Police Racism: It's systemic, not just a few bad eggs

It really should come as no surprise that allegations have come out accusing Victorian Police of racism toward African youth.

From News.com.au:

Police officers are accused of labelling young African men “monkey” and “black c..t”, taking photographs of them gathered on the streets for intelligence purposes and, in one case, taking off their uniforms to bash black men in a public park

Victorian Police RacistThis is just yet another example of racism within the force. In Sydney, Lebanese youth have made repeated claims about being targeted by police, all over Australia there are problems with police targeting indigenous people and the recent increase in violence toward Indian youth was repeatedly met with denials that it was racially motivated until it became bleedingly obvious.

The police force reflects the dominant ideas of our rulers and in Australia, this means racism. Simon Overland denies that this has anything to do with the police force, just that there are about as many racist cops as there are racists in the rest of society.

But I would argue that racism within the police is systemic and driven from the top echelons of the force hell bent on maintaining the status quot and sewing division in society.

The fact that an Indigenous person is numerous times more likely to be incarcerated than a white person makes it so general that it cannot be said to just be confined to a couple of ‘bad eggs.’ The fact that there has been case after case of black deaths in custody, and yet not one had been convicted of anything points to the problems constantly being covered up.

Add to this reports of non-white officers being abused and hounded out of the force, you wonder how any non-white person could remain a cop at all.

The police are there to protect the state and their ideas. They can try to cover it up with propaganda about serving the community but most crime goes unsolved and people’s perception of crime is far higher than what actually occurs.

From The Age:

”Many community policing activities assume that the problem is young people ‘misunderstanding’ police. We have found that, on the contrary, young people are very familiar with what the police do, and they’re not happy with it. These programs simply do not address the real issues,” it said.

4 thoughts on “Police Racism: It's systemic, not just a few bad eggs

  1. Agree, Agree, Agree. Having seen the way the cops treat Black, Indian and Muslim people on the train platforms here in Melbourne none of this surprises me. There is a reason why crime is beaten up in the news and peoples perceptions are that there is more crime then there actually is and that is justifies more and more police in society. There is a reason why most crime goes unsolved and it is because it is not the main job of the cops to solve crime. It is as Ben suggested to maintain the status quo. Which means protecting the property of the state and the property of the rich. If you are working class and experience crime they won’t prioritise it. If your rich they will. There other job is to create fear, which they do by attacking minority groups forsing them to band together for protection. These groups are then labelled gangs. No white groups get labelled this way, and are more likely to be out looking for a fight which the cops usually do nothing about, bashings done by these racists are usually ignored, just the lads out on the town trying to have fun!

  2. On top of that it has to be asked why the State wants more and more cops. In these uncertain times I think they know they can count on peotests and strikes sometime in the next decade so a larger police forse is necessary. When I see a worker involved in a scuffle with a pig, you don’t have to ask me who’s side I am on!

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  4. of course its systematic, they get rewarded with huge payouts and deployment to resort towns, no incentive to not commit crimes of prejudice they are actually encouraged to commit racism with payed leave and cushy jobs

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