR GIVING ME HALF OF THE MARRIED WHEN MY SPOUSE even though MY SPOUSE WAS NOT IN RECEIPT OF ANY INCOME or had any assets. Thanks heartless centrelink

      • True.I am about to get a family friend or four who know me best help out find me work plus help me in other areas.After being let down by Barkuma/Personnel plus the crap the case worker put me through there I had no choice but initially swallow the pride and go back to being a Home Delivery Pizza Driver then get some private enterprise worker from an independent company to do what he can to help out and now I am with someone else who is a little better but are taking their own time to find me something.I swear to God unless you know the case worker via a parent they are useless and instead of getting the client somewhere they instead almost drive them to suicide,death or onto their own to get work all by themselves.All works great if you can do it yourself but for people who need DES AND JSP help to assist them pathetic.

  15. You people really are serious, aren’t you?
    Would you rather go through all this trouble that you complain about with centrelink just so you can sit on your arse all week, or would you prefer to do something useful and profitable?

    What happened to doing whatever is necessary to get ahead in life? Regardless of whether it means working at a job that is ‘beneath you’ for a while. I know that, given the choice between doing honest work for my money, and sitting on my backside relying on centrelink for my income, I would choose the honest work.

    How can you sit by while hard working Australian tax-payers pay you to do nothing of value? Have you no conscience?

    That said, I also have found it necessary to apply for and receive centrelink benefits between jobs, and I agree that centrelink often can be a thouroughly unpleasant entity to deal with.
    This being the case, why spend so much time bitching and moaning about it when you should be using your unpleasant experience with them as motivation to find gainful employment so that you will no longer have to deal with the unpleasantness of centrelink?

    • I think you are missing the point big time here. This is a SERVICE provided by the Australian government, funded by the Australian taxpayer to ensure that nobody has to endure homelessness or famine in our once great country.
      The COST associated with employing Centrelink people to utilise a system that is fraught with CRAZY paperwork requirements is the problem. Add to that the fact that the gravy train companies such as Chandler Macleod, our Muppet like ex- prime minister’s wife’s company, Mission Australia and the Salvation Army to name a few couldn’t find a brothel for a nubile, beautiful 18 year old prostitute, then you have to ask yourself WHY?
      Why bother having all these staff and bureaucracies and a huge coat tail company brigade when they COST MORE than the money that is given out to the very people they are SUPPOSED to be supporting.
      They are all PAID to provide a service by the tax payer.
      I have experienced the paperwork scam, I have experienced the rude attitudes. I have experienced the back to school projects that do nothing more than WASTE your time with valueless terms of schooling in certificates that can be attained on the back of a Corn Flakes packet, I have experienced the pain of having money deducted from you substance living NEWSTART or SOLE PARENT PENSION. I have juggled and cheated and lied just to survive on THEIR PROFOUNDLY demoralising system. I have recently had to deal with the BROTHER company Childcare Department who LEGALLY but mistakenly drew every cent out of my bank accounts 2 days after christmas. I have dealt with taking 4 months to get my money back from them. The hours and hours of time spent trying to sort out THEIR THEFT drew me away from running my business.
      Every Centrelink anbd Child Services person should have to experience the REAL world and see what they are delivering. Walk in my shoes for a week or a month. See what it is really like outside of the protection of a government protected job with all the super, holidays, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick pay and the rest of the benefits.

      • For an educated person such as yourself, your ignorance about the “REAL world” blows my mind. (BA Psych, BA Bus, GradDipEd)

      • right on they ARE THE REAL BLUDGERS. A senior centrelinl on over $100,000 a YEAR telling me I am RICH just becuase I own my house.and CUTTING MY PENSION by over $5,000 a year I rather have your CUSHY GOVT JOB MATE than the pension any day at just $500 a fortnight. so I OWN MY HOUSE. You want to make me DESTITUTE and HOMELESS mate? so that I am left to beeging in the STREETS?

      • You make mentioned that this is a service provided by the government . I tend to believe your incorrect . It is a service provided by the tax payer , managed by the government . No government agency has the power to enforce someone to join an organization , and to pay fees or levies to maintain their membership , yet …… no bank , no phone , no email …… no dole or family benefits . Yet try to excersize that right , and you will be blacklisted . It is also a known fact that in spite of unemployment being at 5 or so percent , they fail to acknowledge there are an undisclosed amount of people with part time work who still have to answer to them , and as technology spreads this number will almost certainly grow , There is lot more to this than it just being a system provided by the government and that we should express gratitude

    • It is part of the Australian psyche that paid employment, no matter how awful, or how badly paid, somehow has inherent ‘value’ (and that not being employed means being worthless, of ‘no value’ and having ‘no conscience’).

      A more interesting way to consider it is to ask yourself this question – if a society/culture is judged on how it treats its most vulnerable members, how is Australia currently looking? Based on homeless and unemployment trends, not too good. Stop blaming those without jobs and start thinking about why it is so important to you that you stand in judgement of them – open your eyes and your mind and put the blame where it belongs

      • employers are racists prejudiced . They alway complain about people not wanting to work BUT when YOU ASK THEM FOR A JOB they ALWAYS SAY NO> they NEVER GIVE jobs to unemployed people. they are JERKS.

    • Dwayne honey ( in sarcastic context, maybe arm around shoulder?) don’t you think it would be a good idea to learn how Centerlink payments are made before you blast out the sterotypicle line that taxpayers pay for these dole bludgers and incopitent idiots who can’t even spell ( like me, a dessability pensioner since 1981)

      Now can you please tell these good people the Centerlink procedure for payment
      before we take it any further ( and I tear strips off you)?

      Thataway we’ll all learn where the Centerlink $ come from and why you consider C/link recipients a waste of taxpayers money ( I’ll give you a clue, I’ve allready, diliberatly led you in the wrong direction, to se if you se the diliberate mistake.

    • Excuse me??? Not everyone is as you describe. I have been working solidly for 48yrs but year before last I was laid off in Dec when the company closed but luckily got a job in Jan only for that company to fold in June. After an incredible battle over weeks, I received 5 weeks pay, not even enough to pay the mortgage let alone the electricity, gas, food etc for myself and my daughter. Yes because I am paying a mortgage I don’t get rent relief or any other assistance, just $480 a fortnight. Again I was lucky enough to get a job so I only received 5 weeks pay and only after I had been working for some time!!! They lost paperwork of mine also and several people promised to call me but never did. Now all I want is to lodge by tax return but haven’t received a group certificate for that 5 weeks. Almost impossible to call them as I work their hours. Had time off Fri afternoon so rang them and the recording said they were busy and the waiting time was 10mins so I put it on speaker and continued doing things. 55mins later it was after 5.00 so they would have finished for the day, no answer so I hung up. Have now been searching for some time to see if there is an email address I can contact. How hard is that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let me start. They are the most disorganised department ever! Oh and they too, put me on to Job Seekers to get a position when I first lost my job. I filled in a form and never heard from them. Then approx. every 3mths they would send me a letter saying I had an appt with them on such and such a day. First one I rang them and told them I was working and Centrelink knew so they said they’d take me off their books. Some months later I got another letter with an appt date so I ignored it. Then another some months later so I rang again only to be told they couldn’t take me off their books Centrelink had to do that and until they did they’d keep sending me letters with appt dates. I said then I’ll keep putting them in the bin. Again Centrelink haven’t done their job and advised them that I have been employed for over a year. I presume the Government are paying them for this “service”. What a scam!

    • Centrelink plan to take all my future Tax Returns to pay for an old debt i dont even remember , from the nineties.(no joke)

      they just took this Tax return from me and have told me that in three months they will garnish my income.

      I appreciate the heads up centrelink. :)

      In 2 months and three weeks i am giving notice at my job and work cash in hand for more money while claiming the dole or most likely disability allowance cos it pays more. Then i am telling centrelink i am sorry for making that huge debt and i am willing for them to Garnish a whole 50 percent from my newstart ?disabilityto repay this old debt, centrelink will then get excited that what they thought was an old no hoper was actually a reasonable bloke and gladly they will take 50 percent of the centrelink benefit, Win Win situation
      Im Happy
      Centrelink is happy because they are paying off my debt for me and as reward i dont have to go to as many interviews which is good cos my other 2 cash in hand jobs dont leave me much time.

      If you want to get Ahead thats how to do it

      I am no longer going to pay TAX to pay for those lazy arseholes who call them selves government Workers (workers??) a laugh.

      From now on my money is mine and if centrelink want to pay off my debt to their own department well thats the level of stupidity they are at right now.

      They deserve no less

    • dwayne. the system is broken. you suggest that we leave it be and use it as a motivation to find employment. so then, how is anything ever improved? I pray that you are forced to use centrelink as a means of survival so that you may better understand the reality of this issue.

    • People like you DWAYNE really piss me off. What about the people who have been laid off work for whatever reason after years of paying tax and I know first hand the job seekers do absolutley nothing.

      What about the men and women who are left single to care for children and some might have disabilities.

      People are on benifits for many reasons and it’s people like you that have no idea what they are going through.

      One day you will need assistance and I hope you get the worst treatment of all.

      Ps. F you

  16. Dwayne, I disagree with the assumption that most people choose to sit on their arse and do nothing. Considering the conditions of welfare in this country and from speaking to people and being in that situation myself, the vast majority want to work. The problem is with employers and the lack of work available or the ridiculous requirements bosses put on prospective employers meaning most unemployed people, once their unemployed for any length of time, are frankly written off 99% of the time before the interview stage.

    As for wasting taxpayer’s money, most newly unemployed people are those taxpayer’s and get not enough money to be honest considering how hard some of them work. Payments below the poverty line are hardly a luxury and I can think of much more wasteful things taxpayer’s money is spent on; war and military expenditure and subsidies for big business, among other things.

    • when i was on newstart i would apply for like 30 jobs a day and it didnt lead anywhere. 

      what upsets me is im now on a disability pension but ppl say i am a dole bludger, i had to get endless doctor letters and assessments to come to the conclusion that i cant work, it was a terribly stressful and depressing period and now i get abused for admitting my abilities atm.  even my mum wont leave off on that and she has been there and witnessed all the reasons im on it, she has read all the doctors letters and knows all the meds i take so it just frustrates and hurts me.

  17. Dwayne says: dear friend , you will find moost people will not sit on there ass, I am such one , dispite my disability. just becouse I do not get payed for it does not mean I do nothing , I spend a lot of time informing people of my experiance, I do a lot of resurge , of how to combat such ignorence of athority, and acountability will be inforced, not only that , I intend to make a exgsample of such persons , after all there criminals, unles making fals statments acording to there own documents stealing my garnised money from me , and holding my income to ransome ,becouse they want to know information of third partys that I have never had athority over , is a multyple crime . now they are so mutch in the perch they continue making mistakes out of desperecy , they are lying to get out of this, this is not my say , this is acording derect witneses, than the cost to the comunity your talking about , if I do not do this to discorage such brutality , it will continue , if that hapends more people will have there live ruend , some might even excersice war, and agresion, what would this than cost, and beleave me it has past my thoughts , fuly justivyable in my case as all lagal eforts are excosted , over two years ago Steven Goss outposted AFP mamber refuced to investicate into my files , as to the bases of there asumbtions . today he cals me a piece of shit and a criminal. now he realises he said it to the wrong guy , AFP or not. !!!!
    his co workers refuced to beleave he said that , but back off if I over evedence , So yes I or we are seriouse, my fisical capability is severly limiting a job opertunity that is financialy vyable , but that will soon change , I am also sick of the pity cash we recieve from centerlink , this now is litle more than the rend I have to pay true the los ov my house , coused by Centerlink revew section , that now stated it whas fare to asume statment . I had been juged by fare to asume at the time . they stated in the begining it whas relyable information , they also stated we have made a leagal disicion , when I ask give me this relyable inforamtion they failed to comply , after 5 revews I aproched two of them , and aske the bases of there agreement with the oridgenal revew oficer , one said I do not know , do you want me o ask Mr Keown , I said you as indipendent revew oficer does not know what you agree to !!??? a nother one I ask her the same thing , she also said I do not know , so again why dit you agree? she said I trust my staff, he is a seniour oficer she stated ,
    if I can not rely on AFP police protection , who refuced to investicate who can we rely on in athority, I lost all but my lives works asets ,coused true there inconsistend and contradoctory statments , if it whas me I like to see them prosecuted , so how more serious can I get . becouse I made plans over tree years ago . when they canseld my income sepoort I had no house, all my contents where dumped three days befoure setelment of my house , I took the first over presented to me due to desperecy , as breached my calculated pland contract where I made a large deposit becouse Centerlink placed a garnished order , so I could not forfil the contractt of perchase in thailand , people have no idear what it has cost me , waking up crying , than drinking myself back to sleep again , now I am a alcaholick , my teeth are roting near the gums, and diabetic, so lets talk how serious we are . my son who lived with me whas also displaced , now I am still renting . the only reason why I came back from Thailand is becouse Centerlink revuced to answer me the bases of there asumbtions , they still have not , however they do pay me my garnised money back and my pention , even some rental asistence , this is fuck all, when I came back I aplyed for benifits the first time , they stated we still beleave you are the benificiary owner , so I requested them to make me the leagal owner , by rewording there coments in my file . they refuced to do so . soon after I recieved my garnished money back .
    there mistake has been they thought they can hold people to ransome , by there therys , this now backfired perminantly I will see to that , it is more economical to pay me out ,as if they do not ,it will cost the Australian taxpayer a hell of a lot more , I will see to that ,
    I have over 54 milion on promesary notes from potential visa aplicants to there travel rights , it will place altimaidems upon the Australian govenrment , incoraging complyence to a ligal visa request , all they need from you is protection in Australia , they are wiling to pay you for such greatly , if a visa is not acomodated they will not be here in Australia , however there investor will than incorage lockal athoritys to colect there units out of the bush , this can be hushed for a few times , however for 54 milion you can buy a lot of units that has a lot of political influence , after all I whas suspected starting the Mt Bold bushfires years ago . with such a unit , all this does no one any good you are right about that , however such information will eventualy incorage Centerlink to compensate me . my CDs are going to be released weather I am around or not , my cound down timers are programed over 8 years time delays , ones visa aplicants know of this simple and avective tecnoligy , they can come to Australia and do the same , and sell the positions back to there felow country man , to incorage the Australian govement a grant of entry , this will give them a great income potential , what a disaster for us in Australia . milions of people sudenly have the freedonm to seek opertunitys in a well to do country , and they can do it leagaly , My God ! what has Centerlink revew section pissed of the wrong person or what! they tought me how to dish out altimaidems , and all I have to do is make you as reader aware of such posibilitys , you than also will see this as a opertunity , perhaps take promesary notes from asia , in the milions , and you could secure such with a biodegradable baloon as timing delay divice in sunlight , gives you about thirty days in ful sun , what is the cost of that !!!!!?????
    now I am a piece of shit ! this Steven Goss AFP outposted Centerlink revew section I make this crocked cop swollow his worts .
    I do not apreciate corupt cops ! there insighting Centerlink clyends by there conspiracees.

  18. As you can see, we also can give altimaidems , and I will be compensated prefrably by Centerlink revew section , however I also could colect the promesary notes , by releasing this technoligy ,
    the reason why I release this slowly , is to incorage the ones who are monitoring my computer, after all everyone aventualy would have to deal with Centerlink , and than that person could also be confronted with a revws oficers asumbtions , or perhaps be in the way, if such person is taken out by a angry costomer if you are a coworker .
    we are not talking any longer about rights to income sepoort , we are talking about being monopilised by athority, and posible consequences , manipulation of athority, and coruption in a atemt to get out of sticky setuations would make such a athoritive person dangerouse . I dit not even talk about other facts , about discreditation , when I departed Australia, my brand neuw pasport dit not scan , not even the second scaner , until they took it in the back ofice , after 20 minutes everything is fine now MR Bruggemans, yer right ! they probly had to get a last minute police clearence , well I understand that ! after all I dit warn Centerlink revew section if I dit not get my garnished money back I would be forced to sell my cound down timers , to servive on , well 6 weeks later the victorian bushfires started , Steven Goss AFP will never know if I sold my coundown timers , but I be rubing it in there faces , last year I bought a car from my mother , I payed for it and whas mine , but dit not transfer it yet , so Steven Goss said I whas a lyer , becouse in the meantime he cheched out the regestration , and found out it whas still on moms name . so I showed him the recept with the date . My Goss this guy is a dum ass for a italigence oficer .
    I ask you who is the piece of shit ,

  19. I’m sorry to have to say this, but i did try very hard to read your post, but after reading halfway through it, I was unable to continue.
    I have come to the conclusion that you are, in the best case scenario, either foreign with English as your second language, or mentally challenged. I hesitate to suggest that you are completely stupid, as your writing style inclines me to think otherwise. Despite this, the difficulty I have in following what you have written lies in the gross mis-spelling of the majority of your posts. Whether or not this is intentional, I am unsure. Of course, this being the internet, I have become accustomed to a fair amount of mis-spelling and so-called ‘1337’ speak, but this must be the most confusing example I have ever encountered.

  20. To ! Benjamin Solah says:
    April 7, 2010 at 10:28 pm
    Interesting that you want to respond to him and not me. You are treading very thin ice with those comments.
    sorry if I ofended you I dit not mean to , neder of you in fact , I dont have a disability pention for nothing. as for treding thin ice , they have seen nothing yet ! I can no longer prevent this , you stated fuck those who fuck us , I will fuck Centerlink revew section and there consperoters . thin ice means nothing to me . we will expose such criminal intend. make them sufer , more of my consern is maintaining respect from the Australian publick . I also rather send a armstrong dart true there ofices , however they do not suffer enough as it will be over to soon , see Youtube Simba 3018 , it is not a inposibility. eventualy 191 pultiney streed adelaide SA will reconise this fact of comprimise . there a lyability to each other . like you said Fuck Centerlink revew section . Altimaidems are not tolerated true athoritive brutality . Esmont Mc Keown and his asociate steven Dunely and there AFP outposted member are corupt criminals ,fact!!!!!

  21. Dwayne says: you to ! sorry you could not discripe what I try to say , moost people are like that , this is frustrating to me , not rasist as I am not ovended , its apsulutly not the case , but your patiance might have contrabuted to this short coming , after all I experianced it personaly , you few it from outside . I will prevent writing you derectly .

  22. Dear Dwayne
    your crass post clearly demonstrates you are a complete moron, your comments are hackneyed and cliched and betray the fact you lack any critical intelligence and have bought into the dole bludger myth. For your information I have applied for over 300 jobs in this BRC with no success whatsoever (I really must get out of here) and I have not limited myself to those positions where my education and decades of work would naturally lead. I’ve tried for basic admin work, console operator duties at petrol stations, as well as graduate entry positions with the APS. So would you please desist from your inane attack on those of us in the invidious positin of being unemployed. Furthermore, I have paid a couple of hundred thousand in tax and find it grossly insulting that an arrant fool like you has the gall to brand me as lazy and work-shy, cretins like you are the real problem.
    PS Don’t pick on Oswald, dyslexia aside, he makes a greater contribution to this blog than a thousand of your ilk will ever make.

  23. First off, to Dwayne.

    Dwayne, I do must say, you must be the most fucking stupid person I have ever seen on a blog. Do you realise how fucking hard it is when you lose your job? I was working for a insulation company, and had to resign due to my boss getting fired because of the rebate going down. Unfortunately, if I could I would still be working, and not relying on Centrelink to fucking eat. It is the worst time of my life at the moment. I have been unable to find a fucking job, no matter how fucking shit it is. As with John, I have paid quite alot of tax through my time of work, and am quite surprised on how utterly stupid this system is.

    Now for my rant, Ive been on Centrelink for about a month now… And when I decided that I actually needed financial help and went to them, they put me to the Salvation Army Recruitment agency. These guys are fucking usless. I apparently have to go in for a hour to apply for some jobs then fuck off. Well the first day I go in to sort shit out, the woman tells me that she would look for work throughout the week for me and if something comes up in my criteria then she would call me. So I tell her that I’m looking for either Call Centre, Sales, Car Audio or Retail. A couple of days after I go in I get a call (surprisingly) from her saying that she has lined me up with a job, quite excited I ask what it was.. She said that it was at the airport transporting cars… I told her that she was a complete moron and that wasn’t in my criteria… She apologized and never called again. So I go in the week after, and she tells me to just apply for 5 jobs and I can go home. What the fuck lady, how the fuck is that supposed to help me find a fucking job? I can do that fucking shit at home! So I apply for the 5 jobs and tell her I’m done. She then said that she would schedule for me to come in again and email me the letter. Why, its a fucking week later and theres no letter! How fucking surprising. So it comes the day were I should get paid, and theres no pay… I’m suspecting that they didn’t even put me down for coming in to look for jobs with them. Fucking usless bastards. I have fucking bills, petrol, and food to buy, but hey, they just don’t want to give a fucking shit. Those dumb cunts can go shove it up their fucking ass, and god help me if I decide to go down there… Thats even if I can get money for fucking petrol.

    Anyways, all in all, fuck Centrelink, fuck the government, and fucking most of all, FUCK SALVATION ARMY THOSE MONEY HUNGRY CUNTS

    • why did you refuse the airport job. It was outside your criteria, but could have been useful until you found the right position?

      • People who think a job is beneath them frankly don’t deserve the dole. Australians are so lucky to have any sort of welfare at all, compared to many other countries where you can either rely on family, charity or starve to death unless you work at ANY job you can find.

      • Although I have to agree with you, the Salvation Army job agency are bloody useless!!! Whats the point of coming in to look for ten jobs a week when you could do that at home?

      • To tdog… whilst I agree with you that some people should be willing to work jobs that are below their skill set or they think are boring or whatever, at least short term whilst looking for something else… sometimes you need special qualifications for even boring low paying jobs.. for example to park cars you need a driver’s license… centrelink are intelligent enough to insist a person who cannot drive should do a job which involves driving under threats of all the lovely traumas they enjoy inflicting on people on a daily basis!

      • tdog.. “People who think a job is beneath them frankly don’t deserve the dole”

        I can think of a few jobs that most would consider beneath them if there was no social welfare…. prostitution, drug dealer, thief, assassin….. all above the average award wage and usually cash in hand.

      • Well fuck u too… i have been dole as u call it it for a number of years, not due to my fault. fUK U !. THERE are circumamstances u know u prick !!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you entirely mate .the government only looks after the RICH AND POWERFUL so that they can keep themselves in POWER and treats the people of australia with contempt.

