Absolute Write Flash Fiction Carnival

Calling all writers (especially members of the Absolute Write),

As part of my attempt to use my return to blogging as a springboard to writing fiction again, I’ve called on the bloggers of Absolute Write to take part in a flash fiction carnival, much like in the spirit of the now dead Tastes of the Darkness. This one will be open to all genres which will hopefully mean more people will participate.

The basic idea is that each person will write a piece of flash fiction (less than 1000 words) on the given theme of the issue and post it to their blog. Then, they’ll email me the link to include in the carnival host’s post. Any further questions can be asked in the comments section.

This edition of the carnival will be hosted by myself. You can email the links to your blog entry to bsolah [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line starting with “Flash fiction carnival.” Entries will close in two weeks time.

And this edition’s theme is: Beginnings

So get writing!

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From Amazon.com:

Liam Neeson stars as Alfred Kinsey, a man driven by scientific passion and personal demons to investigate the elusive mystery of human sexuality. Laura Linney garnered a Best Actress Oscar® nomination for her compelling performance as Kinsey’s free-thinking wife. This provocative drama dares to lift the veil of shame from a society in which sex was hidden, knowledge was dangerous and talking about it was the ultimate taboo.

I found Kinsey ground-breaking and deeply compelling as it challenged many ideas within society about sexuality and let people break free, particularly breaking from the Christian ideals of sex and the Christian ideal of the surpression of sex, the idea that sex is just for reproduction and people, especially women shouldn’t enjoy sex.

Liam Neeson and Laura Linney are powerful actors as they stand up and fight in the face of state and media intimidation. It’s interesting and indeed disturbing to know that in real-life, Kinsey’s work is still attacked in universities by right-wing hacks and Christian loons.

I haven’t watched too many movies lately, or if I have, I haven’t blogged about them which allows me to ponder over movies that really make you think. I saw Sicko about a month ago and didn’t even blog about it! It was awesome because it made you so angry about the state of the health system in the U.S.; I also saw Trainspotting, a gritty and very real story of heroin addiction – it’s the kind of atmosphere I want my writing to have as I move away from the horror genre whilst still retaining much of the dark images and anger that I need to start writing again.

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The Petraeus report. Anything we didn't expect?

So, Bush and General Petraeus released a report on Iraq on the anniversay of September 11. Firstly, the timing seems deliberate. They’re waging this totally unpopular war, and losing.

The war in Iraq has no links to the attacks on September 11, 2001, but they’re still relying on this crotch of the threat of terrorism to keep them from falling down.

Democrat’s senetor, Robert Byrd asked, “It seems to be another attempt to make a link in the confused minds of the American public. Is there a link between September 11 and Iraq?”

And what does the report produce? Apparently they think they can still win. What a joke. They claim the surge is working? For whom? It’s certainly causing more death and destruction, but given the resistance, they can’t “win.”

Following the mass demonstration against Bush and Howard here in Sydney last weekend, the U.S. anti-war movement is gearing up for its own mass demonstrations to coincide with the report.

Let’s hope they’re huge and inspire more people to get active against the war instead of just screaming at the T.V.

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More than ten thousand march against Bush and Howard

It’s a bit hard going back to work after a weekend like the one that just passed. I spent Saturday marching with over ten thousand people in the middle of Sydney to protest against Bush, Howard and everything they’re responsible for – the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, attacks on unions and worker’s rights, and the destruction of the environment.

It was seriously the most inspiring demonstration I’ve been to, bar none. The atmosphere, the chanting, the broad mass of people all made it the demonstration we wanted it to be.

With the rain in the morning, and most of all, the massive amount of intimidation the government and police dealt to those who hate all that Bush and Howard stand for, and because of this, it’s a testament to the ten or so thousand people that turned up with this drilled into them over the past couple of months.

