I am writing, but…

I am writing and that’s the main thing. I’ve gotten slabs of 500-1000 words down on a few occasions in the past two weeks. And especially for the first one, it felt fucking fantastic. I hadn’t written in so long and the feeling of fiction coming from your fingertips is a high I had forgotten how much I missed.

I have been going with the themes and images that I mentioned before but it’s not all good news. Whilst I’ve written slabs of prose here and there, there’s nothing in the way of finished work.

My ‘vessel’ didn’t quite work out the way I would’ve liked it. The start of that version of the story is sitting in my WIPs folder unfinished like a few other versions.

Basically, a lot of what I’ve been writing has been variations of the beginning of a story. It’s not moving forward because I don’t have a clear ending. Sure, I have a setting, some images and a very vague idea of what it’s about but it’s nothing that can give me a complete story.

I’ve more or less said this before here…

It’s not that I don’t know how to write. I keep saying that I don’t have a clear idea of what to write. And so being in discussions about the technical aspects isn’t getting me any closer to a storyline.”

…and here…

I have some strong themes and images but the devices used are not fitting what needs to be said, and more importantly, it’s not evoking enough horror.

It seems the ‘knock down and rebuild’ method of writing short stories doesn’t work that well all the time. I’m just not getting enough ideas of what could come next with each attempt.

So, I’m not really whining about not writing this time around. I’m more or less whining about how my writing isn’t going forward the way I want it to. It’s an improvement right?

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Bush plays dumb; no one believes it

Bush ‘deeply sorry’ for Tillman fiasco – World – smh.com.au

No one believes Bush is actually sorry for the PR fraud the military committed around Tillman’s death. No one believes that Bush knew nothing and was totally oblivious.

No one believes that it’s never Bush’s fault and it’s always someone further down the line that needs to be disciplined. Really, it’s Bush’s fault all over and those being disciplined are getting it for breaking the silence.

Tillman was shot by soldiers on his own side and they made him out to be a hero killed by the ‘enemy.’ The military knew this, and Bush surely did too, but they preferred to make him a hero to save their own asses.

No one believes any of this shit, but we need to stand together and let our opposition be heard.

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A weekend of protest

Habib speaks out!

On Saturday, Mamdouh Habib spoke out in support of fellow Guantanamo Bay inmate, David Hicks at a small but optimistic demonstration.

Angry, Loud, Union and Proud!

Today, tens of thousands of workers and their families marched to the SCG in opposition to Howard’s WorkChoices laws.

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Going beyond Labor's WorkChoices lite

Mixed reaction from unions on Labor’s IR policy – National – smh.com.au

From what Labor has unveiled of their ‘alternative’ industrial relations policy, it seems to be a significant back down on their relatively strong stance against WorkChoices.

Yesterday, Opposition leader, Kevin Rudd announced the Labor party’s alternative policy to WorkChoices. It included a ban on strike pay, a secret ballot on strikes and a significant curtailing of legal rights to strike.

Whilst they committed to scraping AWAs, they also backed down on their strong stance against unfair dismissal. Rudd labelled the policy a balance between workers and small business.

This back down is hardly a surprise given the history of the Labor party and their position in society as a worker’s capitalist party committed to ‘negotiating’ between bosses and workers.

Though, it is likely many in the union movement will be demoralised from this latest announcement and even some supporting the back down, it is important to note that some people will be convinced of their doubts in a party that has failed to mount a serious campaign.

Socialists and those significantly Left of the Labor party have been arguing that the Labor party is no alternative and that we need to mount a campaign independent from the Labor party’s push to get elected.

It’s when these things happen, that our arguments are vindicated and people are convinced to go beyond the Labor party in their hatred of the Howard government.

Details about this weekend’s actions against WorkChoices are on rockinforrights.com.au

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Thinking Blogger Award

Karen over at Scribe’s Writing Desk has very kindly nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award.

It’s a touching gesture as I consider Karen a close friend in the Blogosphere and she has her own very special blog that I have learned a lot from.

I’ve been blogging for a little over two years; I’m pretty sure I started in July 2004 with a blog run through Blogger before moving to benjaminsolah.com in July 2005.

Along the way, I think my writing abilities and my political ideas have been honed and this is in no small part due to the space blogging has offered me and the commenters and bloggers supporting me.

Now it’s my turn to make my own nominations for the Thinking Blogger Award. Continue reading

One million Australians working and still poor

Working poor total almost a million – National – smh.com.au

This is the kind of shit that makes me hate capitalism. There are one million people in Australia living in households where the breadwinner is working full-time, and yet, they’re still fucking trying to make ends meet.

These people live on a minimum wage set on the interests of business. People living day to day just can’t get in the way of Murdoch and Co. making a decent profit.

The only way business seem to listen is when this profit is put in jeopardy. Workers are the ones that produce the profit that makes these fat cats rich and wages are just a small cut of this profit. They want us to make as small a cut as possible, but if we go on strike, there’s no one to produce their profit and they have to offer has a bigger cut.

That’s why taking a united stand against industrial relations laws like WorkChoices and the disgusting ‘fair pay commission’ is so important. Following the David Hicks rally on Saturday, there will be ‘Rockin’ for Rights,’ a protest and rock concert to oppose WorkChoices. More information at rockinforrights.com.au

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Silverchair's, Young Modern

Young ModernDid anyone come back here on Friday to see if I lived up to my promise? Sorry, but it’s the weekend and I got dragged away from my computer to have some fun.

Like Diorama, Silverchair’s previous album, Young Modern, has this edgy alternative quality that is like drugs to your creative channels.

It seems that the album isn’t confined to one style and constantly straddles new boundaries without being overly complex. Though, upon first listening, the new style doesn’t seem to totally sink in but soon it becomes tangible to the point of addiction.

Without a doubt, it’s Daniel Johns, the front man, that exerts all this creative energy and leaves me inspired. I’ve always found him to be an inspiring person in terms of his unbelievable amount of creativity.

I got this inspired feeling around the time they released Diorama and now, seeing Johns’ interview in the ‘making of’ DVD that came with the limited edition release of Young Modern, I’m getting it all over again.

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