  24. Sad but true, the word moron springs to mind more often than it should, but these people at Mission, Salvos, etc are selected for their lack of critical thinking skills as they have to follow the rules to the letter lest some equally moronic government cipher threatens their funding for non-compliance. We live in a mad mad mad world where the absurdity of capitalism has all but destroyed the planet and has destroyed the spirit of the working/unemployed person. For an overview of this have a look at
    Capitalism, the Absurd System: A View from the United States
    Robert W. McChesney and John Bellamy Foster available from

  25. I have the problem with centrelink that they wont pay me a single dollar in Austudy payments. I’m a fourth year student, who had been forced to save $22,000 from my high-school employment by my parents (and thank goodness!), so when I went straight from high-school to uni centrelink said “no, you have too much savings, we can’t help you.” So, okay, thats cool, I’ll just use my money to pay the $3000 per semester of uni plus petrol, rego, parking permits, uni supplies, phone bills etc. Once I reached $3000 in my bank account I went back saying look, I really need help or I wont be able to continue at uni after this semester. Their reply was “well you didn’t earn over $18,000 last financial year, so you’re a dependant and we won’t help you.”
    So I went looking for a job. 10 months later, I’m still unemployed (nobody wants to hire a full time student with no retail experience. Whoops, worked in fast food since I was 14, big mistake!) So I call back centrelink, I’ve only got $80 in my account and I need to buy my books for uni! HELP!
    “No, you’re dependant.”
    Well FYI centrelink I’m 21 years old and my parents make me buy everything for myself; including food! Sure, I don’t have to pay electrisity, water or rent bills, but how is someone ment to pay for food, petrol, rego, insurance etc. with a $0 income? Yes, I’ve been looking for work, but no luck! Now I’ve had to borrow $1000 from my parents (that they will be charging me interest on) just to buy books and uni supplies. I’m in debt, I’m broke, but centrelink don’t give a shit as long as I have a bed to sleep in in a nice house.
    Well centrelink, I worked every day after school and all weekend since I was 14 until I was 18 to have a home deposit, and where’s it gone? It’s fucked off in pissy bills and food. Everyone says you’ve got to be a poor student, you’ve got to experience it, but this is fucked. I have to steal food from my brother to get dinner tonight, that’s how fucked this is.

      • Agreed. Get back to me when youve had to leave home at 17 due to abusive parents, and survive on your own with no car, no money and no one to help you.

      • That’s a bit harsh. I think it’s awful that Centrelink is essentially forcing people to dip into their savings in order to survive. It’s terrible that a person can lose their entire life savings just trying to survive, and all because Centrelink have shitty rules regarding income status.

        And even if someone has well-off parents, that doesn’t necessarily mean the parents want to help too. That’s what’s so fucked up about Centrelink. They seem to think that just because someone’s parents are working, that those parents are willing to help their children. I have a friend who’s parents are VERY rich (they own multiple houses and a holiday home) and yet they haven’t given her a cent since she left home at 18. Yet she couldn’t claim independent status until she lived away from home for 6 months, and Centrelink wouldn’t give her any rent assistance because her parents earned too much money. She could pay rent so she was stuck couch-surfing and living at a homeless shelter for months. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    • luckily i convinced them to declare me independent when i was 17 or 18, stupid you are considered a dependant into your 20s when a lot of ppl dont have financial support from their parents. the employee i think actually broke the rules for me. i have had many terrible experiences with them but a few employees like that one have been very helpful.   one thing hat used to stress me out was when i was studying i did like a week of work in my holidays but they couldn’t compute that and stopped paying me as they said i had a job now…

    • I am a single mother has qualifications but can’t find a paid job. My daughter is just finished secondary school and have no work experience. She is going to university but getting nothing from centerlink unit late February next year, does anyone know if she changes to the youthallowance/student to job seeker, will she get some money from centerlink more quicker?

  26. Centrelink killed my father and raped my mother.


    I still can't understand why you have to be over 21 to apply for sickness benefits?
    I'm 19 years old, have rent and bills to pay just like anyone else, yet I have to be on Youth Allowance/Job seeker but I don't have to look for work as I have a medical certificate. I only get $452 a fortnight! How the hell does one survive off that? I have about $50 left after rent, bills and everything else. Just because I'm not 21!

    • lmao just wanted to say GOOBER u funny bastard. we need to form a mob to kill centerlink the monster must be slain, Mobs are a good thing right?

  27. thanks Benjamin Solah my lawyer emaild me I will now also receve back pay , of the last three years , moost go to my layer bills . so now I seek financial sepoort, one such financial insentive is Insiorence companys , after all Centerlink insighted me , I now seek your asistence , to inform the insiorence companys for sponcership to prosecuut the persons acountable at Centerlink revew section. poit the incoragment to youtube simba 3018 ,

  28. Centerlink revew section give me altimaidems in the past , now we can do the same . compensate and prosecute oficers acountable or we inform conserned partys of posible consequential afects . if Insiorence do not coroperate bysuch sponcership we have to sell the CD,s informing visa aplicants who than will pay for my leagal sepoort, making the posibly insiorence compenys pay in any case , yes we can twist Centerlinks arm also. by using Insiorence and underwriters , a example must be made , in the intrestes of the Australian people . see youtube party popers with time rubber delay rubber band , that could give visa aplicants altimaidems to a grant of entry . who are wiling to pay thousands for such protection,and in tern potential income so what do we want , acountability must be axcepted and if you understand how the sistem works , you can asist, O dont wory about me , they Centerlink revew hate my guts anyway. I wonder why!

    • Fuck, you’re spelling is atrocious; what a gronk you must be! The system has failed you in more ways than one, by the looks of it! Go back to PRIMARY school and for goodness sake, please stop spreading your INFERIOR seed around the smelly vaginas of all the sub-human “females” who would be willing to copulate with such a moron!!!  This country doesn’t not need any more made in your image.  You and yours forever more will be a huge drain on the welfare system. I know you all agree with me, scared little liberal frogs.

  29. Hi guys, after reading briefly through many posts I am quite dissapointed in the gentleman that made a remark that could not read a post due to the gentlemans grammer. This is unethical and not something to laugh at, or remark on as I am almost certain that he is not perfect in any way…. Moreover I am on centrelink but hate it ( but am a full time student ) so not much choice, 2 more years and I finish my degree and run away from these rejects. But I will leave you all with a very interesting thought, because I too have been suspended and made re-apply due to their tardiness and inconsistant work practices. ARE CENTRELINK WORKERS WAGES EVER SUSPENDED? ARE THEY MADE TO BE LEFT HANGING FOR WEEKS SO THEY CAN GET PAID? DO THEY GET TOSSED AROUND, AND GIVEN DEAD PROMISES WHEN THEY WILL GET PAID NEXT?? ALTHOUGH THEY NEED TO PAY BILLS AND SURVIVE DO THEY TAKE A HARD STANZE AND SAY NOOOO…. YOU CAN WAIT TILL NEXT MONTH TILL THE PAYMASTER GETS BACK FROM HOLIDAYS AND BACK PAY YOU YOUR WAGES. EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN EVICTED FROM YOUR HOME BY THEN,WE DONT CARE!!


  30. thanks johnny: common sence shore is lacking , even though I receved everything back today , the damiges i has don to me and my family is now a crime, and now seek sponcership to prosecute three induvituals at Centerlink revew section Adelaide, we make it intersting for insiorence companys to asist us , my experiance at youtube simba 3018 has now been removed when I placed a bounty on there heads , by seeking sponcership to procecute . this must have been to afective and politicaly damiging , now I get sabutaged by computer erors , so now I have to sell the CD,s . to sepoort the leagal feees. simple !

  31. Centerlink recently changed the requirements for youth allowance, which means my plans for being able to get centerlink while I study are mostly fucked. I’m going to have to defer for 2yrs and work full time in order to even qualify because my parents earn to much. Nevermind the fact that they don’t support me and I have to put myself through uni. I’m in first year now and struggling badly. I can’t afford my textbooks which means I have to live at the library (can only borrow the books I need out for 2hrs at a time because they are high use). Plus, it takes an hour to get to and from uni (Which isn’t that bad compared to how some people have it, but it’s still a long time).

    I’m working a job now as well, managing 15-20hrs a week which is a lot to juggle with full time uni, but it’s the only way I can afford to eat.

    And since I have basically no skills, (I’ve been working since I was 14, but only in the food-service industry…) I’m going to have to work a full time menial job for 2 years despite the fact I have a place in UQ law school. It’s so disheartening. I mean, that is a long portion of my life. I’m not trying to scam of tax payers money or anything, I just want to go to uni. Is that really so much to ask? Hell, when I get a career after uni I’m going to be paying a lot of taxes anyway!


  32. Dwayne, I am sorry but your comments are invalid. I have worked as a cleaner, kitchenhand and any other job to try to push ahead in life. Here I am on Centrelink despite a solid work history and shining references. Ben Solah and the others have a valid point. Well I am one person who is prepared to do any crap job – and those jobs no longer exist. Cleaners, kitchenhands and the like are jobs that no longer go to Aussies. “Aussies won’t work” gets bandied about but it is one big f***ing lie. I’m an Aussie and I spent 12 months working as a kitchenhand in the most appalling conditions. I blasted through the work showing up the others from countries like India and the Phillippines. Yet I was continually harrassed by a particular chef who just enjoyed dishing it out. The LHMU, today tonight, current affair and the hotel HR department did nothing and told me my story was crap. I resigned and dreaded going to Centrelink. To my surprise – no problems. But hey I’m not kidding myself, tommorrow is another drama waiting to unfold.

  33. There are so many people getting treated harshly by centrelink presently because of the recent media programme that claimed to expose centrelink payments. Yet employers continue to exploit workers from overseas and get away with it. Its all about making profit. You do some of these so-called jobs and its a nightmare. One friend of mine did not get paid by an employer for two months! And got penalised by centrelink! And he has never seen the money! I once worked for a cleaning contractor who was a convicted stalker – and the pay was constantly never there and you were always underpaid. This contractor had the contract to clean police stations – it was a bizarre and grotesque situation. I even had to put up with discrimination and harrassment! Yet when I rang the government department that dealt with these matters they told me off and kept hanging up on me! Fourteen years of private hell. I don’t think centrelink does enough.

  34. right guys ! lets do it ! ask me to send you a CD to you , free , this is garenteed to get resolds , write to PO Box 1391 Victor habour 5211 South Australia , we send you the CD , explaining the who and why , using reverce sicoligy , they than have to buy us out . using the same tacktics as Centerlink revew section , you may copy this CD and resell, this than is self funded to you . as conserned partys as set upon Centerlink revew section making them acountable for there criminal conduct . my CD,s are free to you , this education can not be stoped until we say so. we also can hold Centerlink to ransome true third partys conserns , like they dit to me . I place my case manigers name on it and his conspiritors all on CD, or DVD. we do this in the intrests of the Austalian publick, altimaidems does not only belong to athority to dish out , we can do the same . thank you !

  35. The truth is that no one really resents people receiving welfare. I never have, and I have worked most of my adult life until 6 months ago. It is the media who blindsides us all as a country. They run crap stories on Centrelink recipients in the same slot as fashion awards and celebrity stories! They rub people’s noses in it and get away with it. If everyone unhappy with centrelink harrassed the media, attitudes would change rapidly. Ring up and if they hang up, ring again. Today Tonight, Current Affair, Channels 7,9 and 10 are all in the phonebook.

  36. TO ALL:
    If you deal with centrelink to protect yourself you must
    a)FIRST get a plastic wallet or folder with a snap on it $1.08 from Coles. Keep ALL letters and copies of paper work in here. Then
    b) Get a receipt number EVERY time you call or go to centrelink in person, write it down! A good place is on the letter you received from them to send you there in the first place. Write the DATE as well. And the FULL name of whoever you speak to and WRITE it down! Also write down what they tell you.
    c) Get staff to photocopy any documents you are giving them so you have a copy. They must then date stamp and sign this. Not a bad idea for you to ask them their name and write it next to the stamp.
    (They tend to pay attention to this;)
    d) Ask for advice (eg Legal Aid 1300 888 529) BEFORE you answer any claims you broke their rules
    e) Tell them of changes to your income, study load or other
    If things go wrong…
    Lodge a complaint with the CRU 1800 050 004
    or Commonwealth Ombudsman 1300 362 072.
    You can also appeal for compensation as Oswald has done but this involves yet more paper chasing.
    I have been fighting with them for 2 years. I finally got a letter from them yesterday to say they will pay Austudy for my son and back date it for the maximum 3 months. Immediate payment of $2.41. Going on a shopping spree with that.
    Same day I receive a letter saying they’re cancelling my payment as I did not respond to a letter they sent me. Apparently attending their office does not constitute a response.
    On that note, according to their own rules they must give you minimum 7 days written notice to provide information. You DO NOT have to respond to any request on the spot.
    Anyway good luck to all and if you follow these suggestions it will ensure that you can prove YOUR case and get full reimbursement.

    • Yep all great ideas! However.. when they hang up on you because they don’t feel like dealing with you anymore, how do you get the receipt number. The automated voice even says you are allowed to ask for a receipt number, but apparently that is dependent on the mood of the person you are talking to! Fucking dicks!

  37. I must explain item c)
    Documents includes Forms, pay slips, bank statements etc. Anything you give Centrelink, get a stamped, dated copy to prove you submitted it.

  38. Lisa thanks for your input, dit you ever hear a centerlink clyend have his DSP reintated to him, get his $114 000 garnished money back after nearly four years of trying to convince them I have nothing to do with my sons property , and more recently over $32. 000 on backdated centerlink payments deposited on my acound . but still no apoligy or reconision of being at fold , dispite this I now seek ciminal prosecution upon those responseble, for displacing me and my family , Esmont MC Keown ! would this be fare to asume? he whas my case oficer .

  39. Hey guys, it was great to read that i am not the only one hating centrelink!!!!! I am a mum of 2 kids and my pay every fortnight is ment to go in friday well lately i get it saturday or monday! but according to centrelink that is my bank even though i went online and itwas not paid at all… How embarrassed was i when i had to go and get food for my kids and had to borrow money off my sister to pay for my groceries cause centrelink had not paid us… Which made things even worse cause i have to move house as well… I am over being screwed by centrelink as to i do the right thing by them all the time… I would love to go back to work it would be fantastic but as soon as i do my wage would be 500 a week before tax and no centrelink! but day care kicks in and is 450 a week… Where is the justice

  40. I am the sole carer of a young person under 18 who’s parents are both in hospital at the moment. The hospital gave us a letter detailing that both parents were incapacitated and that their child urgently needed to have the Youth Allowance put into their own bank account as they had no money and was unable to access the parents accounts. I called Centrelink, as did the hospital Social Workers, and they were very understanding..we were told to take the letter in, see the Social Worker and there would be no problem with having the money put into the young persons account and that this would be done very quickly.
    Arrived at the office only to wait 25 minutes for the Social Worker to finally come out and see us – she immediately was dismissive of myself as the carer and drilled the young person about her parents and her upbringing. As I introduced myself and tried to explain the family situation and the stress that the child had gone through , I was given a piece of paper and told to write a statement about what I knew, so that she didn’t have to listen to me. Every time I spoke she would look at the ceiling and then talk louder to the young person. Even though the office had now closed she took the young person into an office to get away from me and continued her probing questions.
    When she finally emerged I asked if the money would be transferred to the young persons account to be told that it was not that simple and that an appointment for the next day would hopefully sort things out and that she didn’t need to see me only the child. I tried to explain that there were hospital appointments the next day and that would not suit us – she looked at the child and said..”I will see you tomorrow”. Then she added ..”if you don’t come tomorrow then there will be no money”. This woman really felt powerful ..she held Centrelink’s purse strings and thought she was god.
    The next day she rang the childs mobile to see if the appointment was being kept. The child told her that it was impossible to come in at this time as the hospital needed us there. Now the woman wanted the bank details over the phone to fix things up!..The child had lost trust of this woman and politely asked if it could be done at another time as we had to leave for the hospital..so the Social Worker hung up on the child.
    I am so disgusted that a person with no compassion or understanding can be a Social Worker of any kind.
    I pity anyone who is in a stressful situation having to go to Centrelink if they are confronted by such a person..I’m sure they are not all the same but the few rotten apples in Centrelink need to be put in the dole queue to see what it’s like for themselves.

    • Aren’t children under 18 entitled to have someone there? Actually, not just them, anyone is entitled to have an advocate there. If you need to go in there again to support this child or indeed anyone else at anytime in the future, do not let them refuse to allow you into the room. That is illegal! Be aware the centrelink person is also allowed to request another centrelink person in there, they have the same rights as you.. but that is ok. At least the person you are trying to help, particularly a distessed young child with their parents in the hospital will have you there to help them.
      Also, that seems awfully fast to get an appointment? Not you, what I mean is today when I rang up they said no appointments are available for more than 7 days, and apparently that is the furthest out their systems will allow then to book any appointment,(which, if that is not a flat out lie, then it is a stupid stupid stupid rule, which stupid moron came up with that one?) and then go on to say that I will be cut off due to refusal to attend an appointment… and yet they are lying to your young person about appointments the next day that HAVE to be attended under threats of torture? I don’t think so. So that is another example of that social worker on a powertrip!!

  41. How is it that there are people who genuinely require Centrelink’s help and follow the rules yet have so much trouble receiving their entitled benefit, and then there are people who can so easily fraud the system???

    Serial fraudster tries to claim $6million + $40,000 per month from ex partner whist claiming Centrelink payments………………

    GAYLE – ANNE WALKER of Pymble Ladie’s College, is one such person! She earns a substantial amount in her job at a private girl’s school, and therefore should be uneligible for any centrelink money at all, but yet received a single parent’s allowance all the while having a partner who also earned a substatial salary. Within a district court hearing she claimed to be living with the same partner, but yet Centrelink continued to pay her at a rate for having “no partner”.. How is it that people in authority (eg: the judge residing over the case) can simply sit by and not be obliged to report that a fraud is being commited by this woman?
    Where is the justice?

    What do you get if you cross Gayle Walker with Centrelink?
    Who gets protection from a district court judge and prosecutor for Centrelink fraud?
    HOw do you make a lot of money?
    Sign on Centrelink while working!!!
    Gayle Walker did!!
    How do you get money without paying tax?
    (just ask Gayle Walker)
    Who pays for your car, interest free?
    (ask Gayle Walker)
    Who has been RIPPING OFF Centrelink for ten years?

    It is people like this lady that make it hard for the genuine people to claim their rightful benefits, and thereby get treated like common criminals for doing so.

    • Hahahah, that is a fucking ripper. Its very true, people who actually want to improve their lives and are ‘actually’ able to claim something from centrelink have to jump through so many fucking hoops to get to it. I think they just fuck you around, so you get sick of it and give up. Its been more than 5 years since I have to go back on centrelink and I cant believe how much shit I have to go through, then have to wait 3 months to get my payments because I saved my money rather than spending it on fucking drugs, booze and smokes!!!!!

    • The above rant must have been yet another defamation attempt by the misguided supporters of Anton Starling, a convicted criminal who is serving 14 years for the persistant aggravated sexual assault of a child. Your dirty tricks didn’t work in the Supreme Court, the District Court or the Local Court.

    • Arkie… I certainly see your point and understand your frustration.. however I just want to warn you next time don’t use people’s names or jobs in this manner, use a pseudonym… I would hate to see you go to court for libel whilst this woman gets off scott free for her crimes!

  42. I’ll have to survive through university earning $0 in 2012. All I’m worried about is paying for the uni books and buying multitrip passes, I don’t care about buying myself clothes, or razors or anything for the next 5 years I just want to be able to pay for uni books. My father earns too much for me to be entitled to Youth Allowance. He keeps every dime to himself anyway. I’m looking for work. I have placed resumes in at over 50 places. I’ve followed the store managers up, offered trials and lied to them. I just need to earn money. I hate how 50% of store managers offer me false hope. They’re confident I’ll get a position with them, but I never do. Don’t even say I’m bullshiting you. I have had trials at places and have failed to actually land a job, a few places were kind and payed some of the shift.

    At the moment I’m recieving living away from home allowance because my father is in the process of either divorcing my mother and living with his girlfrined with me, or staying with my mother. I’m hanging on to every damn cent to save for uni books. But $1400 won’t be enought I reckon. What do you think? Is $1400 enought to buy uni books for 5 years full-time studiy of the Bachelour of Dental Surgery?

    I envy children of parents that actually love and care about their children. I get sad everytime I go to a friends house. Their parents are nice, their parents tell them if they’re going out and their parents ask if their children want anything from the grocery store.
    I wish all families got along. If you can’t raise children properly, don’t have children. A child isnt a toy. Dogs aren’t toys, but many people just let their pet dogs roam around at the back of their backyard neglected and don’t bother taking their dog for a walk or showing affection at all toward it.

  43. At least they pay you sometimes. I’ve never received money off the fucks. Contemplating suicide now, I’ll be sure to write a letter informing Centrelink of the death they’ve caused.

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  45. on hold to centrelink now for the 3rd time today, it took them 8 weeks to start paying i was suppose to get back pay for that and then they decided to take all my back pay away for no reason what so ever. still haven’t gotten anywhere been on hold for 43mins now haven’t spoken to anyone, this is fucking bulllshiiittttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all i want is a fucking right payment.

  46. Centrelink suspended my wife’s payment last year, then sent us a letter for the time that we were ‘suspended’ saying she owed the amount they didn’t pay her.
    I’ve even showed them their error on the records on their own computer in their own office, and they just bullshitted around it. :/ I couldn’t believe it.

    Now my wife is almost in tears as she’s just had a baby and they’re throwing her through hoops to get off newstart and onto a parental pay.
    Fucking hell.

    And to think the header of their site says “assists people become self-sufficient and helps those in need.”

  47. Just had a fucked day today all because of, you guessed it, Centrelink. Had an appointment today. Went to the fountain gate branch. Walked in and there was no customer service representative to tell me where to go. There were no signage anywhere to say which area is for what. So I assumed you just sit down and they call you. Was observing the other people walking in and how they were getting treated. Several people were ignored, the staff were ignoring people on purpose, they were acting like they were so involved in the conversation they were having and ignoring everyone else. 1 lady was actually told to ask someone else for help. Thats very fucking pathetic. AND after waiting 1 hour, someone was finally free to ask if I was in the right area, only to be told I was in the wrong area and I had to stand in a line that was outside the door and a 30minute wait, then to be served and told I had to wait another fucking 30minutes to see the stupid cunts. I had an appointment time before everyone else and had been waiting before everyone else, yet everyone else got seen before me. NOT FUCKING HAPPY. I ended up walking out of that shithole and had to wait 43minutes on the fucking phone for them to tell me that I need to make another appointment.
    I have never been on centrelink for payments, and now that I have no job, I want to study and actually fucking get somewhere all I get is fucking red-tape and piddly shit that pisses you off and wastes the time out of my fucking life. I hate centrelink with a fucking passion.

