Carnival of Socialism #1

Welcome to the first edition of the Carnival of Socialism. I’m the first editor, and that’s something quite special. I didn’t receive the ten posts I was looking for, but I’m sure entries will pick up in time. But we do have some excellent and thought provoking posts.

Update: I’ve added another entry from Le Revue Gauche even though it’s late.

Socialism versus Post Modernism?Fruits of Our Labour – Marxist theory and post modernist bullshit are total opposites. ‘ReasonInRevolt’ has it on the money when he says, “…post modernism does not offer a political framework at all regardless of the depth of the philosophical aspects of post modernism.” Although he may give post modernist theory too much credit when he says it has depth. A porta-loo has depth too.

The return of Maoism,’ Dave’s Part – Dave talks about the situation in Nepal and discusses the Maoist element in the movement and around the world. He is a little sceptical of Maoist politics, making reference to Cambodia’s stint of ‘Socialism.’ I, for one, am more than a little sceptical. Maoism, like Stalinism, is a curse on Marxist ideas. There is nothing Marxist about a guerrilla army, but this is open to some hot debate between Trotskyists and other tendencies.

Behind the blockades,’ – unrest in France – Ed looks at the situation after the worker’s victory over the oppressive CPE laws. It’s a situation that needs to be discussed. Where do these movements go from here? Do they go on or fizzle out? He accurately tells of the growth of militant struggle in the movement, and without leaders of parties or groups pulling strings. It’s the material conditions that create this atmosphere.

Cognitive biases and class consciousness,’ Stumbling and mumbling – Chris looks at why class-consciousness is not as perceived among the working class at the present time. He explains that it’s the material conditions that remove the idea of class. But inevitably, when the capitalists get greedy, they will ignite struggle, as in France, and then the material conditions will make the idea of class prevalent.

Newton’s Third Law of Political Science,’ ThinkSocialist – In this post, Mike applies Newton’s law to political science. He explains how recently, attacks on the working class have resulted in an equal and opposite reaction, by the working class attacking right back. He looks at the situation in Peru, Italy and France.

State-less Socialism,’ Le Revue Gauche – Eugene Plawuik articulately describes the ills of Left philosophies that still support the existence of the State and describes its difference with State-less tendencies, particularly state-less Socialism that isn’t achieved by just electing some socialist party to power. Very in depth and very informative.

Please enjoy these posts from Socialist bloggers around the Blogosphere. Mike Schafer of ThinkSocialist will host the next Carnival of Socialism. All socialist bloggers are invited to submit their posts to Mike for the next carnival.

Marxism, Socialism, carnival, France, Nepal, post modernism, Maoism, CPE, class consciousness, Newton’s law

5 thoughts on “Carnival of Socialism #1

  1. Not that you’d expect me to agree with everything here, I guess, but this is still a great idea, and a very useful service. Well done.

  2. “The workers control the means of production……the struggle of the proletariat….”
    “No- it was Wolverhampton Wanderers, who beat Leicester, 3-1.” Bwahahahaha!

  3. Nice site .
    Pleasing to the eye.

    Untill you start reading.
    There is no good socialism, unless your “heroics” involve actually seeing much more blood than you can dribble on your letterhead.
    This is seriuous stuff, please stop posting long enough to see the real death socilism has wrought!

  4. There are so many bad realities that make the concept of socialism an unworkable utopian ideal. I wonder what exactly Marx was under the influence of when he evolved his manifesto. I am perfectly fine with groups of individuals entering into a voluntary collectivist communal relationship and community. It will work wonderfully on the small scale, but fails miserably when that framework is imposed in any way on those that are the principle productive members and the remainder become parasites in “paradise”.

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