Poem: Lighthouse

A coast line of abandoned lighthouses,
the last extinguished darkens the most.
Those who come from across the seas still
search for boundless plains in the absent light.
Lighthouse keepers now man artillery,
the harsh coast without warning.

But the tide turns, inland to coast,
urging the boats safely to shore,
small crowds guide them by candlelight
lighthouses are occupied, keepers are usurped
a people’s lighthouse can always be relit

broken bodies is out now, online, at select bookstores or you can buy it off me in person. I will still continue to write about asylum seekers, because as the above shows, there is still so much to be done. I’ll be launching the chapbook on August 4, from 4pm at Under the Hammer Arts Hub, 158 Sydney Road with guests Santo Cazzati, Amanda Anastasi, John McKelvie and Les Thomas.

Also, I encourage you all to get out to the next refugee rally next Saturday, 1pm at the State Library.

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