    • agree to some of what you said, i have never been on cenrelink, but i have been shoved into a corner as iam sick of the past J.O.BS i have been doing and want to do other things. but i have a big cloud little money and debts, great life. not. anyhow i finally get the will to go to centrelink and get the payments which is ok but they tell me to have a meeting JAA or what ever it is, so i do and she ask’s me some q’s about what i want to do ect and had my profile, so she makes me a meeting with mission Australia and what a fucking waste of time that was, was told to do a online fucking questionaire of trades, tickets ect etc and then after was told its all in centrelinks hands now? what the fuck was that all about what a waste time, thought i was going there to talk to someone about guidence in the area or things i wanted to do. so what happens next? forced to go to job seekers induction crap to look for a mundane J.O.B JUST OVER CRAP. fuck you system

  48. I am not umemployed or on a disability pension. I am 69 and have worked all my life as a secondary school teacher and in the last seven years before retirement as state President of the Australian Education Union on a salary of $130,000. I have paid high taxes for almost 50 years and in retirement am eligible for a part aged pension. My partner is a retired journalist who has a similar background. Now comes the interesting bit.
    Last year, as the result of a random survey, we were accused of owing Centrelink $13,000 each. This was complete nonsense. They accused us of not telling them that I had a life pension from my teaching career. This was utter rubbish but they immediately deducted payment for the alleged debt from our pension. After bitterly complaining, we lodged an appeal and I wrote to the federal minister. A few weeks later we were told we had won the appeal and the deductions were repaid. Was that all? No. A fortnight later we got a letter to say our assessed annual income had been raised by $20,000 and a deduction was again automatically made. My irate partner phoned the appeal board and after a lengthy delay they admitted to a keyboard error and again the money was refunded. Was that the end? No.
    I am typing this in England where we are on holiday. Before we left I did some casual work at Hansard. I reported two of my three pay slips and told them clearly that the third would not arrive until we were in the UK and we were told that would be OK.And we could do it on our return. Last week we discovered both our part pensions have been completely stopped. We cannot contact them from here so I have emailed my local MP.

    Between us we have worked without a break for almost 100 years. We have done everything absolutely correctly but are being treated like children and/or criminals. I am a Board member of the Council on the Ageing and intend taking up this whole issue through them. They keep advertising that all the reporting can be done online but in the end admitted to us that it doesn’t apply to casual work for aged pensioners. The only choice is to sit hours in an office or stay on a phone for a minimum of 30 minutes and usually much longer. I have no intention of wasting my retirement in this way. I asked an officer if I could post in the pay slip and was told I could not.

    So it’s not just the young, unemployed, disabled….it’s also those who have spent their entire lives in highly paid jobs. Something has to be done and I am going to start it moving when we get back in early August. The first thing will be another appeal!

  49. Jean I can sympathise with you totally…..I have lived in Australia 12 years, brought my son and daughter 4 & 5 over here from NZ. I arrived before 21 February 2001 so was consider an “exempt, Grandfathered, protected” visa holder. We gained Citizenship January 2007, done everything right. I trained as a Age Care Nurse, but had an accident, and have ended up on Disability. Anyway, didnt have much of a problem until…….we went back to NZ to support a sick family member, for a couple of months, unfortunately my daughter then 14 got sick herself and in the NZ hospital system, diagnosed with a tumor on her thyroid, we were stuck out length of time stretched to 21 months away, until she was well enough to cope coming back to OZ. In that time Centrelink advised I must apply in NZ for Invalids benefit, that they cud only part pay whilst out of the country, but on my return please contact them and payments would be resumed. Thus I did as I was told. I sent my daughter July 2012, I returned September 2012 after settling my 17 yr old son in a apprenticeship in NZ. Contacted Centrelink, and wallah no money. I do have partial income of my own, so we are talking part payment here. On querying Centrelink I was told, you have applied in NZ for Invalids benefit, you must re-apply there for it. I explained it was at Centrelinks insistance I did so. I was informed if I did not apply for benefit in NZ they would not pay me either. I explained you have paid me for the last 10 years, why the changed, I have citizenship here, I live here etc etc etc…blah blah blah….so getting no where, I put in a complaint and asked for a review by an Authorised Review Officer, this took a few weeks. She rung me and couldnt believe it, however, that review failed?? But she did deem that it was unfortunate circumstances and I had not changed countries permanently, you see someone in either OZ or NZ put that I had gone back to NZ permanetntly, there mistake not mine…..So in this review, she deemed I had infact not left and been underpaid, lots, as they had paid me the tax payment of $1800 in 2010, when I rung twice to see if I was entitled was told yes, then in November 2010 you guessed it I got a bill stating I had been overpaid this amount? Ok, what a mess, so I received 8 letters (bills) when I returned, the biggest $3.800 owing Centrelink….not bad for someone who followed their advice and they had all my figures. So off an appeal when to the Social Securities Tribunal, now remember, all I wanted was that Centrelink Australia, resume paying me totally as before I was held up in NZ, I was unaware Centrelink had underpaid me for 2 years?? Social Securities guy laughed when my bro and I explained what had happened, saying, “I cant imagine NZ wanting to pay anyone who doesnt live there”…haha jokes still on us, after that, the answer was “Centrelink have applied legislation correctly…>WHAT?????????????????????? So much for getting Australian Citizenship, what for, they even asked me…………..Did you take all your clothes to NZ? Well hello, Im on Centrelink, could fit all my clothes in a carry on bag …duh. Ok so not luck there, so off I went to the Commonwealth Ombudsmen, regarding all of this and the incompetency and mistakes Centrelink made in regard to my case……Lets face it, I had to live with friends for 16 weeks while all this was sorted out, as I didnt have money to get into a rental of my own….now remember my daughter had just had a tumor removed, and I had just been diagnosed with possible cervical cancer, so now we are February 2012 ….I have had two operations, one being a hysterectomy, my daughter still unwell, we are now in a rental, and yes I am getting my partial payment from not only OZ but Nz, yes, what a pain, and one would think that the country you are living in would pay the greater figure, oh be stupid…..NZ pay almost all of it, and OZ pays me …wait for it…………approx $50 per week…..Great, I cant get any credit here, I lose so much in the exchange rate, Centrelink said to me, when I had trouble doing anything “your case is now one of 12 country wide which has to be done manually)…oh for godsake !!!!!!!!!and my appeal at the Ombudsmen failed, they deemed Centrelink has acted appropriately, even saying that my toing and froing between OZ and NZ was difficult to keep track of…………………yes folks that was ….One trip to NZ and one trip back……………there is no NO recourse for people when Centrelink do the wrong thing, because ALL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS COVER EACH OTHERS ARSES !!! (there is alot more to this that I havent had time to write

  50. sorry left out an important piece to my above post…..as I put in my appeal to the Social Security Tribunal, somehow NZ found out, and wallah, to my amazement I got a letter stating that they had underpaid me also for two years……no wonder I was struggling with both countries underpaying me ??? now I wonder if I had not have put in an appeal (just to get oz to pay me as before …remember didnt know about underpayments) would either country have come forward to tell me they stuffed up?? Of course NOT !….and Im not holding my breath, coz you can bet your bottom dollar, in a few months, either or both countries will send me a debt letter, stating I have now been overpaid. !!!

  51. in 2001 i seperated from my husband he moved to a different town, our 4 yr old got cancer ,
    me & my son spent months in brisbane, went home ex came back to town & moved around for
    7 yrs didnt change his address, now centrelink say i owe them $112,000.00 even though
    ex had his own unit i had a dvo on him for 2yrs & its amazing that centrelink person who
    made original decision does’nt work there anymore within a space of a couple of weeks she left
    this person accussed me of all sorts of things then had the hide to ask why we were’nt divorced
    sold the house & fought over the dog when told, this would put myy kids out on the street her reply
    WELL IF THATS WHATS GOT TO HAPPEN ; what sort of bullshit is that. my payment was suspended 3 months ago now has been cancelled i do have a job thankfully it pays the same amount as single parent payment so i am coping money wise, just. i am now on ante deppressents
    it is all under review but that doesnt stop me from asking who the hell is this chick to be able to
    make a deccission like this that could put me in jail ,all because she didnt do her job properly &
    my kids are being punished because their deadbeat father well is a deadbeat so another
    centrelink fuck up

  52. I have done 2 years of a 3 year commerce degree, but was diagnosed with reccurring depression from life stresses so had to defer. Each time I tried to go back, but had to drop put again in the first month because I could not cope with the stress of full-time study, and dealing with attention difficulty and social anxiety.
    The only way i would be able to finish my studies is if i did half studies, and part time work, but Centrelink refuses to alow me to do this unless i get a diagnosis of Adult ADHD from a psychologist, which is not covered by medicare and i cant afford. The psych i have been to on a mental health care plan has taken advantage of me, pretending that the small rebate didnt go through so i had to pay about $150 which is more than half of my pay for a fortnight.

    Even when I repeatedly told them i just want to finish my degree so i can get a stable job and start my future, they just dont give a shit, so i have gone back to looking for work, and now have found a full time job. Im sad because i feel like i wont achieve my potential being stuck in this dead end retail job which is a field im not interested in at all, but i am grateful to have found work anyway.

  53. Just stumbled across this with a similar search to others, although mine was “Why can’t I get a fucking job?”

    I hate to admit it, but as I sit here typing I have tears running down my face, because I am getting more and more depressed at being unable to find work. In fact, I just today spent over an hour on hold waiting to talk to centerlink, as I did yesterday, and just last week… that’s 3 calls in a row that have been over an hour wait, just for the initial que.

    All for a breach, because I didn’t attend a job network appointment… which I didn’t attend because I had an interview 3 hours away. It really is depressing seeing people on the news boasting about claiming the dole, with no intent to work at all (as per the surfer just last year, and some young woman on a today tonight story just a few nights ago) getting away with it, without any penalties at all to their payments, when people like myself, who are willing to go above and beyond Centerlinks requirements (you must be willing to travel up to an hour from your home for work… well I am prepared to relocate to a place 3 hours away… ) get punished.

    On top of that, I am practically living in my car, because I really don’t get along with my family (I barely escaped a fire with my life last October and my parents reaction was “Hope you enjoy getting fucked up the arse by all the boyfriends you will have in prison”…), I have a cat to look after and all I want is a place to call home and a fucking job, yet fucking Centerlink keep acting like I am doing something wrong and keep suspending and breaching me.

    I am at my wits end, I have no money in my bank and all I want to do is move up to the Hervey Bay area and fucking work. I am on the highest level of assistance from Job Network and I have to practically scream bloody murder to get help… just today I asked about getting help to get a Drivers Authority to drive a cab… I WANT to get off the centerlink and job network books… the response was… “Oh, we will have to look into it and see!”

    Sometimes I wish I had staying in my job of 8 years as Production Manager for a digital printing company down in Sydney, but that would have just been a slap in the face too, because shortly after I left that job, to move up to Brisbane, that company shut down anyways.

    I don’t know, sorry for the babble, but thank you guys for being out there and, hopefully understanding… it does help a little to know I am not in this alone… cause I sure as hell feel that way sometimes… I do sometimes find myself wishing I hadn’t escaped that fucking fire… and I am not even a depressive / suicidal type of person… I generally love life, because there IS so much beauty in the world… but it is just getting so fucking hard to keep WANTING to do the right thing and find work, when I keep getting punished and those who blatantly state “Naw, I wanna just sit on the dole for the rest of my life, it’s easier than working” never seem to EVER get breached.

    • I read ur comment heartedly and I feel ur frustrations. It does feel at times all the extra efforts invested that goes unrewarded, the suffering endured with no one to hear and that life has dealt you or I with a bad hand. Its true some of us are just a bit unlucky, we try hard mean well but others who don’t really care about anything or anyone one seems to have it better? Kinda makes u lose that motivation. But all that above is only a phase. Thoughts changes as life events, but I assure u someone who demonstrates such a willingness to work won’t be unemployed for so long. Only a phase.

    • I hope you read this, its been years from the time you made this post, i just happen to come across this site but i have no issue with centrelink..well not yet anyway.
      Your post really pulled a heart string with me, infact all of your guys posts did, If you do get this message could you give an update on how your doing? i know it sounds intrusive but i tell ya there are people out here in this crazy ass world that care, even for strangers. When it comes to the system sometimes honesty is not the best policy and i have read so many have done the right thing only to be fucked over 10 fold…its not worth it. Be strong everyone im hoping all your lives are flourishing and your all as happy as one can be :)

      • What is ironic about the system is that they , that being the folk in power actually want a degree of unemployed people . This way the power lies with the employer , not the employee. In the near future , and I would say we are well into transition , the majority of people will be connected in some form to the government in some form . It doesn’t take much to figure that the majority of the jobs will be part time , to be supplemented by centerlink . With robotics taking over jobs and theway that they have formulated the work place agreements , it is allowing for them to employ people with no repercussions should they decide to get rid of the employee . Let’s not forget that wages have remained static inspite of prices going through the roof , and with penalty rates all but gone . The less you have to do with money , the less of a hold they have on you . It’s no longer about finding work , it’s more to do with not being exploited

  54. Long story short, from the past I was seperated from my 3 children to their father by court order, through personal problems. For 3 years while looking after my dying mother, and every fortnight travelling 2 hours to see my children for the weekend, regardless of the fact that my ex had custody, it was an amicable situation even though we weren’t together. When my mother died and left me an inheritance of a house I returned back to the vicinity of where my children and ex were living. While renting a house on the sunshine coast close to my children so that I could see them whenever I wanted I went to Centrelink to change my address details and had an audit done about my inheritance which was bricks and mortar (a house). The only income I was receiving at the time was unemployment benefits (the dole). 3 months after this audit was done I was told the house was worth more than what I thought and because of that i was instantly cut of any benefits from centrelink whatsoever. As I sat there at my interview at Noosa Civic Centrelink, Sandy the interviewer, said to me “You have to go back to your family home” and I said “I can’t because I have just reconnected with my children and I don’t want to leave them now, it will put them in distress”. She said “I’m sorry but that is the way it is”, and then she said “how will you cope”. I said “I will find a way because I am not leaving my children”. Having no money and no where to go I became homeless but still saw my children and they new their mother was there for them.

    In the next 6 months that followed, and after living on the streets (while still having contact with my children), I sold my inherited house. Now I was rich and didn’t need centrelink. For a year after that I spent the time finding a house to rent, buying a car and readjusting to normal life, and having shared custody (agreed by my ex) of my children. Because now I was stable and able to look after them properly, as I had before losing my centrelink payments 6 months before. Now almost 18 months later I cannot get Centrelink benefits because I they want every dollar and cent that I received from selling my house accounted for by reciepts of every item I purchased over the last 18 months, even down to the 5 cents coin dropped into a charity tin as well as a reciept for a jar of vegemite. Even though I purchased a car, bought clothes for children, filled car with fuel, went to the movies, hired a video….I didn’t know this for 12 months and was then told i had to produce every receipt to account for the entire amount of the sale price of the house and what I got for it. That would ensure me getting centrelink benefits again, as I could not produce the 20,000 receipts for every item i purchased over the previous 12 months along with date, time, salesmans name etc, I am not entitled to any benefits according to Sandy the Noosa Civic Gestapo counsellor, and in conclusion, thank god I have not blown all of my inheritance. This was 2 years ago, and I have not been game to go back to Centrelink at Noosa since, but I was wondering do I have to spend every dollar i have until i am back homeless before i can apply for centrelink benefits. Or is Sandy still demanding that i create 20000 receipts in chronological order signed by 20,000 different people and for 20,000 jars of vegemite?

    • That doesn’t make much sense to me… why and how would you be able to account for every dollar you spent on every little thing in your life… who does that? Who has ever done that? (Except of course for a business, but that is not what you are talking about…) It seems insane to me! Maybe what you could do is, if you are ever game to go back, if they start that rubbish up again about having receipts for every single thing you bought over the last however long period of time, ask for a written copy of the terms and conditions or laws or rules (whichever) in which it states that every purchase must be accounted for. Fair enough a person should account for large purchases, like a house or car, but jars of vegemite… oh dear!

      • Oh also who the hell requires sales people’s names for purchasing jars of vegemite? Alot of them wear nametags, so you can see the name if you look… but why would you write it down? And if you don’t know the name and you ask for it and explain that you need to write it down as centrelink requires proof of every jar of vegemite purchased… I would imagine that security would be called to march you out of there and to the hospital or to a psych unit for commitment! What sane person would believe that stupid story!! (Not having a go at you, just centrelink’s policies!)

  55. Centrelink Is FUCKED !!! i Tried to get a claim because I have been kicked out of home and i am pregnant i cannot work and obviously have no stable Home i have absouutely no money and a baby on the way and because i aam new zealander but i have been here for 7 yrs ! i cannott get any payments jobless moneyless homeless PREGNANT Thanks for the help centrelink ! -.-

  56. Ugh. I am so tired of Centrelink. I’m currently studying full-time at university and even though I have provided Centrelink with proof of my enrollment, they continue to call me a liar and cut off my payments without any warning. I didn’t even know my payments had been cut off until my landlord called me and said my rent hadn’t automatically gone through. Three times Centrelink have cut off my payments. It’s so frustrating. I have done everything by their rules, and still they punish me! I even had a Centrelink worker call me and accuse me of forging my enrollment papers. FFS what do I need to do?!!
    I even WORKED at Centrelink for over a year. Do they care? Of course not! Now that I’m at university and living off their payments, they treat me like scum.

    And the most frustrating part is, my housemate is a dole bludger. She doesn’t have a job, she doesn’t want a job, she is claiming disability payments for an undiagnosed disability (I don’t even know how she manages to do this!), and to make it worse she is getting more money than I am. How is this fair?! How is it that people who follow their rules continue to be punished, while those who lie and cheat the system get away scott-free??

  57. WHAT THE FUCK? seriously. come on. i got a payment from centrelink which was great but then they told to have a meeting for a JAA or what ever, asks a series of questions which were fine then had a appointment with mission australia, only to do a online questionaire of my job preference and for the to say its back over to centrelink for the next three months? what the fuck, that was a waste of time fucking time mission australia, what the fuck was that all about? was i ment to go there to find a job of interest or help with my interest not be shoved a fucking questionaire on fucking line about labour trades, tickets and all that bullshit, what the fuck and a waste of fucking time you arseholes, so what the fuck happens next? go back to centre link for a fucking J.O.B SEEKERS fucking induction bullshit and be forced to do a fucking mundane pathetic soul destroying fucked up boring J.O.B- JUST OVER BROKE CRAP that will just keep driving my head into the ground and the fuckers/ system wonders why the fuck i would rather want t escape or kill myself because you are forced the do J.O.B’S – JUST OVER BROKE CRAP
    sanity- not much left
    money none?
    hell = yes

  58. Hi,

    iam in desperate need of money, iam living in debts path and struggle in a life
    that is curtailed with controlled over the amount of debt i have and forced to
    work jobs that peanuts when you slave to the boss only to be spat at and
    treated like dirt on the ground, scramble to the weekend on a few dollars and to
    repeat it it week in week out, its a pathetic sad controlled life that the system does not give
    two fucks bout they the system are read to screw you even further. as a resalt i do not
    live the life i dream or and want, if the above continues iam near defeat and would comitt
    to killlings myself as iam sick to living hell of trading myself to a boss that does not give two
    fucks and getting paid peanuts for a week of slavery.


    WHAT IS A J.O.B?





  59. Never claimed for 17 years. Then I hurt my back and make a claim. 18 weeks of loosing information, closing my claim, saying they will re-instate my claim, but they did’nt so have to wait and do interviews again. They are useless and still waiting. I have always voted Labor but will vote for Tony Abbott in next federal election in the hope he will sack half of the social workers. I always worked with the fear I was accountable at work and this always meant that I was always watching my performance. Maybe if half the social workers get the sack the other half will pick up their game.

    • The social workers are the ones from labour who changed the employment statistics – now they cannot be sacked even though they are sacks – of shit that is.


    Im a 4th year mechanical engineering student at UTS, and had to do an internship which took 6 months of unpaid work, a compulsory aspect to finishing my degree. Centrelink continued to pay me youth allowance for 3 months, and then after 3 months decided to fine me $2200 because my internship was not considered “full-time study”, despite me working full-time upaid! Additionally, at that time I had a fight with my parents and got kicked out and was living in my car and just parked out the front of my work-place and slept in there when my friends couldnt let me stay over.

    Then they decided to put me onto job-seeker (at first saying they couldnt because I didnt meet the requirements of not being able to actively seek full-time work and I couldnt fit into that bracket) which was double my youth allowance pay…meaning that if they did that then I should have been paid the ~$460 from the beginning, not $250 which I have to pay all back!!


    I hope your pretentious fuck wits of a staff you have get off their high horse and kill themselves because you dont understand the shit you put some of us through.


  61. I have had $1.89 in my account for 4 weeks now. I have been living on my bestfriends couch whilst 6 months pregnant. I cant afford rent, food or anything. And centrelink wont give me anything. Youve got it easy.

  62. My turn to pounce of Dwaine ( and no I don’t give a toss about the spelling, it does NOT change the facts.

    I have never worked, worked in outside employment that is, but I spent 6 years from age 17 to 22 in a sheltered workshop getting 50c an hour for my real full time work.

    Eventually I had enough of being treated like dirt and quit.
    I’d have done it years before but was aware that I’d lose my Sgelterd Employmen Allowence
    ( predecessor of the Dissability Support Pension) and me on the dole ( wich was a measly $180 a fortnight back then ( mid 1986) Newstart today is still under $500 a fortnight, and far below the pension.

    18 months after I quit my horrable lave labor job. Isuccessfully applied for a dissability pension
    ( though I wasn’t expecting to get it)
    By then, after 18 months of homlessness and the dole I was completely disfuncional.

    This story is from Adelaide, not a place to be looking for work if you have no qualifications or education in the 1980s.

    Attemts to studdy in the late 80s and 90s wern’t successful and I suffered imbarisment from being dependent on the allegedy taxpaer funded welfare.




    There is a connection between my pension and taxpayers however?

    TAXPAYERS PAY THE INTEREST ON THE MONEY THAT THE RBA GIVE THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT FOR MY PENSION ( how does that grab ya ??? ( and yep I can back it up an provide sources too)).

    OK, SO HERE’S THE QUESTION (drumroll please)

    Why did/do thise poor people ( very poor people actually, posting here) only get 12 crumbs a fortnight in payment ( or is it 15 crumbs ???) when the money for Centerlink recipients does not come from taxpayers but is made up out of thin air by a privatly owned and run bank, not answerable to ether voters or parliament and has interest added i.e. becomes part of our national debt ???

    I know the answer, do you ( I bet some of the replies give me a good laugh, after all, they’e teach sex education in school but not monitory policy i.e. how money is created and governed.

    Hay, I could always drive a taxi, get the taxi licence and a night shift isn’t hard to find

    FOR GOOD FUCKING REASON (taxi triving has become the pits cause the money masters want it that way.

    Millions of railway, lift driving and manufacturing jobs ether gone or never created as ou populatio has risendramaticly since say they time when almost all lifts had an operator and every city had trams with a crew of 2.

    THAT’S FULL EMPLOYMENT, not the few hundred thou it and service jobs created since.

