let the internet know about spoken word in Melbourne!

Like spoken word? Live in Melbourne? Hell, do you like poetry and live anywhere? I hope so. I hope there are people out there looking for more spoken word in Melbourne. Because I’ve launched Melbourne Spoken

Born from a crazy idea early in the morning when I couldn’t sleep, I’m hoping will be the central online hub for the spoken word scene in Melbourne. It’s a great scene, full of poets doing some great stuff, and events that deserve more ears. The underground nature of spoken word in this city allows for radical, experimental and diverse voices to be heard, but exposure to this scene, and all of the aspects of it, is in desperate need.

Some of the things I hope to include:

  • Information and a calendar of upcoming events from the regular nights and open mics, to special gigs, tours, festivals and slams.
  • Reviews of events and gigs after they happen, as well as CDs, DVDs or books from Melbourne spoken word artists.
  • Interviews and profiles, with text and video, of the poets, performers and personalities around the scene.
  • Online opinion and debate about spoken word poetry and the way forward for the art form in Melbourne and Australia
  • And most exciting! Videos of live performers and ‘studio’ videos from spoken word artists from around Melbourne, but also touring or interstate artists.

It’s a bit of a crazy and ambitious project. But spoken word in Melbourne is an area I’m constantly excited by and wanting to push myself further in. But to achieve this, I’m hoping that the community in Melbourne gets behind me and this project. The site is not just going to be administered and written by myself, but other members inside the scene, other actual performers and poets. If you want to contribute, please email me at

The other thing is to help promote it and build up followers and fans. We already have a Facebook page and Twitter account, which needs ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ but also shares and retweets.

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