And this shows that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on APEC, to pamper war criminals and dictators, and on security was a waste of fucking money. This is not about bettering the economy or the living standards of ordinary people. It’s about assholes working together to ensure they can keep making more profit.

And they know this is all unpopular and that’s why they wasted our money, $600,000 on a water cannon that they didn’t use (water restrictions, don’t forget) and it was just to try and scare us.

I didn’t bring my camera, because honestly, I wasn’t 100% on what was going to happen either. So, I don’t have photos of the demo myself, except for a smaller one on the Friday and other events. I’m in the process of finding lots of photos off the net and else and will add some here later (photos are a little harder to add from work).

So let’s hope there’s more opportunities like this and the pressure keeps mounting on the government, whether it be Liberal of Labor, and we start making some changes around here.

Photo by Auðunn

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Bush's welcome

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Bush’s welcome, originally uploaded by bsolah.

Around 200 Protesters gathered at Railway Square last night to give the rotten warmonger, George Bush, the welcome he deserves. The protest also criticized the police for trying to block our right to protest on Saturday.

This is not a police state. We have the right to demonstrate.

At least, I thought we didn’t live in a police state. But it seems the police are taking the Stop Bush coalition to court to stop the protest from happening on Saturday at Town Hall.

This is a disgrace.

They say we live in a democracy, but democracies come with the right to protest. And where is our right? It’s taken away so Howard and Bush can pretend there’s no opposition to their crimes. They want to lie to the rest of the world and pretend they’re loved here.

They’re not. There’s mass opposition to the policies of Howard and Bush whether it’s the War in Iraq, WorkChoices, Hurricane Katrina, Climate Change…the list goes on and on.

These are the violent world leaders. They’re the ones responsible for all the violence in this world. We’ve called a peaceful protest, because we’re not the ones with blood on our hands.

All the talk of violent protests and violent police repression is just intimidation. They’re trying to scare people out of protesting.

So demand your right to demonstrate and turn up on Saturday, Town Hall at 10am.

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Support APEC? Bullshit. No way!

Howard said today via a YouTube video, “I simply ask them to stop for a moment and consider that if they really are worried about issues such as poverty, security and climate change, then they should support APEC, not attack it.”

Bullshit. No way.

APEC will do nothing to fix the problems of poverty, ‘security’ and climate change. And you just need to look at the main players this year to see this, Bush and Howard.

Howard and Bush have been responsible for making poverty worse, not just in other countries, but to their own fucking population. Look at WorkChoices. How does passing legislation that slashes people’s wages make poverty any better? How does abandoning Hurricane-raviged New Orleans help the rechid poverty there? Do you honestly think Howard and Bush, masterminds of the War in Iraq, have any interest in helping the poverty-striken countries of the pacific?

Bullshit. No way.

And who ever said we were protesting about security? Security for whom? They’re spending millions of our taxpayer dollars on protecting war criminals behind a wall reminscent of the one on the Gaza strip. Just ask anyone who’s Muslim or Arab about what Bush and Howard have done in the name of security and the ‘War on Terror.’ Security to them means racist harassment from police and the media. We don’t need to be protected from Muslims or Arabs. We need to be protected from our own government. Just as well they’re keeping all the terrorists in the Opera House during the summit.

And climate change? Anyone believe that Bush and Howard are newly discovered hippies? I don’t think so. These guys are going to sit around a table and talk about how they can make a buck out of ordinary people’s genuine desire to do something about the environment. And what’s their solution? Nuclear power. Sure, radioactive material that we have no way of disposing of. And I suppose a nuclear holocaust will prevent us from ruining the environment anymore.

APEC is nothing but a party for war criminals and crooks at our expense. I’d tell you that Bush should go home and take Howard with him, but the people of the U.S. don’t want them there either. But you should come and protest against Bush, Howard and APEC. We’re having a PEACEFUL protesting on Saturday, 10am at Town Hall. It’s going to be big and we’re going to give this warmonger the welcome he deserves.

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