    NO, that money’s not for us we get crumbs, while somebody on 40,00 a year losed over half his money and someone on 150 thou a year loses most in tax and interest



    • It’s easy to understand John . We are slaves . We are forced to work or at least find work , and when all the bills are paid , we are virtually broke again . What ever savings we do manage to save will be soaked up in the form of fines or through the manipulation of our desires . The less we have to do with money , the better . Get a tent a pushie and tour Australia haha . It is a seriously better option than trying to live the ‘idealistic’ life

  63. Yes, i too have a problem with this shitty ass system. I am on job seeker and i reported on thursday over the computer to recieve my payment on friday.
    Guess what… No payment came through and i have 330 bucks of rent to pay plus food to buy.
    Meanwhile i can’t get a job because apparently finishing grade 12 with flying colours isn’t enough for retail. Kiss my fucking ass.
    I digress, i go in and ask and the lady proceeds to tell me that “it just didn’t go through” and that i have to report again. Exactly the same fucking thing i did the day before.
    I do that and for some magical reason it works.
    But i have to wait till the monday after the weekend for any money.
    Absolute fucks and there isn’t much the general populace can do about a government agency except complain over and over… Which is backwards as hell.
    But hey, we’re nobodies right? We have no job, we’re hardly important to those social workers… Public servants serving the public with crap all.
    Fuck the system. /rant

  64. Seriously Centrelink pay scum ass scammers but they suspended my Y.A. It’s not my fault I didn’t attend an interview. I never got a letter in all honesty. It pisses me off, they just say “too bad”. JEEZ they won’t even want to restore my payment. I actually want a job. I study part time. And they send me to a job agency that doesn’t even help me out. Instead this job agency makes me attend stupid programs or centrelink won’t pay me. These programs 3 hours 4 days a week. I’m trying to fucking complete my studies here and they’re wasting my time. I don’t know why centrelink are picking on me, I’m 18 and just want to study and find a job and I have to pay for my course fees and also transportation. I’m independent and do not rely on my parents for money but I guess I will have to cause these centrelink cunts won’t restore my payment. I am going to see them tmw and they better at most just reduct payment and fix this shit. Assholes.

  65. CHAPTER ONE: Bite the hand that feed’s

    I love how customer service reps can blatantly lie to people over the phone as well, especially if you are a student. I am an idiot, lie to me and treat me like I am common and dim. Make me wait on the phone-line for over 40 minutes to be kicked in the stomach because I am hungry and desperate in the year 2012. HUNGARY AND DESPARATE IN 2012! Pretty sure hungry and desperate is what caused both the Russian and French revolution’s.

    I am a full time student working part time. Of course, I had to fight tooth and nail to prove my course was full time and legitimate, no, it is not Visual Art but very much needed Community service Diploma, the very same sector most of the workers in Centerlink SHOULD have come from. So I am aware as a student, every 12 months I am entitled to apply for an “education entry payment” through Centrelink, which enables a student to receive $200 of the out of pocket fee’s for amenities (which barely cover’s half the amenities or dent the $2000 tuition fees) See the institute charges over 380+ in amenities up front annually and the state charges the tuition. Centrelink will give you a damn hard time if you want to claim this entitlement, i ended up ringing the complaints center to see it resolved, as there was no reason why it should not have been paid automatically to my account on the due date as the fine print on their website claims.

    After 5 weeks of un-fucking me around, the complaints center tried to claim that I can not re-claim the EEP for the same course which makes no sense as I had to pay fees for both years and re-enroll which means the cert IV should be considered separate from a Diploma. They will also try to tell you it is your job Network Providers fault, or that you are not eligible for another few months. Every year the same shit and it always ends with a payment and possibly my 20th long-winded call to Centrelink.

    i think some customer service representatives make up the rules as they go along. It becomes obvious after calling the 4th time and getting a completely different response to the last and a whole bunch of putting on hold and back-pedaling. They know they get 10,000,000 complaints per day in every fashion most of which probably go an-addressed and it seems many of their workers consider unemployed people to be too stupid to figure it out but they are wrong.

    Unemployed people ESPECIALLY long-term unemployed people tend to be very street wise when it comes to being ripped off and their monetary entitlements and don’t take to lies too well. Ill bet you most of the long term unemployed could navigate the Centrelink system better than the middle class assholes that sit behind the desk waiting for you to fuck up so they can promptly send a debt letter to your home. It’s all a stupid game.

    CHAPTER TWO: Job Network Providers

    They do nothing but what Centrelink tells them to, which is not providing Networks or jobs but forcing people to fill in stupid pieces of paper (people like me who work 20 hours a fortnight and study a fuck load longer)
    They have no funding to help people overcome their barriers and the system is constantly changing, so if youare sitting comfortable somehow right now, in 6 months,if you are only part time employed to anything beneath you are bound to be either toiling in a filthy op-shop somewhere sorting through a bag of trash on the floor without gloves and processing the fear over the warning you just received from your “manager” (a cranky old slapper who knows everyone else’s business) that goes something like : “Make sure you bring in some gloves because people pick up all kinds of nasty’s from those bags” and she wasn’t wrong, soiled nappies, syringes, moo-moo’s with orange stained sweat patches, tissues, soiled underwear … you name it, the list goes on.


    Sitting in a room full of people with extreme hygiene issues, speech impairments, lice, obvious anger issues, raunters, the “rehabilitated”, ex-con’s, supposed “mother of the year” pregnant 20 year old’s who smoke a pack an hour and have 3 kids at home, Illiterate’s, refugees, edgy teenagers who look as if they just burned down their neighbors house or are quietly planning it, immigrants and people who are way too old to work being queried on what is appropriate attire to wear to work for over an hour and of course you belong there… with those people NO… you do. Its a capitol confidence boost.

  66. Young people that still live at home are still dependant on parents.It’s called, like, rent and bills and stuff. Something you will realise when you move o ut.

  67. OK well I was getting youth allowance from Centrelink and well they did this to me and said that I’m not entitle to anything those fucking cunts cut my payments off I’m still unemployed i have to live off my parents until I’m 22 years old well that’s fucking bullshit and thanks centrelink you FUCKHEADS have taken my Interdependences away from from me thanks you guys are a bunch of FUCKHEADS

  68. Well looks like im not the only one that centrelink has fucked over!
    I WAS on newstart,but after clink gave me about$30 for the fortnight because aparently i failed to attend a meeting which i NEVER was told about,which i tried to explain to them the next day(which was another meeting i aparently had with them). Only to be told that i am still required to look for 10 jobs a fn,and pay rent,get food,transport etc with the $30 i have,and theres nothing they can do it says on their pc that the letter was sent so there fore it was.
    Firstly WHY THE FUCK WOULD CLINK MAKE TWO APPOINTMENTS FOR ME OVER TWO DAYS? Ive ALWAYS notified clink if i cannot attent a meeting as i would have if i had of known this time.
    Well itsbeen about 6weeks since then,i havnt recieved A SINGLE CENT FROM CENTRELINK SINCE!!!!
    im now living on the street because not only clink havnt helpd me,nor have crisis care,st vinies,st barts,anglicare and many more!
    SOMETHING needs to be done about this problem in Perth and in other states i imagine also.

  69. Oh and im tryn to get through to centrelink as i type this,cant even get through to b put on hold!!! Just keep getting the line busy signal…….ITS BEEN OVER 40min so far!!!!!!!!
    So instead of cutting us off for no reason,your just NOT going to allow us to call you now????
    FUCK CENTRELINK!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaarrrrhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  70. Back in April 2012 I applied for Aus Study as I became a full time student. By August they had still done nothing except send a few letters that contradicted each other, we had spent hours online filling in their ridiculously complex forms and I contacted them again. They said they needed copies of paperwork which they have received many times over. I went in in person in August to Biggera Waters and was assured my claim would be processed. Nothing again for months. In October I sent them a typed letter, registered post. Still nothing. Dec I put in a complaint, they have responded by sending me an email telling me to make a claim. Which I already made in April 2012. I have spent hours and hours filling in forms and now they want me to start from scratch. I am lucky, husband earns enough to keep us afloat, otherwise who knows what kind of mess I would be in. Every single time without fail that I have ever had to deal with them they have messed me around. hey are incompetent, uncaring fools at best and deliberately malicious at worst.

  71. Wow this is an amazing read.
    I’m 21yo, FT uni student, live at home and work casually as a cashier once a week (or twice a week if I’m lucky). I have applied for Youth Allowance 4 times in the past and been rejected each time. Reasons included: your parents’ income is too high (over the threshold), you did not supply X-documents (I did), and/or you are not considered independent.

    My mother use to receive Family Tax Benefit for me and my younger brother. Centrelink considered me to be dependent on her until 21yo and cut the payments off then and was told I could apply for YA. HOWEVER, my brother this year turned 17, he was cut straight off and considered “independent” and Mum stopped receiving the FTB =\ He was also told to apply for YA but also unsuccessful. He’s also retried applying since earlier this month but again no success.

    While some of you guys say “oh you’re a uni student living at home, you don’t need money, your family will support you”, it’s not entirely true! My parents make just enough for end’s meets – mostly bills and groceries. When it comes to uni, I can’t just stroll up to Mum and say,”Hey can I borrow $150 for a uni textbook?” >=(

  72. My comment got cut off?
    The most frustrating part out of all of this is, is the fact I’ve got friends who are doing the SAME course as me, living at HOME, work CASUALLY (some don’t even work!!), BOTH parents are working and are able to obtain Youth Allowance!?!! It’s just baffling =_=

  73. I went through hell with centerlink when I was forced out of home by crazy mother at the age of 16, I tried for 6 months to claim payments but they refused to pay me because my mentally and physically abusive mother apparently wanted me home (bullshit) so I lived in homeless shelters that were nice enough to let me stay for free but I still go beat up by the other homeless residents everyday because I had no money to pay them to stop. After six months my mother finally cracked and told centerlink that she doesn’t want me home and that I’m a Devils child. Then I was told by centerlink that I would not receive the back pay from the 6 months of waiting to receive money but instead I had to start a new claim and wait a few more weeks to get accepted also because I was moving around so much cause I could only stay at a shelter for a month or two I had to drop out of school on the last two months of school to try and focus on surviving so I failed year twelve and it gave a nice thing for my mother to spread around to the rest of my family saying I’m a failure

  74. I’m posting on behalf of my girlfriend because it happens to effect me as well

    so just to put things into context, we had recently moved from little towns in the middle of nowhere where jobs where abundant to a city with a high pop. of uni students. I’m a full time student at uni while she fought with centrelink and jobsearch for over a year. she has just be accepted into uni (her dream course) but centerlink is paying her next to nothing and she’s worried that she will
    a) not be able to do her course
    b)have to move again


    It pisses me off endlessly when THEY!!! fuck up and turnaround and blame fault on you, how does this help anyone

  75. I got Screwed by the Salvos. I have my own business that makes a small profit but still need assistance. You know the Deal , you have too look for work and try and work on your own projects and then they cut you off. I went 7 weeks without cash , borrowed from family and the nice lady at centrelink said, Im going to get you switched back on and she did.

    The Crazy thing is…. The Government is not in control of the monetary system.
    Youtube Debt as Money.
    No Government needs to tax the people when you understand that International Bankers are typing up digital credits and lending it at interest to sovereign nations.
    We all live in a Gigantic Ponzi Scheme of Global Debt.

  76. Yup I’ve been screwed by Centrelink the past week, I have rent due today which is 260. I have 46 cents in my bank account, this all after moving back to Melbourne from Western Australia which cost me over 300 dollars to move everything back.

    They put me on a 8 week waiting period, I have appealed it and have to wait for a reply…I was told it can take up to 35 days for the reply but apparently I’m set as “priority” FUCKING BULLSHIT.
    So I have to survive off water every single day until I get a phone call from these pigs, I even went to centrelink in Belgrave today to be fucking patronized by some fat bitch. I showed her my balance which is 46 cents, she said theres nothing they can do. I told her I’ve been living off water for the past 3 days, she gave me no phone numbers or resources to get help.
    Pretty fuck you go home and starve to death, this is why Australia’s crime rate is high just so people can fucking eat.

    Today has been so bloody depressing, the government is up shit creek with that skank Gilliard….2 trains fucking cancelled yet to be a waste of a trip anyway.

    So tired of this shit, I got a medical condition and won’t be able to afford medication. Next ill be kicked out and living on the streets because I can’t pay for rent. All at the hands of this bullshit government, let a lone being able to pay basic bills like the over priced electricity bill.

    So when you hear about places getting robbed, think about centrelink and Gilliard because that’s what causes it.

    • Centrelink are a total nightmare to deal with!!! I have been waiting 2 months to get my first payment! My job was cut and I have been looking for work everyday. The job market is just so tough at the moment. Especially with the election coming up. I also got put on a waiting list because I had savings in my account, now that is screwed up, why should I get punished for having savings in my account!!! They are pretty much now gone due to rent and bills.
      Then I receive a letter saying that my first payment will be a grand total of $4!!!
      Noone can live on $4. Fuck you Centrelink and your shitty ways!!!

    • Centrelink has cut my payments a couple of times.

      One time because I was told I would get a telephone call as an appointment due to anxiety and they never called, I called and asked why and they made me another appointment which they never called. Then my payment was stopped i waited on the telephone 50 minutes and then it hung up on me. I had to call again and wait another 40 minutes to only be told I had to go into them for the appointment, I couldn’t do a telephone one. My payments were suspended until I did. I went up that day and then had to wait for the Monday as this was the Thursday.

      the second time was because I didn’t go to my job network appointment, they told me if I ever felt a bad day with anxiety to just call them prior to the appointment and it would be okay. I did that, they were good on the telephone. 4 days later, No payment in my account. I called up and was told I needed to get into the appointment with the job network that day or the day after for my payments to be reinstated. I told them I had a medical note which was with them already, I had that confirmed on a previous call. They told me my obligation was to go to job network appointments once every fortnight and made me an appointment for the next day. I felt sick waiting for the time of the appointment as my anxiety was acting up. I got into the appointment and my job network consultant told me I had been taken off the job network appointments as I had a medical note. I told her what happened the day before and she called them “bloody idiots” Unfortunately those idiots ignored my medical note period and put only 3 months so next month I’m back to my doctors again. Both times they didn’t give a shit about how I could make my weekly payments to places.
      As a single mother of 3 children, I couldn’t go shopping to buy the kids any food, couldn’t pay rent, had no fuel in my car to get them to school and they do not hand out EBT cards to sole parents anymore.

      The system is inhumane, they don’t care about their customers or their offspring. Australia has risen up to 12% of the population being in poverty, which are greatly increased over the last 4 years.

      Fuck Centrelink!

  77. Reed In Partnership-one of Centrelink’s beloved job network agencies want me to do a course
    costing $1,500, most of which I have to pay for myself, even though I already are paying off over
    $2,000 for another course that has done jack shit in improving my chances of getting a job.
    By the way, I am mature aged and are already experiencing massive age discrimination in applying
    for jobs. Go and get fucked Centrelink and all at Reed-In-Partnership in Ringwood Victoria.

  78. Glen! I am in the same boat as you with the education blunder!
    Grinds my gears because I have never put myself into situations where I will owe money, always live within my means. Now centrelink has put me in financial debt! All because the employment provider (who has not helped me at all) told me I need to do a course with who they wish, Even though I was already doing the same course with another instituation. My chosen institution was not good enough for them even though its an RTO. So now im paying $2000 to an institution i’m not even doing a course with! The weekly payments for that, plus my living expenses leaves me at -$20 pw. Centrelink really does stop people from getting ahead! Why does the government have so much control? Some of us just want to live in peace! This government system is pathetic.

  79. sooner or later someone is going to walk into cuntrelink and blow their brains out all over the wall. This will happen, it’s just a question of time, and once the first guy has done it many will follow. Also if any business was run as badly as what cuntrelink is it would be out of business within a month. And it’s amusing that a place that exists to find people jobs always has incredibly long que times in line and on the phone, how come they can’t hire a few of these people to man the phones or desks? I have spoken in depth to people who have formerly worked for cuntrelink and in their words “centrelink is run to be as frustrating and inefficient as possible as an incentive for people to not want to ever have to deal with them”. Most cuntrelink staff I’ve spoken too are nice people who try to help but are limited by the ridiculous rules and procedures they have to adhere to, though there are some rotten apples who seem to enjoy making other peoples lives hell.

      • my gov is useless. i can’t go into center link and hand a piece of paper to a person.the phones are busy.the computers are down.i have to use a computer and a mobile phone,of course i can’t make expensive calls on a mobile so i need a land line too.i’m getting usernames, passwords,security codes, confirmation codes , questions about cars and schools. i wrote a letter with bad spelling and backwards letters in crayon to center link.

    • Thanks for your question. Been interesting seeing everyone’s stories pop on this post over the years. It’s one of my post viewed posts from Google searches and I think it confirms that it was not just my individual experience, but frustration with Centrelink is an extremely common thing.

      Today, I am studying full-time. After this incident, I later found a full-time job and worked in admin for 5 years until being made redundant in 2011, where I went on to study. I’m no longer on Centrelink, because my partner earns too much and I’m denied a payment which is financially frustrating for us, so mostly supported by my partner and a little bit by my writing and performing poetry, sales of my spoken word album etc.

  80. Thanks for starting this blog Ben!

    Some advice when dealing with Centrelink:

    *Keep records of everything, incl names, times, ref numbers etc.
    *If you get one of the hopeless officers (75% of them) on the phone, and feel they haven’t helped you to fix THEIR mistakes, keep ringing or go in asap. I’ve had alot of trouble in the past with this as have you all! Eventually you’ll get a hold of someone who’ll hopefully sort the mess out!!!!
    *Read, read and read more on their website – they usually wont tell you when your entitled to something… you have to ask.
    *Sign up for online customer service and sms notification. This way you wont miss one of their many letters sent to you (i believe there is an Centrelink ‘app’ too now).

    Unfortunately, in the end, Centrelink/Jobfind most likely wont help you find real work. They have to use a system that is not flexible in any way – and as you know every job-seeker etc is different.

    Making life a living hell for you on Centrelink, is the best way for them to get you off it.
    You’ll have to find the job yourself. Short courses at TAFE help.

  81. I found this after typing Fuck centrelink too, lol.
    I am a young mother with a partner and a 4 year old son. I aqm on Newstart and my partner is on Parenting.
    Our rental agreement is running out soon and we have found a house on 22 acres to rent for really cheap, but centrelink says if we move there I will be cut off payments because the unemployment rate in the town is too high.
    They dont seem to care at all that it is the only place we can afford and it is the only place, out of 6 months of applying for houses, that has even replied to us. They dont care that if I dont move to thius house I am going to be homeless.
    It has been refered to a higher authority in Centrelink, but it is going to take up to 14 days before I hear back from them. So centrelink just expects me to sit in limbo, not knowing what is happening for 2 weeks when my rental agreement is up in just under 3 weeks? This is not good enough!!

    It isnt very humane to make someone chose between being homeless or starving.

  82. iv ejust been sacked 4 days ago and all ive asked for is to be put with a job network person they told me at least 3 weeks for an apointment with them then have to set up an apointment through them just to see a job provider, havent been unemployed in a long time but last time iwas and eventurally got in touch with a employment consoultant he told me we hap to set up an apointment for 2 weeks time then all he did was print a few resumes made another apoinment a week later just to cansel tell me hes going on hollidays when he got back called me told me im changeing employment consoultants and then we start the whole fucking thing again i ended up getting a job off my own back then they aske if they could we lest just say a peice pie i said you didnt help me find the jod so why would i,there just fucking usless cunts no wonder so many people are unemployed.

  83. Yep centrelink is fucked.
    I was a carer for my dad, he died, I was put on newstart and that was cut off 6 weeks after signing the forms after failing to attend a 5 min face to face interview which was re arranged as I was flooded in. They did a phone interview instead , and it was fine, I thought that was the end of it, well it was the end, they cut my payment off, the prick forgot to push a button on a computer somewhere before he logged off.

    I was in severe grief after loosing my father and also dealing with the massive stress of sorting out his affairs and arranging the funeral etc, and they did that shit??!! FUCK CENTRELINK.

    I don’t want anything to do with those maggots ever again.

    • That’s interesting because I was told today by one person that I could have a phone interview, but the next person said that’s not even an option. I should direct then to your comment and see what they say.
      Also how can you not get consideration for being flooded in? It’s not like you can’t prove it, because when there is a flood the info is all over the news and internet as to which towns/cities are affected and how, and how much rainfall there is, etc… as if they can’t take that into consideration. Horrible people!! Love to strand them in a flood and see them fall apart due to the fact that floods are a real situation that can change things, not just made up or irrelevant like they chant to you on the phone!
      As for your dad and everything, I’m sorry to hear about that, I hope you sort all the affairs out without too much stress on top of the centrelink stress!

  84. I want to burn down my nearest Centrelink!! They are bunch of useless f@cks and constantly stuff things up (eg changing appointment days/times without telling me) then I don’t get paid. I really hope I find full time work soon before I go insane!!!

  85. I generally don’t like socialists, in fact they annoy the hell out of me. However centerlink just fucked me all without ever touching me. I am a mature age student who ended up dropping a course at uni due to the fact i was doing too much at once (6 subjects is too many), what do they do? wait until the semester finishes and i am almost ready to start the next semester and then email me the day before payment (and a significant amount of bills) saying that my payment is suspended due to me not doing the required course load (actually they didn’t say that just that it was suspended, it took me over 4 hours on the phone trying to find out why). Somehow in their miniscule brains they figured me dropping down 5 credit points under 40cp meant i was doing less work while studying a dual degree of law and criminology that had a 2nd and 2 3rd year subject and a single first year subject (the 5 credit point one), then on top of that apparently they tried calling me 3 times and all 3 were engaged. Considering i have my phone with me at all times and thanks to prior experience log each and every call i make or receive with only 1 call (from a known number) which i missed on the day they apparently tried to call I have caught someone in an out and out lie. I can assure you if my payments are not fixed today I will be chasing this up the chain and pointing out their lies.

    • Good luck to you. Apparently they also have a stupid rule they are not allowed to leave messages on the phone when they call and the person doesn’t answer.. which means they can’t prove they called, so really push the issue and make them prove they called, when they probably didn’t and watch them squirm and try to wriggle out of it or change their story without looking foolish or like liars!! They always claim they called multiple times when they never did, and any idiot can see that their cell phone has no missed calls or messages, even from private numbers it would show up as a missed call no matter what! Idiots!

  86. They are retarded.. I can’t even walk, bend or do my own shopping..I am only young with alot of mental illness and can barley get through a day without a break down.. and they continue to refuse me for disability.. I got 6 months “sickness” to sort everything out then return to job seeking?!

    Six months to probably get one or two appointments with my psychologist? Not even enough time.. and now i am having to look for work and i can’t even look after myself as it is.. They screw me around so much i feel like ending my life half the time just to stop the stress they put on everyone.. they aren’t going to help you.. they are just miserable people

    • I hear you, Carlie. I also have a disability and have a hard time coping sometimes as well. Whilst mine is acknowledged, there is some dumb rule you have to reapply every 2 years as apparently disabilities change every 2 years (well some might, but lots don’t)… and have to go through the same process with letters and diagnosis reports and med reports.. blah blah blah.
      I hope you can find some help to cope with your illness. Until then, know that there are people in this world who do support your situation and want you to feel better, not worse!

    • I’m in the exact same boat as you.
      I suffer with a lot of mental problems.. Social anxiety, Generalized anxiety, depression and OCD and my doctor gives me medical notes for 18 months and they cut it down to sometimes 3 and other times 6 months and then tell me I’m fit for work.

      I heal slowly over the time allotted but with a distance still to go, they pressure me into job network interviews and I’m back the beginning again, Wishing I was dead and preying nightly that I wont wake in the morning. It’s sick. They not Humans, and it’s not “human services” they are treating Australians like cattle.

      I guess apart of their job training is a lobotomy to remove empathy.

    • oh man, i know how you feel! i have scoliosis so my spine is bent. i can barely walk normally (i use crutches most days) and my job provider wanted me to work at a factory with lots of heavy lifting and physical work! when i refused, they accused me of “sabotaging my chances of getting a job” and when i explained to them why i can’t work, they said “with that sort of attitude, no boss will want you!” i almost burst into tears!

      even after i got a medical certificate from my doctor (i guess my visibly bent spine and limp wasn’t good enough “proof” for them!), i still felt like my job provider was treating me with hostility. it’s as though they were angry at me for having an illness. i can’t help it.

  87. centrelink are a bunch of wankers, oopps sorry, the government is… they call themselves human services.. while they destroy families, kids, relationships and other misery they lashes on people.
    To get their taxes, one form to fill, one signature and trust me, it never get lost and arrive fast at the tax office.. when you wants help with centrelink, how many forms do you have to fill, how many pages of nonsense questions close to what brand is your underwear.. Time to get this shit out the window, scrap centrelink for ever and replace it with something that Australian people deserve withal the respect that is due.

  88. I have worked all my life and ended up on a disability support pention i use to be married many years ago the children live in another country and get this a foreign tax department has ask center like to take money out of my benefit ok (just wait for this one) to pay child support for two (2) children in there thirties both born in the 70s (heres another) the other two children in there teens ok live overseas the mother is remarried and collects a benefit for her and her two children while her astranged husband works nightshift and they both pretend to be seperated so there are two (2) incomes coming to them my son lives with this uneducated dick head and he gets a lower tax bracket because he has my son living with him which is illegal and never got my permission and the the fucken nz tax department want me to pay and centerlink is playing ball like a good little whizzel so now i am looking for a good lawer who knows all about common law and see if i can beat this rap or at lease have the massive amount they have hit me with wiped out so if anyone knows of a good common law lawer drop me a line thanks.

  89. ps: And by the way they are tongans not at all well educated always claiming (me don’t understand) but they like us all understand money they are quite repulsive and many peoples like this ON MASS AND IMMUCRATION i think it may have somethink to do with why it is easy for social services and goverments to be corrupted just a thought ?

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  91. I am a uni student who can’t afford my rent, went to Centrelink and they said they couldn’t help me because my parents earn too much. My parents live on the other side of the country, and we hardly speak because I’m gay (Love that Tony Abbott doesn’t consider the lesbian and gay community as equals, another dagger in my chest).

    I could not find any work. Had to turn to prostitution so I could afford a place to stay in. I’ve never felt as heartbroken, depressed and violated as I do now. I’ve considered suicide on a number of occasions. I have a few conditions that I can’t even afford medical treatment for – anemia, irregular heart rhythm and lack of potassium (can’t move in the morning sometimes, very painful). It’s damaging to my mental health as is my current profession. My country and it’s people do not care about me. I don’t feel alive and I’m not a proud Australian. The human race is selfish and greedy.

    When I finish my uni degree, I’ll help as many as I can, build a large house in the country for all homeless to have a place to sleep and be fed GOOD food. I’ll even start my own political party promoting basic human ethics. Enough of this phenomenal mass consumption. We need to recognise that we are all the same. Treat each other as we would like to be treated.

    Until then, I’ll continue to suffer and hope that it wont become too much. There’s so much good I want and need to do.

  92. I am quite distressed right now myself, I called centrelink to reschedule an appointment, the person on the phone offered another appointment, but I couldn’t take that one, so he said someone would call me back to discuss different appointment options… fair enough. Upon callback, I got told I could not reschedule my appointment as it had already been rescheduled before (I have a casual job, which means when I get work, I accept it and drop other commitments, including family, friends, social opportunities and also any type of appointments that can easily be rescheduled). So the fact that I have to reschedule an appointment is because I got work. They know this (or at least I assume they do since they ask If I’m still working at the current job, to which I reply yes)… so it is clearly on the screen.
    Anyways, after giving me the runaround, and threatening to hang up on me everytime I tried to ask a question (including threatening to hang up on me for asking to speak to a manager or someone else who COULD reschedule the appointment if that consultant wasn’t)… on top of being told there were no managers at that office… I was advised that my payment was being suspended, and the person was going to write on my file that I refused to come in for an interview and then he hung up on me! I didn’t refuse to come in, I just asked to reschedule it! How on earth does that constitute “refusal”… it seems they really would prefer that you not work at all, just sit at home on the edge of your seat just waiting for your centrelink appointments, and making sure that you are available for those no matter what.
    Also, I have a disability, which is also on my file, however I have elected NOT to go on the disability pension as I am still able to work part time/casual, and I want to save that option for someone whose disability is worse than mine,… however, I also have anxiety and depression, which is being managed with councilling and medication and regular Dr appointments. But I still want to work as much as I can and do my best to overcome these obstacles!! All I require is for someone to be patient, and explain things to me and not interrupt whilst I’m talking, instead of threatening to hang up on me for daring to say “I don’t understand, could you explain that again”… it is so appauling. After experiences like these, my depression and anxiety do go through the roof and that is going to make my ability to even work part time go out the window as I will not be able to deal with people and deadlines and computer systems and all that other stuff which I am quite capable of dealing with as long as my anxiety and depression are under control.

    I just had to rant, thanks to anyone who read this.
    Also I agree with some other people who have posted on this site not to call people names or put them down because of a disability, for example the man whose spelling is not to good, which is apparently due to dislexia… what he is saying is still quite intelligent, which just proves that a disability doesn’t make you unintelligent… it just makes things a little trickier sometimes.
    The woman whose mother was in hospital and couldn’t lodge a tax return… my sympathies to you! I really hope that you get that situation sorted out, that is so appauling!! It’s not like it’s hard to prove you are in hospital and cannot do paperwork.. so that should be an easy situation to sort out, they should not put you through more hell as I’m assuming that a woman in hospital for 2 years must have been pretty sick, therefore you must have had a hard time yourself with grief and worry and all!
    And someone also mentioned filing a court case against some specific centrelink people who specifically treated them badly… I say good on you! I am rooting for you and I hope you win. Fair enough centrelink wants to sue people who do the wrong thing and don’t report their earnings properly, etc… that is fair enough. But as someone else pointed out… the centrelink people should have to deal with the same situations as us, threats to cut off their pay for doing a rubbish job (or just fire the dicks and then put them on the other side of the fence with the rest of us)… or maybe their management could treat them really nastily like they do us, then they will have to put up with the abuse that they dish out to us!!
    Snaps to anyone who stands up to them, it is very hard to do with all the beaurecratic BS and red tape you need to cut through to even talk to someone… apparently centrelink does not have managers, people all just sit there by themselves and talk on the phone and make up rules. As far as I am aware, no company is ever allowed to refuse any customer the right to talk to a manager at any time and for any reason. So why are centrelink employees allowed to lie and say they don’t have managers?

  93. I entered with depression and my condition has worsened as I face a maze of incompetence and crazy-making nit-picking, repeated mistakes and eternal waits to be processed. Fortunately I ignored the job service provider and took a job despite their insistence that I could not work for an employer and be self-employed. My resume was nit-picked for needing to use a different style font…Hello, I have a PhD in Literature and background in teaching and my assistant at the Employment Agency demanded I take a job in the kitchen so filling her forms would be easier than if I started English tutoring for myself. Then the employment agency had the audacity to want me to stay with them to get their bonus, despite me being fully employed and not wanting to waste time with the silly interviews where my job prospects were being blocked. In between, I lost two weeks benefits as they insisted I use an ABN number which Centrelink refused to accept as I was working for an employer. Four hour waits at the Centrelink office for a review interview only to be told they had nothing to discuss with me. Now I am being stalked by CRS to keep on their books, despite stating that I am working and no longer on benefits. This system needs a major overhaul as it is paying massive amounts to incompetent administrative bodies and giving minimal to those who need money to survive. Is it a sick joke?
    I appreciate the help offered along the way, but many of the workers treat genuine clients with contempt, forgetting that WE are the reason that THEY receive substantial money to be offensive, incompetent, controlling and dismissive. The joke as we waited hours to be seen is that the people in Centrelink would be sacked if they worked anywhere else. Patience and more patience is needed to avoid screaming with sheer outrage. Nothing like being treated as a sub-species, and accused of cheating the system, by someone who cannot even read the forms and needs my help to work things out. The final insult was discovering I had been receiving deductions from my allowance for a trust fund I no longer held, and then being advised that I needed to get a letter from the bank stating that I had no money there as Centrelink was not obliged to rectify their mistake of claiming an old asset of mine no longer existed. If you are normal when you enter, you will be crazy when you exit. I figure it is intentional to make life so difficult while receiving any welfare that those entitled to benefits prefer to starve or eat into their assets (as I have done) to avoid the stress and stigma of being partially reimbursed for all those decades of paying tax.

  94. More Centrelink and Job network crap! Recently I was made to do a Cert III course in Warehouse
    Operations before I was actually eligible to be placed into a job network vacancy. OK I thought,
    this might be good, what a load of crap! We (Jobnetwork clients and fellow Cert III students) were offered positions 5 days a week. The week we started , it was down to 4 days, the second week down to three, leaving us not much more than Newstart payments. After the second week our group were all let go due to not being enthusiastic enough, even though we were working our asses off, and after that a new group of jobnetwork members or clients were put on. What is really going on here? Somebody is making loads of money out of government kickbacks and bonuses I think. I complained to Centrelink, but nobody even showed any interest or concern. Utter bullshit!!!!
    Jobnetwork clients and jobseekers need REAL HELP to get into REAL positions, not situations where we are being used and abused.

    • I tell everyone that it really doesn’t matter what parties are in somewhere they are going to fuck the beneficiers over like the poor bastards on disabilities could go overseas for three months to visit all their loved ones and spend as much time with them and there are some big families around and not all live in the same town some are miles apart but julian gillard labour party cut all these people back to 6 weeks and some of these poor bastards are dieing she and her party didn’t care to much (careing and shearing) what a load of bullshit ,care for the suffering bullshit, care for the needy bullshit, (they do not have to do good, as long as it appears to look good)so some of that is always boarderline but never possitive.But what a lot of people must learn is this there are those out there that make big money out of the unemployment it is a multimillion dollar buisness think about what the subsidies the salvation army get from the government and all these other fucks rehab centers,money even from drug addics its big buisness.It doesn’t matter who is in power all australian government parties attitude is fuck thats the truth. so how the fuck is anyone going to get a job when they treat most like just jonny come latelies.

      • Boy Glenn, following your journey(backwards though). can’t believe what you
        have been going through.

  95. Like everyone else I found this by typing “fuck centrelink’

    I’m a single mother whom just got out of a 10 year abusive relationship, a man who changed my entire life into a hell.
    The result is that I now have a lot of emotional mental problems such as social anxiety, depression and a very low self esteem and the prospect of having to go into a job interview sit across from someone who will judge me (which is my biggest anxiety problem) to see if i’m right for their company, judging how I dress, how I look, how I speak….. it is absolutely the most horrifying prospect to the point I feel an overwhelming panic that I wish I could literally just die and be over with it. I would gladly take a job that I can work a lone for 8 hours 5 days per week and not have to go to an interview to be hired.

    Centrelink doesn’t give a shit. I have had medical note after medical note being given to them, Doctor states 18 months unfit, and a permanent condition and they only accept 3 – 6 months after they make an appoint for me to have a job capacity assessment done. I go to a job network interview after days of stomach turning, emotional freak outs prior to the interview and the words that comes out of their mouth is “So it says your fit to work 15 or more hours per week” WTF? My DOCTOR, someone who is competent in the medical field, who went to university, says otherwise and someone must have forgot to tell my mind that I was fit enough because the freaking out, anxiety and depression seems to be still there daily but idiots behind a computer who don’t even have good manners to speak to a person, can decide I’m fucking fit for work? The pressure they put on me, and the way the treat me like i’m some no good social lay about exacerbates the damn condition to the point I am unable to even leave my damn house to function even close to normal. FFS if I could suddenly heal myself I would have already if it was so damn easy, it’s not fun or even a life when you are constantly freaking out about people looking at you, judging you. It’s a prison I’d rather not be in. Sick of the government. If there was a way to get off that stupid system and still be able to provide for my kids,

    How can these people be so darn cruel to other people? I understand perfectly that people do fraud the system, do lie about their looking for work, and many other things, but to default everyone in that category and treat everyone like they are less than a human being is absolutely appalling!!

  96. My Centrelink experience summarized:
    First became a client in the 1980’s when l left high school.
    No private job networks-CES (Commonwealth Employment Service) job boards so all jobseekers could apply for all jobs.
    I went from school and straight to local primary school as volunteer worker.
    I found employment as a casual at supermarket (day hours only back then).
    Next job offer when CES contacted me about 17 week full-time employment on subsidized wages, ‘JobStart’.
    Year later looked further away for work and got a full-time job in Melbourne.
    Commuted hour and half to work for a few years and then got married.
    No harassment or Social Security or CES errors for me to fix.

    Welcome 2004 to present:
    Husband working, mostly factory and outdoor labouring work.
    Our youngest child is six and l am required to go to a compulsory Centrelink interview and a ‘voluntary participation agreement’ is placed before me to sign.
    Agree to keep doing my newspaper rounds and junk mail delivery and to do courses for my participation.
    Couldn’t afford TAFE schooling, partnered parent health care concession card for pharmaceuticals only and not transport or schooling concession.
    Specialized job network provider signs me up and funds me for two short courses.
    I am transferred back to standard job network afterwards and they lose their Government contract.

    Accused of cheating the system and not declaring my earnings for the junk mail. Junk mail round in my name (NOT IN MY KIDS NAME) and pay put in my bank account.
    Unaware of issue as l have working credits.
    Guilty until proven innocent and $60 f/n automatically taken off me.
    Get my file and spend next few months proving them wrong which l do and money is returned to me.
    No apologies.

    In 2006 l find work as a domestic housekeeper.
    Contacted by Centrelink and assigned to a new job network provider, to meet with every fortnight.
    Financially unviable to stay in housekeeping job due to intertwined factors of travel distance, short hours of employment, kids having to be at SCHOOL VACATION care by 9am and then driving back to the other side of the city later on to work and vice versa.
    *JET childcare cheap but husband employed casual on call so l have to book school vacation care for every day l work and six months beforehand to get a place.
    JET childcare buggered up three times by Centrelink and billed full childcare rates which accumulate charges if not paid within due date.
    Centrelink blames childcare provider and they blame Centrelink and l spent months trying to get it fixed.

    New job network very degrading and offers me unsuitable employment, woman tells me l should leave my kids at home, said she does but this not true as she only works until 3pm, as l found out once when l rang to speak to her.
    No longer work at domestic cleaning job as car breaks down requiring expensive repairs and no transport to locations.
    I find new job on Government Jobseeker website but leave after a month as employer not paying me. Take to complaints and paid six months later.
    Job offers from my job network-pick fruit at break of dawn, go 80km’s to do cleaning and one which said ‘heavy lifting, male preferred’ and l have thin built.
    Complaint to job network Manager results in no resolution and the written reply l received states that he is 99 or 99.9 % happy with his staff but l am transferred to a different case manager.
    Told l have to do work for dole six months after the ‘rules’ for parents officially come in 1st July, 2006.
    At work for dole I put in a complaint when someone starts bagging out the area l live in which is the housing commission area and so called scum area of the city l live.
    Find work for dole tasks of no relevance to the real work world and say so in the survey l get sent .
    Department of Employment … sends me a survey about my opinion of my Job Network provider.
    Tell truth and get I a nice letter saying they will anomalously follow my complaints up with them but l got no further feedback from any of them.
    Still waiting to be transferred to a disability job network provider but l am told by Centrelink that they’re full.
    Miraculously transferred when my new case manager makes a phone right in front of me and says l am ‘getting toey’ but l had said no such thing.
    Two weeks later l am at disability job network and my previous one didn’t have to spend $$$$ on courses for me as requested because of the length of time l had been ‘unemployed’.
    Assigned a few different case managers over time.
    Put in short courses so that l am ‘job ready’.
    One job offer to clean shopping plaza and l say yes to job network but the job vanished before l even got an interview.
    Job network getting fed up with me as they can’t find me anything so blame game begins again.
    Job network sits me down and rings employers to check up on me that l really did apply for cleaning work with the employers that l have listed. Employer tells them they’ve got the candidates they want and others fail to respond to job network messages they leave.
    Eligible for concession on schooling now, Government grants eligibility for partnered parent health care concession cards so l start a Certificate 11 course.
    Get seriously ill and have to stop studies.
    Months later while still on medical certificate l apply for a job with MY resume design and gain occasional casual employment in the clerical field.
    Tell Centrelink l ok to work and got a job, transferred back to job network.
    Few months later job networks requests fortnightly meetings.
    Employer cannot employ me on a permanent basis every week, l tell job network that employer told me this and having been there six months l know this to be so by nature of work.
    Case Manager doesn’t like me saying this so she lies and says l failed to contact them 3 times and when l go online to lodge income l find l have a participation breach on me.
    I ring Participation Team, complain and tell truth, man tells me if l don’t like it don’t take the money. Would DEFINITELY NOT TAKE the HUGE $46 PARENTING PAYMENT that l received for the F/N if l HAD WORK EVERY WEEK.
    My complaint to the job network resulted in a new case manager for me but more for me to do as l then had to email both the manager and my case manager my earnings every f/n (on top of Centrelink).

    With a new job network provider , still working casual and a TAFE student (now Certificate 111).
    Previous Employment Entry Plan shortened greatly by new job network and compulsory requirement to attend my medical appointments not put on my new agreement with new job network called “very intensive”.
    This all may seem unbelievable but nothing surprises me any more after what’s happened to me.

    I don’t give up but this welfare system we have now is enough to make a person sick and l believe it can.
    The ‘punishing attitude’ towards those on unemployment payments seems to be spreading across other occupational areas and society, l am glad l have found a doctor who seems to understand my medical conditions.
    If you’re a person with medical conditions and/or disability on Newstart than it’s even harder because you’re off work or disadvantaged in finding work because of it. You also get no help in the cost of the aids you use and can’t afford to buy them because they cost a few thousand so the impairment tables are not a true indication of the lifestyle of a Newstart recipient. The Newstart recipient gets no help for medical products for medical conditions either as they have a health care card.
    I’m not saying people in this situation can’t work but there should be an extra supplement for Newstart recipients to help with this.

    P.S If job network is so good privatized than why is it that l have only been offered the vanishing job interview and NOT ONE other JOB to go to since 2004 to 2012 with any of the job networks that are supposed to be helping.

    Also, where did all those cards advertising jobs in job network windows go because l don’t think l have seen one job network with those anymore in the last four years.

  97. centrelink rocks! ive been on hold for 9 hours this week alone, and it’s only wednesday! I have een attempting to get my payment restored because i missed an appointment, they fined me $940… so last fortnight, i was pyed $14, this fornight, $0.

    their phone systems and on hold policies and everything they basically do is designed and engineered to make you fail in whatever you’re tru=ying to achieve by being on the phone with them.

    this morning i had had enough and attended the local centrelink office at opening time.

    i was told to wait, and after half an hour, they informed me i have to get back on the phone and talk to someone…. in the centrelink ofice.

    must have changed their policy, because obviously they wern’t very successfil at fucking people over TO THEIR FACE!!! Bit harder to hang up on someone after they’ve been on hold for two hours when they stand before you in a room!!!! FUCKING WEAK MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

    Anyway, i suggest if the government wants to continue running centrelink as it isnow, then they should allow money in the budget to provide those rude cunts with bullet proof, stab proof vests!


    • As citizens and the public being the goverment there are laws in place that can and does stop anyone from denying your rights its has a lot to do with common law civil law admarilty law is to just think it is the only law their is and we have no rights but what they say this is bullshit get those who know all about civil- common law or take time out to learn it your self or you can attend meetings were these are held, people should think about getting their power back from these bastards and have us read them there rights to serve us and obey.

  98. Vigilante groups should do Australia justice by breaking the arms and legs of every incompetent jobseeker ‘consultant’ that doesn’t help you find a job and proceeds to cut your payment by lying to Centrelink about you failing activity requirements whenever they are butt-hurt over something you said about them. That’s right, make them find work and go through the same hell that they put us through.

  99. I typed in “Centrelink Woes” and this was one of many pages to come up on my search engine results.
    My issue is that I am/was on a Disability Support Pension as I have had major illness and operations all my life for various medical reasons, however, I do work part time when I can, I even not long ago was studying while working and received my cert III in retail Management. Now that I have finished working where I was, I moved in with my partner, who lives up north as he is in the Army there, unfortunately though, I informed Centrelink about moving in with my partner and was subsequently cut off my pension and put on a Partner Allowance. This unfortunately was an amount of $0.00 as my partner earned too much last financial year. Centrelink took into account my (now sadly ‘ex’) partner’s wages before tax, superannuation etc, also the fact that my partner also paid child support to his ex wife made no difference, and sadly to say, i would’ve been a financial burden on my (now) ex partner and I am currently in the process of moving away and will now live on my fathers couch until i can find my feet again.
    The man I spoke to at Centrelink at the time, showed no compassion for me, even when I calmly stated that without the pension I could not afford my many medications as my pension card would also be taken from me. I was merely given a blank look and a shrug of the shoulders.
    I was treated like nothing but a bludger on the system, yet I have always done everything I can to make a life of my own and work and or study to better my situation. Unfortunately it seems that legislation is in place to not have this happen, unless I remain single all my life.
    Why is it that a government who preaches about Fairness and supporting Families, leads you to the poor house when you try to create a family environment for yourself?
    Too much government legislation is in place to help the rich and to ignore the poor and down-trodden…unless you came here on an illegal fishing vessel, or so it seems.
    I did the right thing and got penalized for it. According to government, I am not even entitled to housing, even though my medical condition is worsening.
    The idea of Centrelink and job network agencies etc was to help Australians find their feet and create better futures for themselves, but it seems the only individuals who receive much from the organizations, is, sadly, themselves… Helping the less fortunate, seems like an outdated ideal now to these organizations and government officials. :(

  100. i am 36 weeks pregnant and they put me on job seeker youth allowance. i mean seriously. my partner is a 1st yr apprentice and we pay rent. we barely have enough to make it through a week and its bull shit that we only get centrelink pay every fortnight and its barely enough to cover a weeks rent for us let alone pay for food and our bills. and just to help us out i am still working one day a week. for like 3 hrs i earn $60 bucks and they say its to much for my centrelink pay to be the proper full amount. witch is bull shit. how is anyone meant to survive. oh and to top it off they have already canceled it once coz i didn’t give them my partners tax file number. even tho they never asked for it and i had given it to them they just put it down in the wrong spot so they fucked up and it was me who had to go into centerlink and fix it had to wait over 2 hrs in very uncomfy chairs at the office only to give them 6 numbers for them to turn around and say oh so sorry we already have it well just re install your payments. and they expected me to do all these interviews and it is so depressing coz u walk into an interview with a huge baby belly and there all just judging you and making you feel stupid for even wasting there time. way to make a pregnant women feel grate about herself. not like we have enough to stress about and all just throw that on top aswell.

  101. Fuck Centrelink.

    As of right now I’ve been on hold to them for more than 2 hours trying to sort out my Family Tax Benefit payments. I’m a single parent, studying 2 degrees full time and in January 2013 was dumped onto the Newstart dole because I wanted to finish my 2 degrees that I commenced whilst receiving Parenting Payment Single (having incurred a massive FEE HELP debt) and have a chance at getting a decent job instead of chucking away 5 years of demanding study and getting a lowly-paid brain-dead job (no doubt receiving much less in income than the threshold requires for me to ever repay the Australian Government for my FEE HELP debt of thousands $$$). For some reason known only unto them, Centrelink have cut my Family Tax Benefit payments. This money is urgently needed as I budgeted my rental payments on the expectation that this payment would be ongoing as nothing in my circumstances has changed. So bloody frustrating that because of an ERROR THAT CENTRELINK MADE my payments have been stopped and I have to spend hours on the phone to them trying to sort the mess out. If I didn’t need the money so urgently I would tell them to get stuffed and hang up right now!! The person I was talking to before has just transferred me to a different department and the message on hold said MY WAIT TIME IS MORE THAN 95 MINUTES! This is a cruel joke. I hate having to rely on Centrelink to support my children but I undertook this demanding study routine on good faith believing I would be eligible for the Parenting Payment Single until I finished my degrees. Well, thanks to Labor I got fucked over and put onto Newstart!! How humiliating – I’m an Honors student who gets HDs and I’m forced into the embarrassing mess of Centrelink only because the only hope I ever have of repaying my FEE HELP debt is by finishing my studies.

    Oh well – there’s my rant about Centrelink. Money gets stopped, no reason given, no apologies, no decent human being at the end of the line – just hours on the phone listening to their mental hospital music and a patronising customer service officer telling me they have no idea why my payments were stopped. What a joke. No wonder so many of us Google “fuck centrelink”.

  102. More unacceptable behaviour from Job Network Providers (whom Centrelink idolises).
    Every time I go into appointments with my job network provider (Reed In Partnership),
    I am put under lots of coercive pressure to do training courses. Problem is I have already
    spent almost 2 years at TAFE doing courses plus two government funded courses in 2013,
    however none of these courses have ever led to a job. Had a recent interview and tried to
    show employer my certificates, and he pushed my folder back across the table towards me
    and said “Well you’re probably proud of them, but i’m not interested”. Well what was the
    frickin’ point of doing them in the first place? Also there is a very corrupt company in Melbourne that is using and abusing jobseekers sourced through the job network. These jobseekers are
    used for a few days or a week and then let go for ridiculous bullshit reasons, this evil company is: Campion Education. My guess is they are receiving some sort of government payment or kickback for temporarily removing jobseekers from Newstart along with the corrupt Job Network providers
    who referred them to these “positions”. End result of all this, still jobless and going nowhere fast.
    Centrelink dropkicks don’t listen or are not interested! Nothing ever changes, no new ideas on how
    to help jobseekers properly.

      • Interesting about Campion- I always thought that they were corrupt. 5 years ago they charged us like $30 to buy a “code” that linked my daughter into a school booked, had the Hide to charge her $7 postage fee as well. I never went back there even though year after year our school still went through them. I made damm sure I got her books from other suppliers.




  106. come to think of it WORKING FOR THE TRAMS was one of a whole nightmare. I erecived MANY DEATH THREATS abused spat on RACIALLY discrimnated by their FUCKING MANAGEMENT OF SO CALLED REVENUE CLERKS. IT WAS LIKE FUCKING HELL ON EARTH.

  107. workers in AUSTRALIA are OPRESED AND TRODDEN ON . AUSTRALIA ha s THE woest woirk culture in the WORLD. AUTHORITARIAN and CONFRONTATIONIST.If the AGE OF ENTITLEMENT IS OVER then may be POLITICIANS should FIRST CUT THEIR PAY and entitlements FIRST. The australian FILTH LYING SCUM BAG POLITICIANS are lkiving on the FAT of the LAND while telling you that the AGE OF ENTITLEMENT IS OVER. The AUSTRALIAN PENSION system pays EXTREMELY MODERATE AMOUNTS OF WELFARE very LOW PAYMENTS you can hardly survive on it and yet there is PLENTY MONEY AROUND The australian governmemt is FLASH WITH CASH. CHINESE MONEY IS FLOWING INTO AUSTRALIA BY THE BILLIONS EVERDAY IN hard times YOU DONT CUT THE BUGET so as to CUT THE DEFICIT IN FACT the AUSTRALIAN FILTHY RICH GOVERNMNT should BE SPENDING MORE MONEY NOT LESS ON US and GO into more deficit. BUT they wont do that because they are only interestred in looking after the RICH and POWERFUL at the expense of the people of AUSTRALIA.PS BOITH PARTIES LABOUR and LIBERAL AGREE ON EVERYTHING with each other . there is no difference AT ALL BETWEEN THE PARTIES. In fact THE LABOUR party sucks up even more to the AUSTRALIAN CAPITALIST PIGS than do the LIBERALS so as to WIN THEIR VOTES

  108. to the centrelink mean cruel racist cunts who cut my pension by over $100 a week GO and fuck yourselves. you fuckin arseholes. OVERPAID and underworked BUNCH of ignoramus cuntts. and to the LYING FILTH POLICIANS go and suck a double whammy sandwitch.

  109. After reading Benjiamins story. I know how he feels. Mine is different to his. But im at the stage some weeks i cant even get a loaf of bread as my hubby was a hard worker git bashed driving cab. His spine operation got postpoand four times he list it due to cronic pain smashed nurses triage window at hospital. Now got sent to 4&1/2yrs jail in dec 2012 they have moved him from bathurst to junee so i have to take our son there to see him he can get out on early parole this August if i get a place out if bathurst theres three housing homes vacant at junee where we were going to live. Been vacant for one yr but they wont even help us to rush things to get us in one. Ive slept in my mums lounge since he went to jail so our son cld have room. Centerlink or government dnt want to help any situation..

  110. I am so glad I’m not the only person suffering at the hands of Centrelink’s incompetency. I currently have my payments cut off because I missed an appointment with my job provider…..even though I hadn’t been informed about an upcoming appointment, let alone what time/day it is. What, am I supposed to read their minds? I didn’t get a second chance or anything. Just an angry phone call from the job provider telling me that I missed an appointment, my payments have been cut off, and that I need to “stop being such a disrespectful little girl and start acting like an adult”. I have followed all their rules for months now, i have been ridiculously polite even though I feel like tearing my hair out, and I’m a 28 year old woman not a damn girl. How dare they speak to me like that!

    Not to mention, my job provider said they would “fix up” my resume. FIVE MONTHS LATER I finally got it back…and my 3-page resume had been reduced to a single page, and the font kept alternating between Times New Roman to Arial. It looked like a primary school student had typed it up! I used to write resumes and cover letters for a living. I KNOW what they are supposed to look like. And a lousy single page resume with “personal qualities” listed at the very top (before my education/work history!) certainly isn’t going to impress many bosses.

    And now Centrelink want me to do a “training course”. Which would be fine. But they “forgot” to submit my information for the course I wanted to do, so now I’m stuck doing a certificate 3 in disability even though I have no interest in disability services. But do they care? Of course not! If I don’t attend the course, my payments get cut off. It’s a shame because I was really excited about doing a course. I would love to have more qualifications, but I’ve never been able to justify the price ($1000 upfront is a lot to pay, even when I had a job!). I thought this was my chance to do a course I always wanted to do. Nope. Not with Centrelink and my job network’s ullshit.

  111. Hi there I think you all miss the point in regards to Centerlink,
    To many of Australians out there they are unaware that Centrerlink is a private company and an arm of the (Australian government) not the old (Commonwealth Government of Australia) as this was abolished a few years back (with dirty deeds!),and the centerlink became a private company with an abn number 90 794 605 008. and is registered in the good old USA on the Chicago stock-exchange.

    So what you say,try and sue a private entities and you will have to go to the courts in the USA and fight your case regarding any gov departments including the state governments.

    So you have been well and truly screwed big time, don,t believe me well why are all documents copyrighted and letterheads have a copyright logo on them?

    So as an Aussie you have no rights and this all took place around the time people were talking about a new constitution and a bill of rights and it all got jumped on by the pencil heads in Canberra and pushed though parliament in a mighty rush and it then watered down our Constitution so it only worked for the powers that be and not the public(federal court judges are on a public funded payroll and don’t give a shit on a pay scale of around $250,000 per year and perks) so who’s going to rock the boat.

    Remember gun control now biker laws what is next I wonder?

    So remember when you watch the footy/cricket/swimming/Olympics/grand finals and reality soap
    they are working hard in the background to fuck up your life and rob you blind.
    As one person said about Australian’s –Quote (short storks- bigheads- kept in the dark and fed on bullshit)

    Draw you own conclusions but be aware the known-knowns and the unknown-knowns

    Lamington Pavlova (a sweet fella)

  112. JOb Network is a SCAM they never offer you any jobs, the staff a fucking assholes all trying to stand over you to make you do one of their “courses”.

    The funny thing is they are never qualified to do said course , the course never has any formal qualification at the end of it not to mention it’s usually something like “basic computer skills” or something just as pointless that achieves nothing but fattening the wallets of the job network SCUM.

  113. Courteously informed my “Job Services Provider” [FFS!!!] that I would not be attending an appointment due to illness and that I would be seeing a doctor for a medical certificate. Didn’t matter one fucknig iota…allowance completely removed. Didn’t matter to the tablet jockey in the queue at Centrelink either who turned me away an hour before closing…and I was the only one there. 1 interview in 3 years and the monkey couldn’t even swing a job moving boxes FFS. Resume writing sessions…got you there…how to read a fucking paper…yup, go see the lady and talk about your feelings…FUCK ME

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  115. Job agencies up to their old shit yet again. Reed In Partnership at Ringwood in Melbourne made me do a course in wiring of security systems and CCTV systems-i did this and finished, only problem is you have to get a licence before being allowed to do any work in security industry. This licence requires ridiculous character references from people I do not know in my life such as : Police Seargeants, Accountants,
    Judges etc. Total waste of fucken time. When I complained to Loonylink (woops Centrelink) no one gave a shit, and no accountability from my dunderhead job services consultant. End result-no job!!!!!

  116. Yet another classic Centrelink blunder. My wife has been doing some casual work for a labour hire company called SKILLED. For some inexplicable reason Centrelink is sure she has been working for SKILLED ENGINEERING, and are sending us letters requesting why we have not reported her income for this company. Um, because she has never worked for SKILLED ENGINEERING would perhaps be a reason! We report our income online for the company she casually works for which is SKILLED, not fricking SKILLED ENGINEERING. We have been trying to fix this for a year now, but to no avail. Don’t know where this massive confusion has come from? Fuckwits and dithering drones with a typical government department mentality,” wouldn’t know a tram was up ’em unless it rang it’s bell!”
    Seriously, “I wouldn’t piss in Centrelink’s ear if it’s brain was on fire!” and that goes for the jobnetwork bullies in Reed In Partnership, Sarina Russo, Mission Australia, all the corrupt RTO’s etc etc…..

    • I had enuff of their shit the cuntz. Now I fucking steal from cuntz housos when they aint blink and ima take fuckn crystal meth and wack random shit in ma veins. Off ma face till da cows come home cuntz. Fuck i justa steel all ya shit now, aint no centerlink keepn me down, I show fools howda live, crack it up every day mofos. Cut my paymentz ya white cuntz now eby fucka gunna pay, i break hell on this shit. Time ta steel me ma car, i be waitn when u fuel up cuntz, fuckn mess you up you b lookn at me, no white man fuckn mess with ma mobey kuntz, ya all die in helllllllllllllll!

  117. u wont believe wtf i went through, ive been through hell, i met actual Elite woman that dont Even know how too say good morning or hi , she couldnt Even look at me until She sent a Survey to my brother who was going through the same shiit as me. my payments stopped until i posted the stupid Survey about how shiiit she is Treating me ive never been treated so badly in all my life. its called Community First my so called job providers which have black red and White freemason clothing Shiit themselves When i said why do u say we are moving Forward all the time i said ur New World Order Bullshiit wont work on me and u should of seen the look on thier faces these reptilian Biitches replaced themselves with other biitches guess what they didnt help me once but they gave me stupid Modules too do 10! of them i did them all now they send me too the Salvation army because thier Elite Group is growing smaller they have thier own Bank aswell.anyway they made my life Fuucking hell im still dwepressed thinking about them demons i swear they sold thier souls for real or somthing but fuuck id love too have thier judgmental fuucked up illuminati jobs(btw they are fuucking LIARS, if it wasnt for us they wouldnt make it too thier fancy holiday in BALI, too top it off they had like 20 holidays and my mum works 6 days a week and has none the whole year. fuuuckers and i am only getting Started at how bad they are that tips the iceberg id say more but its too messed up

    • tI also worked for skilled for 3 months, I done all there shity last min jobs running around like crazy to get work until i was terminated due to criminal back round check I think people should have the right to get a fair chance considering it was a minor offence (why was it alright for the 3months i was working ???

  118. The system has been in place for many years now and it will only get worse. The sorts of people that work there generally have personalities verging towards the psychopathic end of the personality spectrum. I was unemployed for 7 years from 1999, and working PT for the duration. In that time I had the usual experiences of incompetence and general degrading demoralization offered by CL and various JNA’s.

    I was told that I didn’t want to get off the dole because I was ‘used to my lifestyle’ (on the dole), therefore being unemployed was MY fault. I was told that I was ‘too smart to be unemployed’ by my JN therefore it was MY fault that I had no job. This second statement also suggested that the manager of Torrensville Maxima job network agency believed that some people were simply too dumb to be employed; in either case the fault lies with the unemployed person. And my favourite was being asked point blank if I was lying about my job seeking efforts…”Why yes sir, I am lying. I almost got away with it until you asked me and I told you the truth!”. The idiocy and degradation is limitless, plenty for everyone..

    The worst thing about being on the dole, after the pittance you are expected to survive on, is the humiliation and stripping of dignity that many have to endure. Howard took away all the guns to ensure a cleaner implementation of the NWO in Australia. The thumb screws will continue to tighten. Thank fuck I am mortal.

  119. God Ben it sounds awful there! I live in the USA & the love of my life lives in S. Australia. He was applying for his visa & when he went they threw him in jail for a 20yr. old traffic ticket! Now he’s telling me he can never leave the country. Is that true?! He’s also told me if you don’t vote you can be arrested. Would you please tell me if those are the laws? I’m not sure what to believe anymore & I’m certainly not moving there to make a life w/him to find out I was lied to. I’d really appreciate it if you could she’d some light on this situation. Wish I had the $ to help you because I would I’m in the same boat here & so is he there, no money. He told me your government doesn’t give a shit & fucks you over. He’s been living in his car in the winter, living on a small pension, he gets seizures & has cancer. Nobody there gives a shit! Is it that bad there?! Warm regards

    • Hi Jeanne.
      I don’t know about arrested for not voting, but yes in Australia everyone over 18 is legally obligated to vote in all state, federal and local elections. When you turn 18 you have to enrol to be on the voters registry, and if you don’t you will get fined after not voting at the closest election after that birthday, because the department of births, deaths and marriages has all our birth certificates, so they know when we turn 18.
      Although having said that, we have to register to be on the list, and get our names marked off at each election, but we do have the option of just dropping a blank form in the box. They can force us to show up, but the voting is still secret. Get your name ticked off, take the form, and then do with it whatever you like!!

      • Hello Jeanne,

        we do have a really punitive welfare system in Australia but l think this guy from Australia is having you on. You don’t get put in jail for not paying a traffic ticket, maybe community work if you don’t pay a few or possibly your assets can be seized (depending on what state you live in) and you don’t go to jail for not voting. 

  120. Yeaaaah I remember once screaming on the phone to the automated message, oh wait it wasn’t once…it was the million fucking calls I had to make to them. I am an 18 year old looking for work and living away from home, I get $270 a fortnight and to be honest its a load of fucking shit. How can anyone survive on that? I’m lucky I have roommates. Centrelink thinks that because my “mother” who I’ve lived away from since I turned 17 is still responsible for me even though I live in my own house and pay rent and bills and food on my shitty allowance they think because she lives less than 90 minutes (she lives an hour) away that I’m not independant. WHAT KIND OF BRAINLESS ASS BANDIT MAKES THESE RULES!!!

    • I read somehwere that you can get your mum to write a letter saying that she disowns you because you are a lesbian- something to that effect. Some B..s to make them believe that you physically cannot live with your mother. I only just read this blog, hope things are better.

  121. Ive just came from Centrelink Melville road Brunswick to lodge a medicare claim, I’m not unemployed.
    While I was being served , I had to listen to a young Muslim girl be interrogated by an Centrelink asshole in the next desk, he basically called her a lair, talked down at her, and was very disrespectful. I’m Italian and I felt like jumping over the table and giving the guy a good slapping.
    But then I would have ended up with a criminal record and unemployed .
    I hope I never have to deal with a cunt like that.

  122. Centrelink are now regularly ignoring medical certificates from doctors, even when certificate is completely correct, and they give very flimsy false excuses like you have to have a new medical condition if you submit a new medical certificate. Basically i have been lied to over and over again. When I took in a medical certificate I was first asked “where did you buy this?” at which point i was too shocked to answer. They are so sleazy and I have survived cancer and I actually do have a new disease, not that they even glanced at the certificate. When you ask for an appeal, they actually start to snap at you and almost become enraged. They have this tactic of trying to intimidate any sick person to forget their own rights. However we have rights. You have to keep calling them until you get someone who can help you and doesn’t become enraged because you dare to have a disease. Then they tell you that you aren’t exempt when you are. So the next day you have to start calling them again until you get an honest person who admits you are exempt and will code that into your account. Why are normal aussies walking all over the rights of other aussies? Are they sick or brainwashed? Did they sell their souls to the devil for a comfortable paycheck…do our dirty, dishonest work for this modest income? Perhaps they haven’t heard of karma? I have been through this enough to understand they are trained in exactly what to say to make you believe you have no rights. I have heard the exact same spiel but if you keep at them eventually they have to admit you have the right to appeal. I have even had one helpful person just tell me they don’t know anything about appeals so basically go away. There is always the ombudsman to call if they don’t let you appeal. I am so used to hearing the same intimidation tactics that I am starting to hear it without even feeling the least upset, so yes they can snap at me suddenly and act enraged but it will not stop me going for my rights.

    This is aussies against other aussies and no different to any other war zone out there in the world, except instead of being shot (which is worse) you end up homeless. Some brutal soldiers might as well come into the house, burn it down and throw you out as this is what it equates to if you are too disabled or sick to work and have no family. My blind neighbour lost her lease, had her payments cut so she and her seeing-eye dog had to leave, whilst i watched her have a nervous breakdown. However, they won’t break me (I hope). Appeal, appeal and then ombudsman. A medical certificate cannot be ignored nor can an illness, even though they tell me it can. Mind you, I was on the phone today for two hours and twenty minutes and no answer. Only when I rang the complaints department did I get through. Its the phone calls that break you, especially when they lie to you and you have to call them straight back again to get the correct answer.

  123. Government and ministers are responsible for the head fuck called Centrelink. The Minister for Human resources Office in particular, full of individuals who do not care are incompetent, argumentative, obnoxious and mentally challenged un australian arseholes.
    so you file a claim against centrelink, the minister for human services, “whose Office is responsible for this mess” yet employ idiots who hate their life and their job and are accountable only to the bitches they serve” so you can file a claim under hardaship, fraud, loss of livelihood, depression, ruining your life and take them to a jury court ” Your Right and not a Magistrates. A good Solicitor who knows his trade would wipe the floor with centrelink. Sue them make them accountable for their lies and incompetence/fraud.

  124. I moved house and because I had my mail forwarded for a year, didn’t immediately get to every single entity to change it (it takes a while to notify banks, subscriptions, etc). I finally got online to do it- and the online form kept erroring. In the days after, I received a forwarded form sent to my old address, asking for my updated rent details? How could they know about the move but still send to the old address? By the time I got this form, I had only a few days to return it. I emailed it to my landlord, he signed & emailed it back. That gave me only the folllowing day to get it in on time.

    So, I go down in person. I wait my seeming always hour. I give the signed form to the woman- who types for about ten minutes. Afterwards, she says it’s all set. Great!

    Three days later, I get a document from Centrelink, online, saying that because I hadn’t lodged the form (the one I took in person!), they were not paying rent assistance!!!!! WTF, WTF, WTF?????????????????????????

    I ring them. Takes 45 mins. for the woman to say she doesn’t see anything about my entire trip to Centrelink. I ask her what the woman there could have been doing if not inputting my data? Was she perhaps playing solitaire or ordering her staff pizza for lunch? I’m telling you- I was angry. I said that the entire reason I took the morning off to go to their office was to AVOID this very thing! She placed me on hold for a “specialist” (probably her mate in the next seat as a private gag).

    One hour later, I get told that I needed to bring in my entire lease to be sighted. I said, “no- the form clearly says I can instead send the landlord’s signature”. No where on that form does it demand the lease. By the way, Centrelink removed their copy of this form from their site– most likely to make things just that much harder for the rest of us underlings? Make a copy for yourselves now by right-clicking & saving-as to your PC:


    Then she offers, “you can upload your rent form online if you have a copy on your computer”. While she waits, I try to do this– guess what? Yep, error. She says they’re having trouble with it, but I can load an app on my phone and take a photo…WTF, AGAIN? Excuse me, I have to load an app I do not want because YOUR sysyem is f*cked up?

    So, I go to Google Play to have a look at their “app” (Centrelink spy, more like it):

    It needs access to:
    Identity (access to all accounts registered on my phone) Why?
    Contacts & Calendar (WHY?)
    Location (WHY?)
    Photos/media/files- internal & ext. SD (WHY all?)
    Camera/microphone (why camera & def. why microphone?)
    WiFi Information (info about my private networking, including names of devices connected) WTF?
    Device ID & Call info (includes info about the hardware + my phone number and whether it’s active (active? if I’m talking to them, it’s active- why should their app be asking to follow me around?)

    If I am sending an attached photo- there’s no way they need access to any of that! I’m thinking they want to have it set up to spy legally. I am not a conspiracy nut- but this app asks for more than some of the more sketchy apps that I’ve seen out there.

    So- at this point, I still have not been able to fix this cluster-f*ck. I got up early this SUnday morning- to try, try again their online website uploader–>

    “Document Lodgement Service is currently unavailable. This is under urgent investigation. Document Lodgement Service is still available via Centrelink Express Plus mobile apps. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Then, get ready for it:

    “We’ve improved Centrelink online. Click here if you need help navigating this page.”

    What a royal, f*cking joke- except, it isn’t. It’s a dyfunctional, inept, & totally uncaring group with no watchdog, apparenly. They just f*ck up, over & over— no repercussions.

    Just thought I’d share yet another day in the life of the nightmare that is Centrelink.

  125. i myself am guilty of working in the job network (past) i couldn’t deal with it any more, the government spends millions of $$$$$ to assist job seekers in gaining employment yet they ensure every cent is kept within their own company. every jobseekeer has an allocated fund known as epf
    and they are very skilled at keeping this within their service. don’t blame your consultant the pressure they are under is beyond comprehension. i suggest you always saying to your provider “do you relive the service fee’s the government is paying you to assist me is conducive of the service your [providing” then back it up with advising you will check with the department of employment. usually they don’t even have a antiquate resume on file and that alone is what they are paying for. never complain to manager of service but let them know you know your rights and watch how differently they treat you. service providers count on you not knowing anything and if they know you do its is talked about in meetings so case managers are on best behaviour.

  126. The original entry was from 2006. Looks like things haven’t changed much in the last 8 years.

    I’ve witnessed my fair share of Centrelink incompetency. My favourite one is when they change your appointment date, but don’t tell you about it until after the new date, and then cut off your payment. Seriously, I got a text message once saying I had an appointment 3 days ago.

    Another weird one was where my jobsearch provider said I could just phone in instead of attending appointments (knowing they are a waste of time). Shortly after I got a text message saying “Hi, you missed your last appt with your provider, but they chose not to notify Centrelink. Make sure you attend your next appt. Thanks, Australian Government.” What the fuck is up with that? How would they know? Do they have a spy sitting inside the door waiting to see who turns up? I attended my interview, just not in person. Anyone who knows why they blow taxpayer money on spying to make sure people attend time-wasting appointments should let me know. I’m really curious.

    Thankfully I’ve been out of the system for the last couple of years. I’d almost rather be a pan-handling bum than go through that hell again.

  127. Yea they sure are crooks. I got fired from my job (completely my fault) and as soon as I had the appropriate paper work – which a child would have stored in a safe place – they started giving me money for nothing. Bastards. all I had to do was try my best to get a job. imagine the nerve, wanting me to pay my own way in this world.

  128. I had to leave my job in 2011 (at the age of 20) when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and when I went to Centrelink for help they wouldn’t give me anything for an entire year? I can’t remember why, sorry.

    I have since recovered from cancer but have developed severe anxiety regarding my health and I find it very hard to even leave my house without the company of my husband because I just don’t feel safe or comfortable having to talk to people or be away from my house and husband.

    I claimed Youth Allowance for studying last year and did the amount of study I told them I would do but they turned around and said that it wasn’t enough and I had to pay back all the money I was paid in 2013. (about $15,000)

    When I spoke to them about it they gave me a 3 month exemption and at the time I was told I could call after the 3 months were up if I needed another 3 months, which I did.
    I am so upset about the way I was spoken to today, I got off the phone in tears because the woman treated me so nastily. Telling me “I can’t just keep putting it off and I’ll have to speak to my husband about paying it back”
    Yeah, we’re barely getting by. I need to start having children before the age of 25 because the cancer killed most of my eggs (I am 24 in February) and we can’t even afford to do that.

    I wish I knew how awful Centrelink could be before I went to them for help because I am so depressed about this which just makes everything 100x worse.
    I would never have asked for money if I’d known they would do this to me because it’s probably ruined our life.

  129. I am mortified honestly I knew there were people havn issues with centrelink,and yes it costs money to be on hold for 20 mins or so,they don’t. Are I got a bill from cl saying I owed over 100k pffft a month layer it was 30k and they added tax return 2009 I have my tr here and it was done so minus another 13k lawyer is costing me 3k and like I said to him how can u predict how much u earn when ur casual. I had a child with disabi
    Ity and I have a medical condition, numerous times I went to clk and I got no help why is it they record ur ph conversations but no info on when u attend office wot a load of shit,after 2 yrs of this person karen Webster harassing the shit out of me.im off to court apparently I’m just a piece of skum, I have 5 degrees and worked most of my life. Really am so over it anyone with more legit commentsls email me so I can take them to court to show clink don’t give a f……k

  130. I ditched Centerlink while I was completing my Bachelor when they cut me off.. yet again.. just before christmas.. for no apparent reason. I decided I would struggle and see if I can find a way to live without it as being on Centerlink made me feel like shit, sitting in their office waiting for 2 hours to be seen makes me feel like shit, waiting on the phone for over an hour every time makes me feel like shit and ultimately their staff have a great time making you feel like shit because.. they feel like shit. I recently signed up again months after graduating as I could see within a few months I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent or eat or afford petrol. I’ve been waiting for 1 month and 7 days calling their Newstart and their complaint/feedback line. I’ve completed all the forms and uploaded. I feel for the people who don’t have the genius scan app on their phone. They rejected my claim and wanted more info they said I didn’t fill out that they never requested. Filled that out, sent. Call every few days and they say they push it through to make the claim go faster. Another time they said they have a maximum of days you wait otherwise they get in trouble so I shouldn’t worry. Now weeks after that they’ve said that they said it would be in my account tonight or tomorrow as I was crying on the phone to them yesterday. Still nothing today. No action taken. They called Perth because the Brisbane office wasn’t picking up. I have $0 I haven’t been able to pay the rent for weeks I’m hoping to find a dodgy cash in hand job as none of the insane amount of jobs I’ve applied for have contacted me at all. I’ve also tried starting up my own business but alas haven’t got the cash for the weekly costs which are needed to go make a profit. I was googling where to get free food yesterday as I know I won’t have any next week. I’m vegan. Maybe I can find some free mango trees to climb.. but my car is almost out of petrol and rego is due tomorrow. I live in Upper Coomera. I’m so close to homeless. I have an interview for a dodgy job that’s not safe for a female tonight with no pay it’s just a trial. If my car makes it maybe I’ll be able to hold off crying about how I’m about to be homeless because centerlink still.. hasn’t… accepted my claim that’s apparently going through. I know what centerlink are like. It’s 90% likely that I’ll get a rejection email next week saying my claim was rejected a month ago and I need to make a new claim so I won’t have any reimbursement for the time I’ve already waited. They’re that kind of fucked. And I’ll be on the street. Obviously I have no family to help. They’re all druggo’s most overseas the ones here are not safe to live with. I’m the smart one who is normal, followed her dream, completed a bachelor and for some god damn reason cannot keep a job even the worst ones that are no good for my mental health. I can see how people end up homeless now. My last bet is to try to win a kareoke competition which I’ll have to walk to surfers for. Last time I was this broke I won a dance competition at the Beer Garden for $50 which I had to split with my random male dance partner who said he worked for Youtube in Melbourne. I have a guitar and a voice. Look out streets I’ve got no busking licence.. which costs money.. which you have to wait months for. I’m running out of ideas. Last one is volunteer for food. Sleep in my expired car. I can’t pay rent so I’ll get an awesome blacklisted title. I’m 25. Apparently getting a job for me should be easy because I’m ‘pretty’. Someone actually said that to me. I tell you what, it does not make a difference.

  131. Excuse my language, but these cunts (for a lack of better words) are the most useless people/department available to middle-class and below.

    Whilst I look for full time employment and having completed tertiary studies (and ultimately pay a higher tax for such services) they refuse to assist me even on a temporary basis (A month max I was requesting).

    To top it off, no communication of this was made by their office.
    Certain people have genuine necessities for payments, of which I was paying around 30% income tax previously working full-time and now unemployed whilst many are on welfare and do sweet fuck all for themselves or society, other than smoking and using ice with such payments.

    It really is a system that fucks you, the honest citizen, over. Put it short and blunt, a big fuck you to anyone involved in this system.

  132. Hi everyone. I am from the internet. I am interested in talking and networking with anyone who has replied to this message. my contact is l a w r encemayne @ hotmail.com (no spaces) I am a node in the anti-poverty network. Note that I may have spam filters on. Please subject title the reply as engage @ unemployment bullshit. Looking forward to responses. Cheers, Lawrence.

  133. Fucking Reed In Partnership at Ringwood in Vic have done it again. This time they made me do yet another course. Cert IV in Disability-supposedly this one has a very good chance of getting you a job if you complete it. Four months later and the trouble has started already. I finished course and have contacted prospective employers and their attitudes could not be more hostile, they are all demanding years of experience and don’t really regard the certificate very well.
    Part of course was 120 hour job placement at Wesley Mission -learning about how to assist disabled clients in day programs. I finished that, employer was “all over me” saying when you are finished and receive your certificate, come to us with your resume, cover letter, copy of certificate
    etc and we will get you some casual work. Ok this is all good or so i thought. i gave them all the requested documents, now they do not want to know me, no acknowledgement, no contact, complete silence, zilch! Utter rudeness from prospective employers seems to be the norm nnowadays. Jobseekers have to be keen and enthusiastic, but none of these qualities ever come from employers. Black hearted sons of bitches, the lot of them. Also jobseekers should be wary of a private training organisation called Employease-they promise the world with these disability certs and nothing ever comes of it. Now I have to try and complain somehow to the Centrelink drones. Totally fucked!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. People actually think it is “unemployment benefits” They think it’s a welfare system . Here’s the truth ; It’s a when you are broke benefit . If you have over a certain amount in either assets or money , they WILL make you use them up before they give you what is supposed to be rightfully yours . They will ensure your bled dry financially and force you to sell your assets . You will sign and agree to disclaimers verify their right to punish you should you not declare what you have or own , even if it is hidden under the pillow . You are now require to make valid how you obtained any possession you have and where , and how you got the money . If you can’t validate your claims , you are then deemed a criminal and prosecuted accordingly . Full time work is rapidly dissolving . Hourly rates are decreasing either by failing to adjust with inflation or prices , and stripping the employee of penalty rates ,holiday pay , and even forcing them to pay for their own tools and insurance . We are the biggest franchisee country in the world . We have to pay for our own training and have to bear the responsibility of any accident or damage through the obtainment of licenses or certificates . You don’t actually need a forklift license on private property . You only get it so you bear the consequences should you have an accident . IT IS wages enslavement , and if you don’t do as your told , and do it willingly , you will be punished , as well as your family should you not comply., If you earn absolutely zero dollars , you are ordered to report to the tax department . The under $18,000 claim you don’t have to report in only applies if you are on some form of government payment . They make wages so low that the average family is, under duress required to apply for a government grant or family allowance . And of course , if the government deem it that you are not complying to the regulations they compiled on how a child is to be raised and educated , they will remove the child and punish you . They literally own you and what ever possessions you’ve earned the right to use or possess . Literally ; everything you do or say ,or go can and will be held against you in a court of law , either for or against . Here’s the catch ; Every phone ,every computer, every camera , every body has , for the most , the capacity , and the equipment to do so , AND by law is required to do so should they be ordered to do so .
    Welcome to the real world . You have been enlightened ; be thankful you understand the reality of our glorious democracy …………slave!!

  135. Fucking Reed-in-Partnership JSA bullies at it again. Horrendous consultant Ian Callaghan
    treating a significant number of jobseekers very badly. Number of us recently made to do a motivation course by a company called Bounce Marketing who does the Jumpstart Program.
    What do us jobseekers now need to be jumpstarted (like a flat car battery) to get a job.
    Reverse marketing incompetents ringing me up about jobs I already have had interviews for.
    As expected it failed miserably, idiots ringing

  136. Has anyone tried or know if it’s possible to set up a company in order to claim that you’ve worked 15+ hours and been paid the minimum amount in order to avoid having to go to their pointless job seeker sessions/work for the dole? I’m not worried about receiving less of a payment, but can’t stand the work for the dole and pointless courses. And don’t get me started on the bullshit job networks and the mistakes they have made with me over the last 12 months. The taxpayers are the butt of their joke!

  137. It seems that Centrelink are becoming even more anal about people eligible of receiving their benefits. After recently losing my drivers licence I am unable to perform the usual job I work (Support Worker). Never would I think getting centrelink for a few months would be such an ordeal. After my application required a review as to not all my documents were submitted, I am still waiting 7 weeks onwards on a response as to whether my review will be accepted. All my documents are submitted, everything is there, yet each time I ring them I just get the same condescending bullshit phone operator every time. The same woman I spoke to ensured me that my profile is processed and being looked at and someone will call me which they never do. I honestly think their not going to accept my application. Considering its been 2.5 months since I first made the application, and 7 weeks waiting on my application to be reviewed. Another person I know of has been rejected of their claim because they have a job lined up 6 months from now in another country, but is out of work in their current city. What a complete load of fucking condescending bullshit people have to put up with who are actually eligible to gain payments even as little as they are. Especially when the government sucks millions of dollars out of society through obsessive fines on the streets and taxes. Utterly disgraceful.

  138. Hi im 37 and suffer from agoraphobia i cant leave my house and if i do its very brief centerlink just dont care iv got medical certs have letters from the shrink and OT but they refuse to care im in the sane vote bud i live with my parents that are old age pentioners and can hardly afford to get by and i helped with my payment of 500 dollars a fortnight as iv gone for disability but get rejected if i cant leave my house how am i supposed to do these things centerlink? If any one out there is in any position to help me in any way please email me as soon me and my family may be living in the gutter somewhere my family is all i have my dads 80 and suffers from medical conditions and all the weight is on my 70 year old mum. Can someone that reads this from centerlink or anywhere help me? I would love some help if someone out there can help by donating a few dollars ect trying to help me in these extremely hard times.. im not a charity case but i really dont know what else to do as im still trying to overcome my illness with the help of my parents. I wish life could be normal for me but a normal thing in someones everyday life has become a giant task for me to accomplish im australian i thought the government was here to help us .. not treat us like garbage when all im doing is trying to overcome each obstacle that has constantly been thrown in my lifes path .i never get a break so im begging anyone in this world that has compassion please help me.

  139. I stick my finger up to Centrelink and Camble Page, fuck them all! I’m currently on centrelink payments and its a living hell. I’ve had jobs over the last 3 years and before that. I’m stuck in a rut with no where to go. Its driving me insane! I do all the things my job agency asks me to do. Done there little sh*t courses in there office, done cert for my rsa and rsg, and not once have i been sat down and asked what do i want to do, not once have i been offered a job. I hardly have appointment with them but when i do they are 5 minute.apps. I go out the back she prints a letter of i sign three things and she tells me I am finished. And i walk out thinking that was a waste of a 20 min bus trip as they done nothing. I’ve had three job interviews over the last two weeks but sadly haven’t got the jobs. I have never had one job offer from them why? Isn’t that they are suppose to do? Help you along to get jobs. I have never had a conversation with them for longer then 7 mins. Im about to go crazy. Im 24 years old and they class me as a 16 yr old. They refer to me as a kid oh other kids are.doing this.thing through us here at camblepage (when i done some stupid managment course) which mind you was 4 days a week in camble page learning and doing utter shit. I feel like screaming saying im not a kid.each time they lable me as one. Around 4 years ago i was homeless as so.was my whole family and they still never helped me. I feel like im about to go crazy. All day everyday they are in my thoughts. I constantly stress whats next as ive been cut of for no reason many times before. A lot.of the time was there mess up for not lodging my dr certs straight away. I have now been doing volunteer 3 days.a.week.through them and a op shop.Dose anyone else have to do that? I once was volunteering at a .animal.rescue the day i told them which was a.week after i started, they got up me and said i wasnt aloud to do it as they have enrolled me.into volunteering through them at a op shop. I stated ive been waiting 6 months to get a volunteer position as i need history and experince for my course im enrolled into next july. They said oh no sorry you cant. it dosnt meet our health and safety standards. They made me stop. Then she asked what certificate course.will i be doing i said cert2 animal.studies she then told me there is no animal work out there ever. I thought that was so rude of her. Since then ive been doing volunteer work through there op shop and i cant see how they can make me stop my own work doing volunteer to add onto my course as the aninal shelter dosnt meet there health standards. When the animal shelter is clean as a whistle. The op is so grubby. The toilets are feral. It confuses me with how they can say that. Gaahh!

  140. All of us should phone centrelink asking for a job, 5 times a week and list that as the jobs we searched for. Than their fake business will be overwhelmed with the shit that they put us through. And while we are at it, lets call all the other gov depts like child support agency and ask for a job.

  141. Ian Callaghan (JSA consultant) at Reed In Partnership (Ringwood) go to hell you smug , arrogant, dim witted, ignorant fool. You have no idea how much you have stuffed up my life. Made to do a Cert 1V in Disability by this moron. Did it and passed, but all the jobs I am seeing on the internet are demanding EXPERIENCE in this industry. Proof that the courses JSA dick weeds send you to are not necessarily golden tickets to employment. 6 months after completing course and all I am getting are knockbacks from nasty employers over this EXPERIENCE thing. Certificate is a piece of glorified toilet paper. I am counting the days till 30 June 2015 when this Reed In Partnership fools are shut down. Shame on Centrelink for sending jobseekers to these bloodthirsty pack of wolves

    • Having similar problems as you Glen. I did the cert 3 in Aged care. Got glowing references from my teacher and my work placement. But you look at the jobs and they all say “6 months Experience neccessary(or more)”. Like there are hundreds of people finishing this course possibly every few months- how they hell can we get employment? I have just “lucked” onto getting a job with an home care agency, just doing 2 hours a week- but hey I am getting my “6 months Experience”, even though it is only 2 hours a week. It looks good on my resume. SO I feel your pain.

  142. Simple reason for some Centrelink Staff behaving like sewer rat’s is, many love to treat customers as second class citizens and stuff them around. In many cases Centrelink use shady and illegal methods to bring pain on decent people just struggling to survive. They also consider they can inflict pain and pshycological torture on customers without being answerable. Simply Cenrelink is a National Disgrace and should be closed and replaced with a better organization. Main thing is any Centrelink Minister or employee would be banned from any work or links in this new organization

    This new organization would be closely monitored by the very people it serves (Customers).

    Let them (Ex Centrelink employees) experience being unemployed and maybe they would then build respect for their fellow man.

    I may sound a bit bitter towards the bad aspects of Centrelink…and why should I not be? the stress they placed us under using their illegal tactics just to prove a point, helped to contribute to my dear wifes death.

  143. Simplest thing would be a no win no pay class action against Centrelink, the minister and the government. Now that would make them have to pay millions not just to compensate for stuff up’s but for stress and hurt to the Young, Old, children and the vunerable.

    Long live “People Power”.

  144. I was mostly unemployed from 14 to 32 until I did landscaping labouring, saved up, sat a STAT test, I only got into university because I had been taught English by my parent who was a teacher.

    Then I studied business while working as a F/T tradesman and made my own business because I couldn’t get a job that would stick given my history. I only claimed welfare/Ausstudy on and off until halfway through university at 27, and after having worked 15 temp jobs that didn’t last more than 3 months each mostly because they weren’t really jobs, just contracts or filling a small gap in the business processes (ie a marketing campaign for a struggling business) through recruitment companies and family, I got married and had to pay back over $10,000 of Austudy in my final year (a years salary)! As a wedding present Cuntrelink gave me this gift from my marriage date. I had one month to pay or they were going to put me in jail and take all my $1500 in assets at the time. Ausstudy was my only income after leaving my internship to study full/time after working 45/hrs week in the internship and studying 40 hrs a week at the same time, which made me fail 2 units and pass 2 units at uni that semester so I could pay my bills and eat.
    I’ve had 3 professional recruiters for over 10 years each, of those recruiters I have had 1 temporary job from each which I got positive feedback for from them and 1 of them I’ve had 2 jobs in 10 years, one of which I did well enough to make ‘permanent’ past probation and that is with a uni degree, 4 years relevant experience and having worked for them before. By the way the ‘permanent’ job sacked me before the 12 month period of ‘probation’ expired so that they wouldn’t be liable for the contingency for my workplace benefits I would be entitled to if they kept me on. Meanwhile they spend $100k a year on the same recruiters who have provided me with a career pathway of 1 job in 10 years for good performance.
    Today I went for a job with Australian Defence Force, I was qualified, experienced and keen. The process was a psychological interview with a total prick who had only negative questions about my past followed by an interview with a non communicative librarian officer who rejected me and told me I lacked the aura for leadership without even LOOKING AT MY RESUME OR DEGREE.
    By the way I don’t need the job, I make more money in MY OWN BUSINESS than they were paying, I simply wanted to give back to the country that has given me so much.. in terms of welfare.

  145. Just saw this. I was literally on the streets but because i was an 18 yo female i received no help.. had to be at least 21 or get my parents to sign blame. It wasnt their fault.. i lived a year on $50 my dad gave me then $80 8 months later from a small job. Finally found a decent lady in a different area since i had no fixed address i could go there too. First thing i did. Rent a fkn room!! Back then there was NO help for young females, the most vulnerable on the streets!! Also i got kicked out of a social worker app there for crying . Cheers assholes. Im 31 now and still bitter about that time in my life!

  146. Over 47 and tried to reskill in a trade – laid off over 3 years at Christmas and downtime. Never on the dole but managed to get to uni to do a course as mature aged (finished year 10 but family moved overseas with stepfather who was a complete shit) – advised after paying tax not able to get assistance. Interesting when labouring saw multiple poms and new Zealanders on the dole plus cash under the table – also works if on 257’s gotta love tony small speedo abbot.
    The pm with a private school education and party members. .I used to vote libs but never again as they sold us out

    • i have started to leave off qualifications and experience .whn i left school i used to add qualifications and experience.

  147. Good old center link lol
    I went for a disability pension in 2012 knowing my luck with only 3 weeks before they changed the their laws on receiving the dsp. I went threw the claim process and disability evaluation process providing all the relevant medical certificates and what not. I finished that process to be told that I did indeed make up the required amount of points needed to be eligible after stressing out for weeks over it I was know relaxed a little bit knowing that I had been assured iam eligible and would take 21 days to process it from newstart to the dsp. I had made the claim before the dates of their dsp laws changing and because of that was also assured that I would be under these current laws and the new laws would not effect me,heres the professional approach (manipulation) they took. After waiting the 21 day period without any notification you would assume everything has gone threw well after that period no change had been made to my payment type so as you do I jumped on the phone with my nominee which was my mother at the time to find out how long before I start receiving the dsp I was quickly pulled up and appoligized to several times stating that they had lost my claim LOST MY CLAIM. The following week coincidentally the laws had just changed and by some miracle they had also found MY LOST CLAIM and processed it under the new laws thats right you guessed it I was no longer eligible for the dsp because under the new regime I did not make up the required points that I already had made up in the last regime im not usually one to jump straight to conspiracy but it is very obvious that these pricks didnt loose my claim they waited out the last few weeks of the old laws knowing that I would not receive it under the new ones.
    Now iam been treated like a normal able bodied person and expected to do the same requirements that mentally I couldnt deal with anyway hence going for the dsp to start with with all certified medical info regarding my mental disability I was loosing the plot by thisstage and had my mother ring up on my behalf she chased up one of the high ups in center link in sydney and older lady that was not far off retirement she could only appoligize and told my mother that there has now been an important note added to my file saying that I have special needs witch sounds good but doesnt exempt me from anything I cant mentally cope with anyway so is basically worthless my latest job network appointment I have been told I have know been in there system for more than 55 weeks and should have a job by now lol I quickly replied that I know I have been in the system for 55 weeks but during that 55 weeks have you offered me any sort of employment I hadnt had anything sent threw to my phone a process I signed up for where they claim they will send threw any positions that fit your criteria. The reply I got from my case worker was we dont know what you want to do to look for jobs for you, this is months after I gave them my resume which usually if your not fully retarted tells you what kind of work you have done or are suited for as well as them knowing I dont have a car license due to my conditions but does that stop them from trying to suggest truck driving jobs or taxidriver im sick of having to pleed my case to people that have computers that should already have my information on it and at the end of the day the job network s dont do shit for you because if they got everyone a job that goes there they would not get paid so its in there best interest to keep you in there system at the same time as there ripping shreds off you and threatening your payments for not meetings their requirements anyone wiuld think they are trying to make mentally disabled people even more crazy than they have to be and its not right theres probably millions of people been discriminated against like this i realize this first hand and for those people I feel your pain. Thats my rant over.

  148. I would love to know how many people commit suicide after dealing with centrelink….. I bet there are lots. They are a soul destroying bunch of fuckwits.

  149. The system won’t even help me. I worked for a very large company and the boss was a head case who treated his workers like they were personal possessions. I started looking for other companies to work for and this boss got wind of it and cut my hours- forcing me out. Then I learned he was blackballing me – meaning that my best credential on my résumé now became my worst. It doesn’t seem to matter to centre link that I’ve burned through all my savings, can’t pay my bills and centrelink simply will not help me. I’ve heard all the excuses. One woman (covered in jewelry) even showed me a draw full of applications she hasn’t processed- as if it would somehow make me realise ‘you’re right, I don’t really need assistance after all – what was I thinking??’.
    Going to different centre links only have different excuses for why I was jnelegible. The most outrageous being that I had family that owned their own house and properties. SO FLIPPIN’ WHAT?? I’m expected to pack up and move in with my family in another city and another state? Are they supposed to sell assets and pay me the money??
    The final excuse given to me was that my partner has a job. So I explained that I can’t rely on my partner to pay all the bills, we have a relationship where we both pay the bills and raise the kids together. Sure we may not be married but who cares- that’s our business. Not only did they tell me I would have to move out of the house and they would need to inspect the house after to make sure I had moved out, they then started sending my partner letters for child assistance – letters which actually encouraged her to seperate from me and force me to pay child care to her.
    Centrelink is a joke.

    • i moved to a smaller , got seasonal work but when i moved back home they cancelled my benefit for 8 weeks. i earnt $200 but i lost $960 .
      to screw centrelink i did cash in hand work and received the full benefit.
      i kept getting $120 per week and between $300-$600 in cash.i never felt guilty because i worked.

    • i told centrelink i don’t have a car ,they asked why, i said because i can’t drive, they said have u had lessons? do they think i’m stupid? if i could drive i’d get a job and wouldn’t be unemployed.i’m unemployed because i can’t drive.i fee like asking can i talk to an idiot,if they say we don’t have idiots , i’ll tell them you did the other day.my comedy of errors is not funny.

  150. Wow no wonder Centrelink have hired security now at their offices. I feel everybodies pain. I’ve been watching my husband struggle to get NewStart. You do some work, and they want to see paylsips- but you say to them, “how can I give you payslips- I haven’t been paid yet”! They are f.. dickheads. So hubby is down to his last $500- he only tells me yesterday, but he has got another 3 month contract so we can stop the newstart claim. Not sure how we can live like this, getting 3 months of work, then no work for another 3-4 months. We’re in our late 50’s. I’ve had my hair coloured to hide my grey hair as I think I was being discriminated against in my job hunting Just crazy. We have to live like this for another 10 years, when we might hopefully be able to get the pension!!

    • you are both young and i’m young.i’m 45 and interviews by 18 year olds are patronizing and condescending.i tell them i used to do their job. i don’t get hired because they want under 18’s for minimum wage but they also want qualifications and experience. 3 months later and a twist of fate put this 18 year old into a work for the dole scheme where i was boss.i made him clean dog kennels (everyone vomits) and never walk the dogs.revenge is a dish best served smelly.

  151. Ok im on DSP im being reviewed for eligibility & yet im curretly assesed as being able to work 0-7 HRS/week. It says on the c’link website….’those assesed as having a work capacity of less than 8 HRS. are exempt from review. NOW the information i get from various centrelink staff is conflicting. At my most recent JCA (job capacity assesment) she tells me you can work 8-14 hrs with assistance. OK at the start of the JCA i told her ‘i have a recording device on me’ Am i allowed to use it? she said NO!!! I SAID THERE ARE CODES OF CONDUCT YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW! REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO KEEP THESE ASSESORS ON EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I been on DSP since 2009…….previous to that i was on work-cover. I wont enter into diolouge about my case. BUT MY PSYCHIATRIC CONDITION IS WORK-RELATED. I have not worked since 2005. Thats another story.

    (at the start of the JCA say this…….)



      • I DO NOT AGREE WITH WHAT THIS LIBERAL GOVT IS DOING. targeting the most vulnerable people in society. There will be people out there with down syndrome and other conditions like this who cant fight back. who dont know thieir rights. KEVIN RUDD WAS RIGHT ‘If the liberals get in they are goin to CUT CUT CUT……….sadly no body listened………..now we all pay the price. What ever happened to kevin rudds ‘fair shake of the sauce bottle’…….well the liberals want to take the sauce bottle away.

        ps please come back kevin we miss you so much
        A top bloke he was and a true aussie fair dinkum.

  152. Australia is becoming more like America, A banana republic. The image of Joe hockey and Metias Corman smoking cigars on 2014 budget night is disturbing……………..and utterly vile.

  153. Center link need a complete overhaul. I called the to give notice that i objected to anybody including them using my address without my knowledge or consent. for the rental assistance money.
    After all- its my home and i have a right to know whos using my address, especially when its unbeknown to me!
    This is happening more and more. People just use your address claiming they are paying you rent when the truth is thats not true.

    Why dont centerlink RING the owners and ask first!! Then they cut your pension claiming you haven’t been honest about your earnings.

    This has happened to us several times now . No the idiots would rather waste funds on investigation teams instead of making one phone call.

  154. Funny, at the time of this post was around the time I had my first major incident with Centrelink too

    I had been studying Year 10 via OTEN about a year or two before the incident, but I had to drop it because frankly I just couldn’t handle the correspondence, and I did the right thing by going and letting Centrelink know so I didn’t get into trouble and the woman typed some stuff into her computer, smiled and said “Ok, all fixed” and so I went on my merry way, and continued towing the line, going to my job seeker meetings at Salvation Army Plus -biggest fuckin joke on the planet those guys- and doing everything I had to.

    And then in 2006 after a big move to a new town, I recieved a letter to inform me that I owed them a debt of $1500 for claiming the wrong payment for over a year and a half. When I asked why, they claimed I hadn’t informed them that I quit my OTEN course. Which of course I did, but apparently the stupid bitch hadn’t changed my details at all and I had no way of proving it, so I was stuck paying back that debt until 2008, at which point I had made the final payment on the debt and was looking forward to not having that hanging over my head.

    Two months later I got hit with major incident number 2!

    They hit me with ANOTHER debt, this one was $2800! This time it was because I wasn’t studying the right course, despite the fact that I showed them all the course details like I was supposed to – because you know, at the time this was when Centrelink actually did shit – and they went over them, did all their computer mumbo jumbo and APPROVED IT!

    And yet somehow that made me at fault!!

    I had to spend the next five years paying that fucker off because I couldn’t afford to pay more than the bare minimum a fornight, which with the bills I had to pay as well.

    If anyone has any suggestions about how i can prove that I wasnt at fault, by all means, feel free to recommend.

  155. Centrelink just tried to make me agree to a repayment schedule even though I do not have an income of any kind, my partner is currently carrying all the bills, stress and shit, while I look for a job, get over a bout of depression and heaps of medical tests. The debt of $304.00 (I WILL BE THE REASON THIS COUNTRY GOES BANKRUPT I AM SURE OF THIS BECAUSE OF MY MASSIVE DEBT TO THE COMMONWEALTH!!!!!!!). I repeatedly said I have no income, I have no job, my partner is paying for everything at this moment (not his debt – that was another argument). I can not agree to any arrangements with CENTRELINK/HUMAN SERVICES (that is joke in itself) because I would be committing perjury to a government department and don’t they put you into gaol for that!!!!!!….anyway the stupid tart kept on and on ‘We will agree to an arrangment of this amount’…..I said am I speaking another language, do you not understand me…I have no money, no income, I am supported by my family at this moment in time, I can not agree to an arrangment if I know full well that I can not keep to it, which will lead you lot to go me even more…and then come back with ‘well you agreed to this’….so I made damn sure the chic I was talking to put this into my notes…and I told her I would be checking her notes under the FOI if I think she is not putting word for word what I wanted to be put into my notes on my file….I have agreed to this arrangement UNDER DURESS because I was told if I did not agree to this arrangement that I would be then prosecuted by CENTRELINK/Dept of HUMAN SERVICES….nice one your arseholes…so I wanted to make sure that whoever reads my file can not go me for making a false statement, (as all the conditions on the bottom of all of the GOVERNMENT forms etc state). Be careful what you say to these people, and make sure you always put UNDER DURESS if they make you do shit that you just know is wrong or will come back and bite you on the arse….Keep a diary on Centrelink, dates, receipt numbers, NAMES (by god always get the friggin name), and times you have waited on the phone, and a short blurb on what you and that particular CENTRELINK/Dpt of HUMAN SERVICES….trust me when you have to appeal a CENTRELINK/HUMAN SERVICES decision against you, you are going to need all the evidence you have, and if you don’t you will be bought undone…but with evidence such as a diary of contact…you have the upper hand…before you walk in the door.

  156. Jobseekers beware of companies that are just using unemployed jobseekers like disposable supermarket products. One such company I had recent experience with; Flo Level Technologies in Nunawading Vic. Stay well clear, terrible employer!

    • Yeah they are forcing the under 35s on dsp who were granted between 2008-11 into work. Forcing them onto newstart payment cos most arent eligible under the current impairment tables. Forcing them on to Disability Employment Agencys. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL, NATIONAL WELFARE RIGHTS NETWORK. FUCK THESE LIBERAL BASTARDS……THESE PEOPLE CANT FIGHT BACK…………..

  157. My issue with these retards is that I was diagnosed with a crook heart and blood clots in legs and all my old work injuries. I have been on a DSP for 5 yrs while getting fixed. Still not fixed but Centrelink I am ready for work. That decision goes against all doctors letters to them stating I am unfit for a medical clearance for any type of work now and into the unforseeable future. I am a Merchant sailor who drives trucks from time to time. I can’t pass any medical so I will be put on the dole and have to look for work while taking up to 10 tablets a day, can’t walk or ride more than 100m, must sleep, eat and pill pop at regular intervals, have no stress or anger in my life but what do these fuckwits do, place piles of stress and anger upon me hoping I have a heart attack or get a stroke. Never met a bigger bunch of dickwits in my life.

  158. These cocksuckers continually fuck me and my family over. We call about things, think its sorted, then dont get paid.When we question it, its our fault. FU Centrelink. I hope all of u get hit by busses, trains & trucks on your way home from the Devils Office! ASSHOLES!

  159. Then there was the time they paid my Mrs FTB into an ANZ Bank account, which WE’ve NEVER BANKED WITH EVER! We had to wait until the bank gave the money back to centrelink before they would give it to us even though the guy in Centrelink sitting opposite us, rang the bank, and the TOLD HIM IT WAS AN ERROR! Each Cunt that works in that Ettalong Beach Office is RETARDED. I am sure they work in centrelink because that’s the only lame job they could get. WHO THE FUCK IS BORN…ASKED WHAT THEY WANT TO BE WHEN THEY GROW UP….AND SAYS I WANNA WORK AT CENTRELINK!

  160. If you want to get fucked up the arse then go to Centrelink. So many people in this country have got plenty of educational qualifications but no one seems to give a fucking shit and dare I say it but it just doesn’t seem to matter. A lot of people (including me) will just take whatever we can get when it comes to employment because you’ve got to eat and pay rent but I’ve come across a few people who have said “why the fuck should I have to degrade myself to doing shitty work when I’ve invested four or whatever years in getting my degree in whatever”. They’ve got a point. You take on a shitty job to pay your bills, rent, mortgage, insurance, etc., only to find that a few years down the track you are not even doing what you had planned for yourself, not because you don’t have ambition, not because you don’t have vision, but because the opportunities just don’t exist and you’re forced to keep working the shitty job whilst your dreams just fade away. I hate everyone who works at Centrelink. I hate the way their offices look. I hate Hank who runs it. I hate being asked for every single piece of fucking paper you can think of to prove my identity but hey if I was an ass…. seeker I’d be getting help no fucking problem. Fuck it, I should get on a boat in Indonesia and come back to Australia as a refugee and claim everything with them kissing my arse. I wanted to get a broken tooth fixed and the dentist says that it will cost me $1,350. Well, I told the dentist that I don’t have that sort of money and he said “do you have insurance?” No, I don’t. Oh, I’m sorry but that’s how much it will cost. Blah, blah. There’s no help, we’re screwed. Don’t blame me if I have to steal in order to survive you Centrelink motherfucking cunts.

  161. Look just contact the office of Nick Xenophon & also contact National Welfare Rights Network. You all seem to be venting your anger on forums. Just send an email to these guys, if u think u are being treated unfairly by the draconian liberal govt.

  162. I have never had a problem with Centrelink though have been a “customer” for most of my life due to permanent disability (though refuse to move to the pension – getting Newstart “Incapacitated”). The key is to educate yourself thoroughly on how the system works. It’s all there online – the Social Security Act, the Guide to the Social Security Act, the Jobactive Deeds. Every single rule they are supposed to follow is there. Be aware of every single entitlement for which you are eligible. Don’t like how your case managers are treating you? Don’t call Centrelink. Go straight to the Department of Employment and complain. Politely but noisily and inistently. Write a letter to the federal minister. Go see your local federal MP and whinge. Don’t like how Centrelink is treating you? Lodge an appeal and complain. Still not happy? Go to the Commonwealth Ombudsman. Whinge, whine, complain until you get the outcome you expect and deserve as a “customer”. Demand to be treated professionally. Just don’t lose it, it won’t get you anywhere. Know the system that knows you better than yourself.

    • This is the best advise in this whole blog. I lodged a complaint with the Obudsman in the afternoon after excessively waiting past the ten week time to process my claim. I said no, this is not going to do and guess what I received a phone call the next day from the processing officer. Amazing what a complaint can do when it calm, constructed and clear.

  163. You guys have it easy. I’m just straight up being forced to do illegal stuff by mine. Have criminal history>told agency>get told to do Work for the Dole at a business that requires Working with Children check>tell JNA I can’t pass a WwCc>get told “so? Do it or get cut off”>begrudgingly start doing it>am now facing $36000 fine or 2 years in jail for being on a site that required WwCc while knowing I would fail.

    • That’s wrong. The Social Security Act clearly says that you cannot be made to do WFD unless you can actually do it. Not being able to pass a check is clear grounds for exemption. They have broken the law if what you are saying is true. Go straight to the Ombudsman and sue the arses of that Jobactive provider.

  164. Thats alright Centrelink let my parents take my singe parenting payments and family tax benifits, all they did was forge my signiture on a peice of paper saying I had given custody of my daughter to my parents and centrelink cancelled my payments, gave them to my mum and left me with newstart allowance and a dept of $37000, who new all you need is hand writing skills to steal someones money and our wonderful goverment will just let them, and theres absolutely nothing I can do. fuck centrelink their scum at 20 I have a debt that wont be paid off for 4-5 years. fuck our goverment and fuck centerlink!!!!!!

  165. hi I am 57 and worked most of my life in building industry(self employed) my body was weakaning in from damage from hard work, my hips are fucked , my back is fucked I have sleep apnoea, I have heamochromatosis (too much iron in blood) I have osteoporosis in back and legs , I hace chronic COPD, my liver function is fucked, so now apparently I have depression and high anxiety .
    oh by the way I have high blood pressure which nearly under control and have had 2 previos heart attacks, now im getting phsyck pills but I cant get a DSP as I don’t have enough points . if I didn’t have a partner who I love it would be game over. fuck centrelink , if I could get DSP would make life a bit more comfortable and even my partner uses a crutch as she has an ankle fusion gone wrong. I have been submitting medical stuff for over 1 year but only a knockback because I only had ten points out of a required 20 …. I reviewed impairment tables and thought my sickness would give me 60-80 points. but not good enough.
    any suggestions would be nice and thanks for reading

    • You have to keep trying with clink DSP…..Dont give in to them. They will try and break you down untill u give up. Perhaps try a lawyer for assistance or even welfare rights network. Or maybe get help from senator Nick xenaphons office.
      Do you have a TPD claim? (Total Permanent Disability) its an insurance component of your superannuation. Sounds like u do! but u say that u are self employed.

      • hi John thanks for advice but no i don;t have TPD as i could’t afford to do super as been self employed and the fucking paperwork took half a day a week. i also have ischemic heard disease and had miocardilinfarctions (heart atacks )
        when i stopped work i lived on savings for a few months then sold a few shares i had, have an alcoholik liver disease and pang @200 dollars a week for my shitty 2010 falcon ute that was a tax thing of about 19 grand a tear but now no tax exemption at all and i cant downgrade as im not working and cant borrow.so now sold all my shares and dipping into bancard.ver near suicidal as a dsp would get me out of the shit.if they give it to me.
        im seeing a psycologist weekly and i dont know whats happenning .centrelink has just told me me to wait and see. im very depressed and if i fuck up its all centrelinks fault.
        i dont think i will but close. thanks for our input John

        mick bentley

      • Hi Mick you need to get detailed medical reports from psychologist and psychiatrist, it will cost you money! but its 100% requirement to satisfy DSP qualification. Your condition of depression and other medical conditions must be FULLY DIAGNOSED, FULLY TREATED….AND STABILISED. Need 20 points on 1 table only. Dont add up the points ie 5+10+15 etc. Then u need to meet program of support participation. then u need continuing inability to work for next 2 years, Helps having a good GP who is supportive. Some doctors have different views on welfare and WORK.

  166. 15-12-2015 Greatest Centrelink online reporting system crash in recorded history. Total piece of crap, large numbers of people have payments delayed. As at 16-12-2015 still not fixed. Fucken’ hopeless bunch of retards!

  167. Omg… it is fucking christmas!
    On a carers pension caring for both my parents… i was receving $800.85 as a carer.
    I was receving a additional $121.20 for each parent. ($242.20)…
    Then my father passed away… they said i will receve a grievance payment for 10 weeks…
    Now the 10 week has expired…
    Now i descover this morning that they now have ceased the all payments..
    they never even sent any mail to inform us of the inpending changes… no warning at all. Now i am Back on Newstart. WTF…
    IM STILL CARING FOR MY MOTHER! i said to them. Who is recovering from a lung removal from lung cancer!
    Well they said… you have to re apply for the carers pension for your mother… this takes 10 week to process… OMG…. MEANWHILE IM ONLY ON A MINIMAL PAYMENT OF $400Pf.
    I lost over $700 in entitlements payments…

    • Peter Lesage I feel for you. Centrelink could not care less about the people they are supposed to be assisting, one fine example is throwing the unemployed to the pack of wolves that call themselves Jobactive providers, I wouldn’t piss in Centrelink’s ear if it’s brain was on fire.

      • Yeah they dont care at all. These people who work at centrelink are just puppets for the government. They all bow down to the government and do their bidding. This LIBERAL abbot govt was the pits. A FUCKING DISASTER!!!!!




        I NEVER FORGIVE…..


  168. the people at centrelink are useless.the my gov site doesn’t work. everytime i call centrelink i have to wait 30 minutes . i try to be honest and tell them i have work and get income but it’s easier to get a benefit and do cash in hand work.

  169. I have read many posts on here and am a little disheartened by many experiences but also many attitudes. I’ve been a single mum (sole carer) for 7 years (no child support as my ex works cash jobs to avoid CSupport) and been on a carer payment for my youngest child for the last five years. Prior to that I was on single mum pension for a year and a half. However, during the last 7 years I went and studied. Couldn’t afford textbooks so my ability to use Google has been how I passed my degree and relied heavily on the online component as my child needed my care. I also worked in the menial job of cleaning for 5 years throughout my BA and Masters. I had to work as a cleaner in order to substitute my income to volunteer in organisations to obtain experience relevant to my degree. I’ve always worked in part time roles so I could care for my daughter and as a result of my earning income, I didn’t receive the fulll payment if any. As a result of someone noticing I’m willing to do what it takes, I’m about to take on an admin assistant role at a Uni which is also considered menial for someone with a Masters who is a golden key member but one needs to do what needs to be done to move forward. I arrived at this page as I was googling c/link debts as I’ve just been sent a letter from Centrelink/HumanServices that tells me I’ve been overpaid as a result of CSA having updated my ex’s income from 35k to over 100k and I owe 3.5k that I have to pay back. It sucks that I’m now in debt over money I didn’t receive and may never receive but I’m thankful for what I was supported with.
    Having been working and studying whilst on Clink, I’ve had my array of challenges and know calling Clink or going to an appointment will take all day however I feel really lucky to have been born in a country that gives some financial support to those who are struggling. I empathise with the frustration – I sincerely do but comments about blowing them up and nuking their a***es is awful.

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